The stealth attack of ukrainian uav on the russian tank was captured. We are here with the last minute developments of the attack launched by the russian federation against its western neighbor ukraine, dont forget to like the video before moving on to the news. The intensification of the attack caused both armies to suffer great losses. Both armies are doing their best to minimize casualties. However, this is an unlikely possibility during the war, in particular the fact that the russian army carries out more and more violent attacks with each passing day, minimizes the occurrence of this situation as a solution to this problem. The ukrainian army focused not on casualties during the war, but on damaging the russian army. This situation caused the russian army to suffer huge losses. The russian army, which underwent shortage of equipment due to losses, received another bad news today, according to a breaking news today, the stealth attack of the ukrainian uav on the russian tank was captured. A ukrainian drone dropped emanation over the top of a russian bmp.