You know what the last few videos every time ive been here. Looking over ive been saying. Havent i got the it looks, looks big now its only been six days, you know, since since i was last year about to come a day early because the weather um always weather isnt. It weathers due to take a bit of another dump on us, apparently um from late tonight and and onwards for the week. Um fingers crossed is not too bad. I dont think the winds gon na be too bad, but i think its gon na be quite wet. So uh yeah, so i wanted to make sure i get this video in um and i tell you what from looking at the from here from ground level. I hope you can see that and its too far away the the stairwell the right hand, side closest to the main stand its looking huge. It looks like thats gone up loads. Do you know what they both look like, though its looking good, though from here, looks like loads of progress, so im gon na get the drone up in there um and have a look at it now, theres. Definitely a lot of progress there. I can see it already so uh lets get the drone off and take a good look guys lets: go Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music, okay, guys! So there you go! That was the anfield roadster developments on the 29th of march 2022.

. So, as i said, the beginning, thats six days, you know since since my last video and theres loads, more progress, theres loads, more like structure up on on both the both the stairwells and that middle section, which is going to be the hospitality entrance theres a little Bit more on the middle, but its stairwells, its just loads theyve done youve done loads there in a week six days, um a lot so yeah uh, looking good looking good it is. It is really flying up that um, so so yeah exciting times for for you reds and football fans in general um, so that was uh. That was my next weekly video ill, be over next week, uh having a look uh weather permitting, but i think its only gon na be bad for for a few days or so and then uh, hopefully be okay next week and uh get back out and have A look um see how its going so everyone remember: um ive got 10 000 subscribers im, giving away a mavic air 2 drone, so im getting on nine and a half thousand now so 500 more and one of you lucky subscribers will be winning uh a dji Mavic air 2 drone that ill be giving away its a great giveaway, dont uh miss out, keep an eye on my videos for updates on that um ill, be telling everybody what needs to be done, um to win it or how to win it right now.

Im not quite sure how im gon na do it if im perfectly honest, but there you go ill figure it out. Um yeah, so anfield rose, stand development 29th of march 2022.. I hope you enjoyed that one as much as i did. Um ill see you all. Next week take care everyone, oh yeah, sorry before i go ive got a great video coming up friday, really really good. Keep your eyes peeled, really good! Something planned so keep your eyes peeled for that.