5 2000 kb motors, which, by the way, im going to frost test in an upcoming video. First of all, in terms of packaging, along with the flight controller, you are getting a harness that is going to enable you to connect the flight controller directly to the dji air unit, five extra m3 to m2 rubber grommets, in addition to the ones that are pre Inserted to the m3 mounting holes of the flight controller, pin headers and two harnesses that youll be able to adjust, according to your preference, using two gst connectors for connecting the flight controller to a four in one esc. As for its packs, the f405 mini hd2 flight controller features six full ult ports, an on board barometer, an f4 processor, an osd chip for using it with analog cameras, 5 volts and 10 volts 2 amperes bcs a dedicated jst connector for connecting it to the dji Unit using the provided harness, it can be powered with up to 6s batteries and unfortunately, it is using a micro, usb connector and not usb type c. In addition, its using 20 by 20 millimeters m3 mounting holes, which are reduced to m2 using the pre installed rubber grommets. Its outer dimensions are 30.8 by 32 by 6.5 millimeters and it weighs 6.1 grams. The next thing that ive done is to assemble the flight controller, along with the four in one nc on this five inch frame. However, unfortunately, im not going to be able to fully test and review the f45 mini hd2 flight controller in this video, simply because the harness that was provided with the 4 in 1 ec, which again is made by sky stars, is not compatible with the flight controller.

Without modifying the order of the 8 pins connector, so basically what happened is that the battery voltage was provided to the wrong pin on the flight controller and now after rewiring, the harness, as you can see, the mcu is getting extremely hot. So, although its working, i cant trust this flight controller anymore. Now, of course, i partially blame myself for this mistake, as i should have made sure that the layout of both foreign, one ac and flight controller are the same, and if i would have done so, this mistake could have been prevented. But, of course, when you are getting the 401 esc and flight controller from the same company, this mistake can happen. So, if theres, anything that you should take from this video is that you should always make sure that your connectors are properly wired. Even though the peripherals are made by the same company, i also recommend, as i always do, to power your build for the first time using this short server device, and even though, on that case, i did use the short saver for powering the stack. This error was not prevented. The flight controller was not completely fried, but, as i just showed you, it is now unusable anyway, thats going to be it for this short video stay tuned for the next one in which im going to test this build with a new flight controller. As always. Thank you for watching my video. I hope you enjoyed it and you find it useful if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below dont forget to leave a thumbs up.