The new mont blanc from ultra is one of my most anticipated shoes from the brand thats well known for zero drop and foot shaped goodness, having run countless miles in the lone peaks, temps and olympus over the years. This cushioned, yet nimble race, ready promise from ultra seemed to check all of the boxes of what i dreamed. A trail racer could have the standout beefy layer of ego max midsole is the real seller providing plenty of bounce and long run comfort underneath the vibram light base has become one of my favorite outsoles and works quite well here. The upper is a super thin and breathable mesh, utilizing internal midfoot structure and thin sausage laces for fitment. The heel is dramatically undersupported and problematic, leading to some of the serious issues that i have with de mont blanc. In a flat straight line. This shoe can fly, but when you buy a shoe named after one of the most renowned massives on earth, flat isnt, the name of the game, so clearly we have a lot to unpack here with ultras mont blanc, some good, some, not so good lets dive in Music, what is up everybody ethan newberry, the ginger runner here for another ginger runner review. This is probably my most anticipated trail shoe of early 2022.. I know that we had the speedgoat 5 last week, but today were talking about the ultra mont blanc. When this sort of came on my radar at late 2021.

It was an instant excitement trigger for me because it has the promise of a lot of really great things. Plenty of traction plenty of midsole, cushioning a really light thin tight upper thats gon na be perfect for a race environment. You know, i love the ultra olympus. Ive raced a ton in that uh, so this is one of those shoes that really excited me so were gon na get into it here in just a second two things at the top of this review. First go register for our vert challenge. We have a vert challenge happening in mid april. Wed love to have you join us? All you got to do is go to It is our tiger claw virtual vert based challenge. Wed love to have you join us were raising money for really great local. 501. C3 second, the ftc requires that it let you know that this shoe was provided for review by ultra im under no obligation to say anything, positive or negative, about the shoe im not financially compensated for anything that i say in this review. All opinions are my own. No one has to approve this review. You are the first to see it now that thats out of the way lets dive in. As always, i talk about the things i like and dislike about every product that i review today is no different, starting with things that i like looks. I think this is the best ultra that ultra has made.

I think its a super good. Looking shoe, i love this sort of coral, pink red, flashy, goodness mixed with the black, some gold accents its just its simple but its bright, and it stands out and it is a great looking shoe. I dont normally start with looks as alike in any review ever uh. So that says a lot. I just really think it looks awesome ultra great job. Your design department kicked it out of the park with this, kicked it out of the park ego max midsole. So this midsole uh they use it in a couple of their shoes right now. One thing i really like about it is that it provides you with that bounce that cushion while also being semi responsive. The midsole is super comfortable underfoot. I think it works in a lot of different environments. It is the source of protection that the shoot provides its fun and fast, and it makes you want to pick up the pace it sort of takes the joy that you get from the olympus and kind of bottles it into a lighter kind of thinner package. I really like egomax im sold on it, so well done ultra race ready. So i think this is sort of the shoes. Big selling point is that it is a light kind of thin, with plenty of cushioning underfoot its a fun bouncy, energetic shoe. That makes you want to run faster so seeing as it is sort of a slimmed down version of the olympus mixed with the timp uh.

That gives me real race, ready vibes that fantastic vibram light base. Outsole gets you the grip that you need at different conditions. At egomax, as i mentioned earlier, uh really fantastic midsole material, its fun, especially on those flatter less technical style races. I think a lot of people could get a lot of joy out of this in a race environment. For those days, you might just want to pick up the pace blast them single track. Leave people in your desk, its fun all that being said, its not all dramatic f1 grand prix and advantageous seattle cracking trades. There are a couple of things that i dislike about. The mont blanc lets get to those now fit, so this is my biggest gripe with the mom block and its a big one, because it has multi facets and can lead to a lot of problems for a lot of people. Im gon na try to get as specific as possible without getting too far into the weeds here. This mesh upper is really light, its very thin, its very stretchy and breathable, but it also leads to a lot of problems when youre trying to get this thing to fit on your foot specifically around the midfoot, because what i have found is that the only place You can really get this shoe to fit, is here across the midfoot, and it is problematic because the stretchy mesh plus the under layer that adds some structural elements and is supposed to sort of keep the shoe wrapped around your foot.

It is also stretchy. So what you get is stretchy on stretchy mixed with stretchy just makes for a fit that is not at all dialed youre gon na have to size down in the shoe a minimum of a half size. I went from a size 11, which i normally wear on. Ultras across the board, down to a 10 and a half it worked better. The problem is that the length of the shoe the last is a bit different and my toes dont really like it up front so im really caught between sizes ive encountered that before with ultras. But in this case it was a real bummer that i i felt squarely in the in between and it was not a good fit for me. The only place that i was able to get any semblance of connection with the shoe was through that midfoot right here across the top, when you really crank down on those laces, and that just also posed a problem because then youve got extra fabric that gets in The way down here along the toe box across the vamp the tongue is super thin has a little bit of protective overlay on it, but not enough to keep your feet from getting lace pain across the top. If you tie them down too tight, then you start taking into account the heel and the heel is just all sorts of messy. So, in the end, what i found is that the shoe fits kind of through the mid foot less so through the toe box and definitely not through the back uh ankle collar sizing down, helps it doesnt necessarily solve the problem.

