This will be the unboxing of one of my dreams. One of my dream drone is the dji mini 2, its just like im dreaming Music. I need Music Music, but before that we will have to read whats in the box. You know its ultra light and foldable less than 249 grams and drone for 250 grams may get Music, so its 249 grams. It is a it has a 31 minute max maximum flight time, 31 minutes minus one minute, its 30 minutes, so its a 10 kilometer occusync 2.0 hd video transmission, its 10 kilometers powered by it Music, its a parang airport. So it is eight point. Five to ten point: five miles per sec: millisecond eight point: five to ten point: milliseconds level: five, wind resistance and level 5; wind resistance, Music, powerful. It has also three axis gimbal camera, of course: gimbal; camera, Music, Music, Music, oh to god, Music Laughter, Music. He is a language learner of different languages and he doesnt know this, but i know it so Music see, i am very much dont. You know this is a french one, french soup, so lets look at the in the box before we open the box. We have this aircraft, the remote controller, the flight battery, the rc cable, its times three web usbc. We have spare controller sticks, spare controller is control, sticks spare, propellers or sprayer, props and manual. We have to download on the google google play and google play.

If you have a iphone, you have to download in the app store – and this is the you understand – qr code – qr code, oh yeah. So if you have to put the qr scanner here, you will download the dji flyout, okay and djik, refresh too fast replacements, comprehensive free shipping. We didnt buy we didnt ship this, we buy these songs Laughter and we have a big dji here. This is like, like your thumb, i, like my oh, you see its bigger than my pinky. We have the picture here: ultralight, 249 grams and Music. If you want to buy this in fly more combo version, and hopefully Music Music, but before we unbox this, we needed. We needed some help, help Laughter if you open this youll be careful because if you Music just be careful okay, if thats the case – oh, oh! No! Oh! No! No! No! No! Okay! So this is it! This is the grand opening of the box. Okay. So if you look at this, this is uh yellow tag, which means this is this. This is sale: Music march, Music, Music, limitless edition, okay, so theres the opening and the bottom. We have the open. You dont have to open what Music. What wow look at this wow? We have that blue. Yes, look at this! This is a powerful drone. This is worth how much my car, so this is the aircraft Music fly high, butterfly Music, flying your drone for fun, and this is the manual see the disclaimer and safety guidelines.

Music – and this is the extra usb i add – ctrl – sticks and then also the usb type c, usb mini usb Music. Oh, we have also this. I have also like this in my osmo packet, but its already damaged and whats. This oh look at this. We have a screwdriver wow, wow a screwdriver, and then you put it there and you put it back yeah so thats it. You have to put it back because you dont need that wow. This is amazing. This is the whats this. This is the remote control wow Laughter, you know the smell of plastic, Music Applause Laughter. You know what this is like: rugby Laughter, wow, nice plastic at the bottom of the the bottom of this remote control. We have the control stick, so you put it here its screw: oh Music, Laughter, this Music, foreign, Music, um Applause, Music, Music, fly high, butterfly, Music Music, me, Music, Music, bye, um, Music, get a taste of the race youll, never look back once you felt that dont. Let somebody take your time and your worth: Music, Music, so Music, breathe Music wasting time on your dreams instead of mine, yeah bout to turn this franchise around on a dime man, its all about finding your right state of mind its all about turning the worst in The flying its all about time and the work and the climb from the thirst we will rise im immersed dont. Let somebody take your time and your worth just focus on yourself.

First dont. Let somebody take your time and your worth just focus on yourself. It just focus on first, first dont.