Some carry out long range reconnaissance, others inflict airstrikes on enemy targets, but there is another unusual category of drones, which are used as loitering ammunition that falls directly on the target and explodes. Today we will show you the 10 most insane kamikaze drones in the world cargo. The cargo is a small portable rotary wing, kamikaze drone produced in turkey by stm that has been designed for asymmetric warfare or counter insurgency. The cargo can be effectively used against static or moving targets through its real time, image, processing capabilities and machine learning, algorithms embedded on the platform. The attack drone can travel up to a range of three miles: five kilometers at a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour 72 kilometers an hour. The maximum endurance of the drone is 30 minutes. The cargo is equipped with indigenous national embedded hardware and software 10 times optical zoom, built in artificial intelligence, 2 axis stabilized indigenous pod and a user friendly ground control unit interface, cub bla, a russian defense contractor kalishnikov concerned named after one of the most famous small arms Designers of all time and infantry weapons supplier for russian ground forces is now selling a drone capable of carrying a small explosive charge and diving onto its target to blow itself and the target into smithereens. Kalishnikov cub bla drone is effectively a kamikaze meant to slip under the radar of traditional air defense systems. The cub bla has a 3 kilogram, 6.61 pound payload a flying time of 30 minutes and a 130 kilometer per hour 80 miles per hour top speed.

Typically, the payload is apparently a high explosive charge according to kalashnikov cub bla attacks targets after the coordinates are fed into the vehicle. Alternatively, it can attack a target based on an image uploaded to the control system. Music mini harpy, israel, aerospace industries, announced a new tactical loitering munition called mini harpy, the munition loiters in the sky until the threat is detected upon detection the system locks in on the threat and attacks it for a quick lethal closure. The system was designed to provide operators with control up to the last moment, including cessation of attack at any stage weighing 100 pounds 45 kilograms. The weapon is electrically powered, extremely quiet and carries a shaped charge, weighing approximately 17 pounds, 8 kilograms according to the company. It is designed to be launched from land, sea and air platforms and has a range of 62 miles, 100 kilometers and an endurance of 120 minutes war mate. The war mate micro, combat unmanned air system is designed by wb electronics to assist the armed forces and special forces in close combat situations. The air vehicle is integrated with interchangeable payloads and is intended for both attack and reconnaissance missions. The war mate loitering munition variant can be flown semi, autonomously or manually by its operator from the ground control station. When deployed in combat operations. The war mate can fly at a maximum velocity of 93 miles per hour 150 kilometers an hour and can operate over a line of sight range of six miles: 10 kilometers in loitering munition role.

The micro drone is armed with explosive ordnance fragmentation charge warhead. It can also be equipped with laser homing guidance head Music harop. The harep is a loitering munitions system developed in israel by the mbt, missiles, division of israel, aerospace industries, the drone loiters over the battlefield and attacks the targets by self destructing into them. The harep attacks the enemy targets with an on board explosive of 23 kilograms, 51 pounds it can automatically search, detect and accurately attack the mobile or static targets at long range. It detects the strong pulses transmitting from communication targets such as missile radars and collides with the source driven by a propeller. Harop has an operational range of 620 miles: 1000 kilometers. It can maneuver in the air for up to six hours. Switchblade. The switchblade is a loitering munition developed by aerovironment. It is designed as a kamikaze being able to crash into its target with an explosive warhead to destroy it. The switchblade system is tube, launched, rapidly deployable fully scalable and man portable. It can be remotely piloted or be operated autonomously by a single operator and has the ability to wave off recommit a target after launch. The switchblade is integrated with a video camera for providing real time, color and infrared video imagery and a global positioning system for target acquisition. The switchblade drone can reach speeds between 62 miles per hour, 100 kilometers an hour and 93 miles per hour, 150 kilometers an hour. An operational range of 6 miles and its endurance is up to 10 minutes green dragon.

The iai green dragon is an expendable minded. Unmanned aerial vehicle capable of using itself as a precision strike weapon against unsuspecting enemies. The green dragon is described as a tactical level. Low cost loitering munition system available to infantrymen and special operations operatives. It is portable enough to be carried in a sealed, canister and deployed within minutes. A tablet is used by the controller and the air system relays, information from its electro optical infrared camera fit in real time. The camera is fully equipped to operate in both day and night settings out to a range of 24 miles. 40 kilometers endurance is up to 1.5 hours, Music coyote. The coyote is a small, expendable unmanned aircraft system built by the raytheon company. With the capability of operating in autonomous swarms. It is launched from a sona boy canister, with the wings deploying an early flight phase. The coyote can handle reasonably large accelerations during launch a critical feature for all tube launch applications, its ideal for improved surveillance, imagery enhanced targeting capability near real time, damage assessment and reduced threat to manned aircraft in a series of 2016 demonstrations conducted on land and at sea. More than two dozen coyote systems successfully launched in a swarm and moved information demonstrating the effectiveness of autonomous networking. The maximum speed of the drone is 80 miles per hour, 130 kilometers an hour, and it can be in the air for up to two hours. Rotum l, the rotom l, is a tactical loitering munition, based on a light multi rotor platform that delivers excellent capabilities against low signature enemy systems in complex environments developed by the israel, aerospace industries.

The roadml can perform squad level, isr and attack missions with a minimal planning and operational focus from the operator. The rotom weighs only nine pounds, 4.5 kilograms packing an impressive array of sensors. The drone is a quadcopter that can loiter for 30 to 45 minutes with the maximum range of six miles. It can carry a one kilogram warhead that could be two fragmentation grenades. The aerial vehicle is capable of lethal precision, strikes on stationary and mobile targets and is recoverable Music sky striker, elbit system sky striker is a cost effective, loitering munition that is capable of long range, precise, tactical strikes. The technology enabled sky striker, improves performance, situational awareness and survivability by providing direct fire aerial, precision, capabilities to maneuverable troops and special forces. The sky striker is a fully autonomous unmanned aerial system that can locate, acquire and strike operator design targets with an 11 pound 5 kilogram. Warhead installed inside the fuselage enabling high precision performance, the uass electric propulsion offers a minimal acoustic signature, allowing covert operations at low altitude operations as a silent, invisible and surprise. Attacker sky striker delivers the utmost in precision and reliability, providing a critical advantage in the modern battlefield. The maximum speed is 118 miles per hour, 190 kilometers an hour and at the time of diving to the target up to 310 miles per hour 500 kilometers an hour thats. All friends. Thanks for watching write in the comments which of the drones, you like the most also click the like button and subscribe to our channel.