We got two quads custom pre built ready to go they're the exact same quad one is on DJI. One is on analogue and we're gon na see today, which one goes faster. What'S going on guys, this is Ron from OAS. We are at Bill Frederick Park and Orlando Florida, and this is the drone zone for fpv racing. I think that was one of the only things that was missing in the fpv industry was a safe place to go. Fly and race, or do whatever you wanted to do without being bothered. You know this is a safe place for people to come and not worry about anything just go ahead, rip some pack and if you want to learn how to race, which it can be intimidating. This was one of the reasons we set this up, for that here is the home of the rotor racers, so we do have multigp official size gates, we've held some pretty large races. Here I actually orchestrated we had a 30 foot Jacob's Ladder. We had a triple diet, gate, a power loop gain and some slalom chicanes. It was crazy, absolutely made Zevon turn actually came out and won the monthly points. Race is more so for the hobbyist to intermingle, with the pro guys to come out here and get like racing tips and things like that, so they can progress through the sport and ultimately help it grow. So we've tried to remove, like all the like variables possible, to kind of make it a controlled test.

We have two quads that have been built: it's a frame design, it's the OES Fulke and both leans on wolf in russia. Success power same EEOC's, same flight controller, the only difference is one system is an analogue system, and one is the digital, so they'll be able to essentially race the same quad back to back on the same course and see how it effects their times, how it affects Their under their experience or their ability to predict turns or whatever so despite the fact that rotor rod has completely and ubiquitously sold its soul to DJI or a complete chillz link in the description where you can buy all the DJ fpv gear. Please support us right now. This episode is not sponsored by DJI if you've been following our channel for a while, you have seen we've worked with DJ they've supported a ton of our content, and we really appreciate that support, and while this concept is actually something they wanted us to, do, we Felt it'd be better to do on an episode that was not sponsored by them, so that you guys can be sure that there's no kanna bias or sway that we're building into the results we're gon na, be showing you exactly what happens you're, seeing if the latency Is there can you race with it it's, get a feasible option for racing and I'm gon na tell you right now. It is but we're gon na let one of the pros test it out and see how he likes it.

So the plans we're gon na do six batteries total we're gon na do three batteries on the analog three batteries on DGI. So these batteries that I fly these first ones here are my very first batteries flying these quads, so we're gon na go one battery analog. Then one battery on DJ and vice versa, until we basically flown an even number of batteries on each setup and then we'll compare the times and see where we're at so just to make the testing a bit more fair. So I don't have to learn the track or anything like that. I went ahead and flew the track a few times on some of my own personal setups. That way, I know the course I know where all the gates are and everything like that it's just gon na come down to flying the quads now barbell. Let me know when you're ready to go Music Music after every lap. So how do you feel about those those laps? Do you think those are you want to use those as your data for DJ for the first battery, I think I'll get faster. I need if I brought back without cameras, a bit low and go up, so I just need to bump it up. So one thing I noticed flying the DJ is every time we round that corner I'm, not sure if it was set to 25 mil alot or 700, that I could definitely feel and see the latency like the frame stopped for just a second it wasn't anything.

I messed me up really, I it's kind of like static where you just know where it's gon na be, but I definitely noticed it when I was coming around the tree. Otherwise, anyone's looked pretty good. Alright, you ready Music. 1'2 1282 is a topic for now. My era log 1282, what i'm gon na do to make the DJ more fair is i'm gon na run two batteries back to back on it without switching that way, I'm kind of getting the memory of it and we'll see ready everyone that's. His first lap is always slower Music before oh they're unfortunate, 1418 roll, it he's dead, your fastest lap was the same. If okay, I named, I knew when I was on that lap I'm like this is gon na be a fast one. I always wanted to back. It off to be like it's, all good, like you know, did you think that was gon na be possible? Did you think you're gon na build an equal laugh on AJ? I, whatever okay, but now do you think, do you take analog and keep beating yeah? Alright let's just keep going let's keep we're going to do one more on DJ right now on use of the radio and we're gon na. Do my final pack on analog and we'll. Do the comparison Music, Music, 1401? Oh she's done battery came off yeah what lights up battery can the crashed I'm just gon na, be honest that when I say it like I'm, I can see and fight this variable latency.

This entire time is that I didn't see changing in the goggles. Yes, when I'm, I can tell you for a fact, and yes, it is a different quad. This is different controller, so I'm having to overcome those variables so take everything I'm about to say with a grain of salt, but when I'm flying through, like these 180s turns that you get repetitive at over and over again it just every time I do. It happened. It'S, like I'm, changing something every time so we're. At the end log plot you didn't flying a different analog quad. I was able just to quickly. Yes, I think par that would be knowing the location and knowing, where it's going to have that extra latency there. For just a second you're saying that a variable latency is impossible to adjust to and dial in 100, because you can it's Nets. Gon na always vary it's, never gon na be the same in every gig for it and that's. Where consistency comes into play like that, twelve point is take a lot like. I said it was a good feeling lap and I was kind of on it, but I could never repeat that again. Let me be very clear on this episode before everyone goes and hates me. I love HD racing. I love the way it looks. I love the beautiful image and everything like that. I want this to be a great system. We don't know. I think it will be a great system.