It might create new ones, but its a step in the right direction. If youre looking to get these on your feet, i was hoping for a bit more structure in a shoe that is lighter and meant to go faster and hold to your feet, especially when its named mont blanc and youre expected to run technical terrain in it. I just never had the security in fit to feel comfortable on technical terrain, the heel so sort of jumping off of what i just mentioned. The heel has very little structure, theres no heel counter. The mesh through here is good. It doesnt stretch nearly as much as the front style of mesh. The problem is that the padding around the ankle collar flattens up and just no longer provides any sort of lock on your heel, theres really no way to get it to lock around your achilles. All the fabrics just want to give away im, also getting a bunch of glue coming undone theres, just a lot of problems going on here through the heel and ive had heel problems with ultras in the past. That ive talked about in my reviews. Ive seen it fixed in some shoes and not fixed in others, here its a big problem, laces youre, going to want to swap these things out immediately. They come with like a thin paracord sausage style lace. These are not that i already swapped the laces out, probably in the first few days that i had the shoes with some old like asics trail shoe laces, the laces that come with the mont blanc are too thin, too narrow.

When you tighten them down, they cause a lot of pain across the midfoot im, just not a fan of them. I did swap them out. It does help its not great when you spend this much on a shoe and you get laces that totally suck, and you have to swap them out with old garbage laces from shoes that you have in the back, your closet but thats. What i had to do, it helps protection youre, not getting much of a rock plate at all. In this shoe its really, this ego max midsole thats providing most of the protection. The vibram light base has pockets where it provides you with the protection where it has coverage, but in between there, its just – u midsole and ground kind of going back to the idea that this shoe is named after mont blanc. You would think that it would be technical trail, ready, uh if your feet are sensitive to sharp rocks at all. Youre gon na feel every single one of them under the shoe here in the pacific northwest right now. Its super rainy, muddy and sloppy, and these shoes actually perform quite well in that, but those conditions dont lend themselves to needing a ton of protection. So when i have run technical trails in these, they do fine, but i cant imagine running the real technical stuff, the ridgelines which are currently under snow. I i just dont see that happening in the shoe comfortably because of the lack of protection price, its 180 bucks – that is a very expensive shoe – that is more race, oriented and designed for those days in the mountains, where you want to go fast, where you have Something like the olympus for 10 cheaper that will provide you with a lot more miles, long miles, ultra miles its a heavier shoe sure its built up more, but it might last you longer so at 180.

It is a steep price to pay for a shoe that has a lot of issues that come along with it, but that is it for dislike. So lets get a bit more specific in our breakdown, where we talk about five different criteria, build quality, comfort, fit price and looks starting with build quality. I think they have a lot of materials in use here that are really cool and innovative. I think the combo of them doesnt necessarily work. The egomax is great. The vibram outsole is fantastic. This mesh upper im not totally sold on being a very supportive or structured upper or provide you any sort of proper fit where im really having a problem is like the laces, the way that the tongue is built, it just continues to cause pain across the top Of the foot, the toe protector im already getting breakdown on the inside of the shoe theres, some seam splitting here along the ankle collar theres glue, thats just separating theres things going on with this shoe. That would not expect out of 180 shoe the build is not my favorite comfort thats, where this shoe shines. I think the midsole ego max is wonderful. Im excited to see what ultra does with this in other shoes im more excited to see what the mont blanc version two looks like, especially if it uses this ego max, and you start to dial in everything else. I think comfort wise. The shoe is a comfortable shoe when youre running on trails that are kind of straight narrow dont require a ton of vert or descending its a really comfortable fit.

The biggest problem for me, youre gon na, have to size down. The laces are gon na, be problems. Youre gon na wan na swap those out and youre gon na have a hard time getting that ankle to lock, maybe better in a half size down. Maybe not the materials will stretch out so take that into account price. I already mentioned 180 bucks its extremely expensive for this shoe for whats, going on here, its just not quite ready for prime time and finally looks ultra. I have to say its the best looking shoe you guys have done in a very long time. I love the colors, i love the blocking, i think its fantastic, the designers high five. I really do think its a great looking shoe, bringing us to our conclusion. The ultra mont blanc had so much potential, but i think it still does what you have is a number of very tasty ingredients that were combined into a lackluster casserole. I have close to 60 miles in the shoe and i am not giving up on it yet it does get me quite excited to see what future versions of the mont blanc are going to be like. I can see this shoe working for a lot of people who, like the ultra olympus, but maybe youre, looking for something a bit lighter a bit more nimble and arent, going to be doing tons of crazy, climbing and descending on technical terrain. If you just need something to go straight fast, this could be a good option, especially if youre used to the olympus.

The mesh upper has promise. It just lacks a lot of structural integrity, especially if youre trying to get a good fit in this shoe lacking a lot here through the heel collar. But, as i mentioned, im excited to see where this shoe goes. If this is a new offering from ultra, i hope they dont abandon it, because i think this is something that ultra runners will want, especially when they start to dial it in, for now its an interesting experiment that just left me wanting more ill, also be wanting To spend more time in the temp 4 to see how this compares structurally its completely different and sort of falls in line with what we were expecting from ultra so mont blanc. I wanted to love you i kind of like you, but were going to have to have some talks thats. My conclusion, bringing us to our ultimate criteria is the ultra mont blanc, a buy, try or a y uh. At this point, this shoe in its current form is a why i cant wait to see what they do with it. It has a lot of promise, it looks fantastic and it feels good underfoot it just at this point has problems and mines beginning to come apart, and i havent even hit 100 miles in it so uh. Unfortunately, i cannot recommend that ultra youre, close so close and that my friends is it for my review of the ultra mont blanc.

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