I have just completed a six mile run through the warren mountains. Given the gopro hero 10 black, a proper proper test weve had 40 to 50 mile an hour gusts on the summit. Weve had ive been in some water. At one point, weve had rocks weve got jumps up test, slow motion, ive tested the time lapse, test the time warp, ive tested just about every feature i can think of on this – that matters to most people, because these cameras are designed to be used outside theyre. Not designed to be tested in a studio and pixel peeping. Ah, i can tell you im not gon na happen here, thats, not what theyre for theyre designed for action and thats what this video is going to show off what you can do creatively with the gopro hero 10 black ill put on the screen. What settings i use where i use the more features i use them when im going to use them and at the very end, well go back to the studio where i will tell you everything, ive learned and whether or not i think you should buy it. Lets go Music Applause, Music; okay, with that bright, sunny background and me standing in the shadow of a cloud, this is probably a perfect place to start with. A really basic quality test were currently shooting at 5.3 k, although ill upload this in 4k. For me, im probably going to use this in 4k, most of the time which im going to switch over to right now and the other reason i will shoot in 4k for the remainder of this video.

You can tell me if you notice the difference between the 5k and 4k. I doubt it that you will especially once its been compressed to 4k big reason: im still going to shoot in 4k. Is it gives me the wider view? It gives me the super view and thats what i tend to use, because it gives me a much better sense of place up in the environment. Now actual settings gopro this year, ive introduced a new um, a new color profile just rotate around here. So you can see its like the suns behind me. A new color profile called natural, previously id always shot in flat color, because i know how to color grade. I know how to bring it up and in theory, if you use a flat color profile, you can bring up the colors afterwards. However, this year, new natural color profile and im going to use it, because i reckon i guess i assume that gopro will put a lot of work into this new color profile, perhaps having neglected the other ones for several years so im guessing that it might give Me the best results well see. Okay, this is a flat color profile here i am Music. Music uh still fun running mountains when they got the asthma i got. They asked me Applause Music, its windy up here, ive got myself down out of the with the wind. The only reason youre getting probably any kind of decent audio up there is because of this little wind, muff ive stuck on the gopro.

So, just just so, you know if this was not on this with audio would sound like you would be able to hear me just about, but be a lot more wind noise than youre normally getting. If you want to see what thats, like its exact same hardware as the hero9 theres, a link in the description below to a video ive made comparing different ways to reduce wind noise, in hindsight, i probably should have brought spare ones with me, then i could have Taken them off and show you a comparison but theyre online. If i take them off, the audio will just be too bad. So theyre staying on thats a nice view im going to do a quick photo test. The first one is going to be the super photo which is like gopros super photography mode, then were going to shoot, an hdr which is high, dynamic range and then im going to shoot a raw photograph and process it to. Let you see what the difference is. Lets get back down without dying because dying is not good. Theres. Some rocky tours over there perfect place to test out the capabilities of the time warp. The hyperlapse feature lets go Music. I close my eyes Music anymore dont. You lose Music Music, its time for one. Last test, one im not particularly looking forward to – and this is where the gopro just had to crash right here me in midair – about to jump in the water.

I had to do this another three four times until i figured out what was causing the crash, which ill tell you about at the end of the video lets, get back to the shot that actually worked: Music im in the blue, lock, okay, last test uh. How quickly will the mics in this change from clear from being dunked in water lets find out? Can you hear me, can you hear me, hopefully those mics have cleared. Ah, this is nice, apparently theres, unexploded munitions in this lock from world war ii. Summarize this really really simply am i happy with the gopro hero 10. Yes, 90 percent. Happy. How happy was i with the gopro hero 9 after six months of using that has been 50 happy with it? This has fixed so many of the issues with the hero. 9, its fixed a lot of the stability options, its fixed the speed options. The front screen is now more responsive. The back touch screen is a lot more responsive, its got the same good video quality. In fact, the video quality is improved quite a bit, especially the slow motion and the new natural neutral color profile is really really nice. Now, unfortunately, this camera did still crash in me, but it seemed really related to a power issue. It seemed to only happen when the battery was below 25. When i swapped out a fresh battery, it was fine still not a day, but at least it was consistent in its crashing, unlike the nine which would just crash whenever it felt like it classic hero9.

So yeah overall very very happy with the hero 10 ill. Let you judge it based on what i was able to do with it now, if youre not wanting to spend that much money avoid the nine and, i would say, maybe go back to the hero 8, because this is a really really reliable camera. In fact, i bought one of these dues for a commercial clamp project recently because i trust it more than the hero 9.. One other downside with this was that the audio was a bit weird. If you get the camera away, i think you need to shake it. Like blow on the mics as well to properly clear them, which i didnt do and i do think, i need to experiment a little bit more with the color profiles and the sharpness. I think my footage was a little bit too sharp. I would use medium were going to set that to low, but yeah overall, really really happy with gopros latest offering, and i cant wait to get megan a lot more content with this hope.