It is just not there for racing right now that used to be an mm, CX kinda used to be an MMC. Yes, and I could when did that happen yeah, so we don't know if that run was good. Bad whoo, what we know is he's done running DDI for the day yeah and what we know is the average so far is DJs performing worse, but if you just consider the fastest lap there, even so, I think you need to take another analog runners. Can you beat it and if so, how much did you go out there and you just put in 12 second laps on analog Bing, Bing Bing, no I'll do that with that just Brazil latency, you said you hit an a dive gate. You come closer to the ground on the exit on a dive gate every single time, yep that's, true yeah, I'm, finding myself yeah yeah, sometimes I'm swimming the ground, sometimes I'm. Not. I think the biggest thing I take away from this all is it's, just not the same every time. So what do that was because the MMC but we're gon na fight analog quad one more time. 73. 11. 12. 23. We got another batter let's hot swap. I can do it, I can do it 11, okay, love and second lap, 11 yeah, Music, 1199. 1199. Oh, does that count is 11 that could be within your margin of air quicken avenge 1199 again. Not to you is that within the box I'm.

Not you I'm. A kid I mean I couldn't do that. If I tried eleven forty eight eleven, ninety nine in a row – Oh God, you didn't get that that I mean that consistency. You can't argue with it. That just proves how consistent I am as a timer yeah and to be fair. We ran the same batteries on the DJI, as we did on the analog set the exact same bag as you boosted them up. The big thing is the consistency which again it's, not a problem for free, like I think that's best case scenario is cinematic, flying where you want to be able to get all the detail frame, your shot perfectly, you may even have a director arriving along with you Guiding your shots, but there's no comparison for that freestyle. Also I've used exclusively for freestyle. The variable latency isn't a problem, but, as you continue move along that spectrum of sport flying and get to high level, sport consistently keep racing you've ultimately get to racing that's. Where that variable ace is gon na spread great, I use it on my stoop. I absolutely love it. It was actually gap 707. When we were in Singapore inside who inspired me to try DG on ass in a womb, I saw him running it and just the amount of detail he had being able to fly inside and be able to show it to other people there's, nothing that can beat It at that speed, even flying Drew's freestyle quad.

Well, he was not paying attention. You don't really notice it it's, just when you're, when you're pushing really really fast you're. You know flying the same lines over and over on the course that's when you notice the public life life life. So one thing that I really want to bring up too is: there are instances with analog where it is so bad we caught multipathing or especially when you're flying indoors. The video is just horrendous. You came and see where you're going and because of that, we don't get to go as fast as we normally would. In an instance like that, I would gladly take a system like the DGI system in order to be able to see where I'm going and focus on being consistent. Because of that versus not being able to see with an analogue system. I think in most situations and odd wins, though I hope I express this enough. I really want to love the DJ system. I love HD flying, I love being able to see more than I can with analog. For me, the grayble agency is the big drawback, and, if DJ or some other company can come up with the solution of that, I would be all in. I think all the other things I put the headset being kind of big in the air unit being kinda large. I think I can work around those things, but until that very low latency is fixed for racing all around.

I think for racing for sure I have my own personal free stuff right now and I've been loving the HD version of that being able to to fly it in unique locations and after worry about multipathing and being able just to show people what fpv looks like. I think there's nothing better than that I'm really jazzed to be flying, which is kind of the first generation of real HD fpv it's. Only gon na get better from here comment down below what you think. Do you think that we did the test fairly? What would you have done differently? If I know I know you got something I know you guys said something that always always a way to improve the test. We try to do our best here and I think this was a pretty fair shakedown of what the differences were. But if you are a freestyle pilot or if you're, just a pilot getting into this hobby, I would highly recommend the DJ system. I don't think unless you're racing at that very top level, that you're gon na notice that variable latency very much at all it's hard to say it's it's, never bothered me. I can do all the freestyle maneuvers that I've ever been able to do. You might think I'm stretching it, but I really think that it's helped me improve it's all upside, but I I mean there's no out even with the data when it comes to racing, but whether you are flying an analogue system that you've had for years or the Latest and greatest in digital, the most important thing is to just have fun as long as you're having fun you're.

The best pilot you can be. You can get everything that you need to keep enjoying flying at our store. Roto riot comm, you supporting us by shopping at our store, helps us continue to make episodes like these, and we hope you enjoy it and if you did hit that like button I'm Alex this is juror we'll see you guys on the next one. We need you guys talk about the variable latency.