Yes, were gon na be making a nice five minute video. I hope this ones, like the other drone videos we watched and just had an insane like edm rock music on it. So we need to write that down in our notebook, for when we make a drone video, jakarta uh. If we, if you want, we can fly our drone to your house and you can be part of the video as well. Everyone comment their address im just kidding dont do that Laughter lets do another indonesia, video jakarta. We were actually going to go there like. We were looking at tickets and then we found out the culvert restrictions are a little intense to get in to the to that area of indonesia. So we decided against it, well be going there later on, maybe like sometime this winter or next year, but uh. If you want to see us go there, our travel channel, the link is down in the comments below weve been traveling the world. The past six months were back home now, but we will be starting up again in the fall. We are uh snow birds as they call as somebody in one of our other videos called us. We go to minnesota in the summer when its warm and then we leave somewhere warm for the winter and minnesotas cold for a long time. So we have lots of travel time also check out instagram with tons of fun pictures, uh dms, any indonesia reaction suggestions.

You have lets get right into this see what the cities are looking like today. Here we go Music, indonesia, all right, jakarta is sinking its just like is that the water from the ocean? Oh no! Oh that looks like a fat roundabout and it goes into a parking lot. Wow interesting to see that houses down there yeah you wouldnt in a u.s city, you dont really see that unless its on the outskirts like this is right in the middle, its just uh theyve been there longer than the city has so theyre like. Ah, no thank you. We own this place Music weve, yet to be to a like major asian city outside of india and india has its own like flair compared to the more eastern asian countries, so being in. One of these is gon na be so interesting, especially comparing the downtown like this, with all the skyscrapers to more like out in a different neighborhood. Oh, i never get a lot of skyscrapers, not just like a massive apartment, complex all the different apartment buildings over there. Thats crazy, they literally have like a mall right below them. You need them all basketball court pool. You need the malls for the uh, the residents at the hotels or the apartments that was in dubai, too apartment complex, mall right next to it i mean all this underneath is probably parking garage and a mall yeah. You can see the entrance for some parking doors and theres a tube.

Can you slide in the tube? I think we already saw this shot. Sir remember seeing those two buildings could look the same and i was like oh wow. That is why is it totally empty? Why is there so many courts over there? Music? Oh all those ones. Look like spaceship engines aiming the wrong direction. Its gon na go straight into the ground helipad. What is going on? I dont know its like puzzle pieces. They need to build the rest of the favor. This is where they were. They put together a nice big, dining room and then all the extra chairs they just dont have the roof. We dont need them. Oh thats, a massive like a road system. Yeah, look at that exit its like san francisco, yeah thats, crazy, the people that live in these apartments, no privacy from this drone guy. He flies up to somebodys window, its atlanta Music theres, a university thats, an interesting spot for that huh. So i wonder if, like that, i dont know how dorms work outside of the us. But i wonder if, like one of these is a doorway or what is that, like an actual school like that, building with just an h m in it? Or is that like an online school or something it could be an online school thats, pretty great thats to be a crazy location to go to school and your schools getting into a mall yeah? You just go its like the texas high schools that just have like a food court in them and stuff like that.

I guess universities usually have food courts and stuff theyre, not malls, though Music, oh color, Music, so much construction, oh theres, the full shell thats such a cool intersection. We dont we dont like see wow, where were from we dont, see intersections like that. We dont see skyscrapers being constructed its pretty cool, oh bright at night. I dont like how dark this part of the road right here is uh. I needed one more light: yeah the poor cars on that side, theyre, never gon na know where theyre going geez Music going all the way up: Music, Music, Music – that was a ridiculous amount of cars. Just going this way underneath around this way. This way this way, and then you have the people in this traffic ooh fairies and that was jakarta: okay, okay, dublin, oh that wow theyre going everywhere, thatll be awesome. Okay, jakarta we saw this section. We get a nice little layout of the city. We get to see the roads we wont drive on and these skyscrapers will never get to go to the top of the heck. Did you hear that in your headphones, its fine now woah, you know the defense method against demons become a demon? Oh wow, jakarta. We we want to get there were going to get there eventually itd be a cool thing. I saw like a metro shot, uh, no metro going by how good is the metro in jakarta thats an interesting thing because dubai? It was a decent metro, but it was very crowded when we were on there.

So now were we dont trust, metros as much, and they took it, took a lot longer than driving took like twice as long. It was really. It was pretty crazy. How was the jakarta metro, let us know down in the comments below theres a lot of things about jakarta hows, the traffic? How is the metro, how is the uh food scene and how are the nice big buildings? Do you live in a nice big building? Do you live in dont tell us the building, but that would be cool. Please put your exact anderson room number down, just get it.