You are all gon na, have the greatest joy to tell at the end of the night hes trying to move with what feels alive, bring it low and start to go up. Michael was getting different shots that he would usually never shoot, so it gave it a very different style. Ive done nine movies with michael and one of my first jobs on every movie is whats the newest coolest gear out there. So on this movie, its called fpv. Three two one, an action michael, gives us very concise direction. You understand what im saying because youre watching on a tight lens here and you hold two more seconds on a movie screen and it needs it yeah, but he gives us the ability to be creative. My name is alex vanover and im a drone pilot on this movie ambulance, michael bay, best pilot. We know over here when im flying the drone im acting like superman in a way where im trying to get these really unique angles and shots. I fly whats called an fpv drone and fpv stands for first person view, so we wear a set of goggles on our face and when im flying the drone im actually flying with a vr, headset and im able to see exactly what the drone sees in real Time so its a whole new arena for flying and allows us to fly in really crazy locations and get some really awesome shots. You cant really get with any other camera or drum.

Oh, look at that. Oh white. Go. Go, go, go, go! You have to watch it on the big screen, the way that it was shot, that experience is just magical lock, everything down, nothing gets out, it belongs in the theater and i cannot wait for it to be in a theater. This is definitely one where people will enjoy going on that ride for two hours. Hopefully they leave the theater sweating.