Ladies and gentlemen, the switchblade Music all right heres, the deal Ive said this once and I will say this again: Uncle Sam is very, very good at identifying what the kids are into and somehow turning it into a weapon. During World War II, kids were into playing baseball guess what weve got baseball grenades during the Cold War. Kids were into football now, weve got anti tank, Nerf football grenades, and now that kids are into video games, hes found a way to weaponize. That too, and hear me out when I say this, unlike those other ones, I think Uncle Sam has been planning this one for a very, very long time. You see the earliest version of the switchblade came out in 2011 and by sheer coincidence, six months later, when the newest iteration of the Call of Duty, video game franchise, came out Call of Duty Black Ops, 2. They introduced a new weapon system called the hunter killer. Drone, which is almost exactly the same thing as the switchblade now am I implying that Uncle Sam would divulge his plans for the future of warfare to a video game development company a decade ahead of time, just so that the war fighters of the future could potentially Log, hundreds or thousands of simulated flight hours on the weapons of the future that no and its definitely not going to get more weird. When I tell you that they also added it to the Call of Duty mobile game so that you could get used to Flying a drone from a small tablet like this or or not or not like that, one, not not like that one at all, I mean Come on guys, it wouldnt even make Financial sense, because all the trainees would be doing it for free and theyd be providing their own training materials because they would pay for the video game and the gaming console wait change the subject.

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But these things are going to be way too expensive and theyre, never actually just going to give them to all the Infantry grunts, but so to be fair, thats. Actually a good point – and I thought the same thing, because back in the day when they were going to give every infantry grunt a UAV drone that little black hornet thing. They were like a hundred and seventy thousand dollars a piece. But apparently, when its a Kamikaze drone that only needs to fly once and land, never the drones get a lot cheaper, because the switchblade 300 is only six thousand dollars and dont get me wrong. Six grand is still a lot of money, but when youre talking about being able to give a bad guy a lifetime supply a Pearl, Harbor reenactments from six miles away, thats a bargain – and it only gets scarier from here because heres the Big Brother, the switchblade 600. That is a 33 pound drone thats capable of traveling 24 miles with a 40 minute loiter time traveling at a speed of 70 miles an hour with an attack speed of 120 miles an hour. It is equipped with a warhead that is comparable to that of the javelin, meaning that it can take out any tank or armored vehicle known to exist today, and it can even take out some Naval vessels, and all of that comes with the price tag of only Ten thousand dollars, which again 10 grand is absolutely a lot of money, but when youre, comparing it to something like the javelin that costs a quarter million dollars for a single shot, the switchblade is a bargain.

I mean the javelin has an effective range of like a mile and a half meaning you have to get two of your men within a mile and a half of an active enemy tank to be able to have the opportunity to spend 250 thousand dollars. To take. That tank out or if you use a switchblades, you can launch 25 spicy model airplanes from 20 miles away for the same exact price, meaning that even if the switchblades are only effective five percent of the time, they are still going to cost the same amount as The javelin and be safer and heres the ultimate kicker, with all of it. Both models of the switchblade can be shot out. The back of a moving helicopter yeah. Apparently, they gave some prototypes to the Marines in 2016 and they conducted an experiment where they concluded that you can in fact shoot them out of moving helicopters, and it was absolutely an experiment. It definitely was not submarine. Grunt, saying hey guys, you want to see how a baby helicopter is born. You anyways, we are now officially in the future where a single aircraft can fly over the battlefield and eject hundreds or thousands of Kamikaze drones that are being manned by people 30 miles away. That have been playing video games for their entire lives. I really dont know what else to say. So the part that terrifies me is my grandkids are going to look at this technology.

The same way, I look at a musket. I have no idea where this is going, but were gon na find out eventually anyways. If you made it all the way through this unhinged Ted talk. Thank you for watching best way to support the channels. Go buy some merch at the fat electrician.