My last review. It was an unboxing and um. I broke a couple of rules only a couple. My instructor actually convinced me to take down the video it isn’t good to advertise, making every single rule. I came more prepared today and before we get started. If you like, this video make sure you subscribe like for the youtube algorithm and leave a comment, let me know what you think what your experience is with this skydio2. I waited about two months to get my skydio. Whenever i first filmed, i was a bit too excited. I went out and i lost my drone twice. I actually didn’t think that flying a drone and owning a drone required so much responsibility, because you need to have a license if you’re going to be flying a drone there’s, actually a recommended checklist for your drone so again, very similar to what i do over in. In aviation, as far as being a pilot, we have a checklist, but anyway anyway, let’s get into this review, and let me show you the skydio 2., so i actually got the cinema kits. Cinema kits like this is the launch pad. You put your drone on top of this right here and your drone takes off from it and it actually marks the spot where it takes off from and it actually returns to it. So i think that was pretty cool included in this hit is a remote. So i put my phone right here.

I am able to actually just have more maneuverability i’m gon na be learning that today, on my own it should. It should be pretty easy to figure out. You actually get three sets of extra propellers, which is really great. You get a 128 gigabyte microchip in the cinema kit. You can actually charge two batteries at once. Just do like this it’s magnetized just like that, and then you plug it in you can actually operate the drone from your phone from an app. You would actually have to connect this to your phone for best use we’re going to test that out today it comes with two different cords that i have to connect whenever i connect my phone to the remote very light, but very sturdy. I tested it out. Hopefully, today that doesn’t happen again: i’m gon na be really safe. I have a checklist i’m prepared and you can check out my videos from me doing little trips in a cessna let’s get out there and fly this drone. So now, okay, so i’m connected it’s, saying that i’m connected to my beacon. So i can fly now. Okay, so now let’s go ahead and watch out hello, girl, okay, hold the fly buying in three two one. Why is it doing that? I noticed? Is it? Cannot it cannot go any lower than that when it wants to track something, but whenever i am doing the 360 motion track, it does a pretty great job, except for whenever there’s obstacles in the way.

So, if there’s obstacles in the way, it does hesitate that’s the only thing that i dislike, such as, whenever it’s around large metal structures, it kind of scares me because it gets very confused and it will disconnect if it loses you at some points. I did notice that it tracks way better when it’s tracking in front of the object, rather than behind and it’s, also way more responsive. As you can see, whenever i move the drone behind me, i feel like a sim character. It just lags kind of it, but then it catches up so it kind of does its own thing and it’s doable. I can work with it very acrobatic there. It slows down again whenever it comes to an obstacle like again when it comes to that tree. It hesitates slightly, but and then it gets right back to what it was doing, so it does have that cinematic feel to it it’s, just very kind of dramatic. You can always edit that fast forward, whatever you want to do so far, i give it a 8 out of 10.. It works great enough for me. I wish that it could have gotten lower so that i could get in here, and maybe it can it’s really cool so i’m just going to shut it off it’s been through a lot. The beacon was pretty easy. The beacon was like pretty alright and it worked. It was really tracking me very well, so i really enjoyed that now stay tuned for me using the remote.

So this is the remote controller that i’m, using with skydio2. I just open up that center part and put my phone in the placeholder. You have to also use cords to connect the controller to the drone and then another cord to connect the phone to the controller, which i think is so much work. I wish it was a lot easier to connect and by the way i’m at this meditation place where buddhists go buddhist, monks or whatever, and i saw monks there. They were wearing traditional clothing and i thought that was so cool. So i kind of waited until they left to fly my drone around this place and i had a buddhist clap for me whenever i was finished, so i i was really happy about that. One thing i love about this drone is: it gave me a minute warning that it was going to land and it gave me the option to track it back towards me for it to land in my hands. So i thought that was super convenient. Instead of going to the spot where it originally took off at it gave me the option to have it land in my hands, which i thought was so convenient, so cool from then on. I felt so confident in the skydio2 and it was just so easy to figure out easy to fly easy to maneuver. So all in all, i highly recommend this drone to anybody. I think it’s so easy to use, i think, it’s great if you’re first starting off, but here are some shots that i got at the meditation center Music, hello, Music, oh Music.

There are a few cons to the skydio2, but the pros outweigh the cons entirely. So there are only a couple that i will list the first one being that the customer service they are very friendly, but i didn’t i had a really hard time getting a hold of them and i found that to be really frustrating the website’s, not super user Friendly when it comes to the forums and also, i think, that’s again because it’s such a new product, that not a lot of people have inquired of about the issues on this video. The other con i would say is that the fact that you have to connect these wires to your drone to your controller, you have to connect your phone to your controller it’s, just such a hassle with all these cords. I think that it’s, it makes me think that i don’t know it’s not as advanced as i would like it to be, and it comes off as really cheap when you have to use all those wires and it’s. Just like. Is this really as high tech? As you make it out to be, but uh ultimately, i’m satisfied i’m, a satisfied customer. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you haven’t already be sure to subscribe, i fly planes and i jump out of planes i’m doing a bunch of stuff right now, so stay tuned. For that make sure you subscribe to my channel.