I dont tend to eat on the plane. So breakfast before i leave, i dont know how many of you guys have ever run out of milk with your cereal and just used a substitute like sparkling water. Didnt do that today, but i dont think its a bad alternative. I keep bouncing between peanut butter and cocoa forgot, my goji berries, i told you guys add dish to your magical cereal. This is something chinese people add to all sorts of soups and stews, really good for your health, so make it taste better and make you healthier. I told you guys before i am a cereal fanatic. I mean it. Wasnt always easy. Coming from china, never had milk before to get past. My whole lactose intolerant thing, but once i did that i absolutely fell in love with cereal. To this day, i still cant walk through the cereal aisle in a supermarket, because i have no self control its delicious. That cereal is at my age. I cant just be putting these empty calories and sugar. In my body. I actually found this before they became my sponsor, absolutely loved it and been eating it ever since often, this is my dinner substitute. Another thing i like about this: 0 grams of sugar: 14 grams of protein 4 grams of net carbs and only 140 calories per serving its gluten free grain, free soy, free, low carbs. And if you are on the keto diet, it is keto friendly plus, most important thing.

It actually tastes good. They got a bunch of awesome flavors like the original cocoa, fruity, frosty peanut butter, plus other great flavors like cinnamon and blueberry. They got cookies and cream and maple waffle thats coming back permanently and they drop limited edition. Flavors. All the time and whats really impressive about them is that you can try it out if you dont like it, for whatever reason they got a 100 happiness guarantee. So if youre not happy, if you dont, like the taste dont like it, for whatever reason get your money back, so if you guys want to give it a try and build your own variety box, go to my link down below use. My promo called mikey chen youll, get five dollars off, like i said, amazing flavors like cocoa, peanut butter, cocoa, peanut butter is my favorite. Oh, i forgot to mix those two this morning again, i want to give it a try. Go to my link down below use. My promo called mikey chan, five dollar shop or just go to magicspoon.com and if youre in canada war in the uk they now ship to canada in the uk, all right i got ta eat and go see you in los angeles, do just got los angeles. First, me of the day wanted to go for boston lobster. I missed that last time i was here that place is so full though, but luckily this place right nearby chassis garden, one of my favorite cn places around the loft greater los angeles here, im actually coming here to film a collab tomorrow, but a little preview.

My favorite lamb, pita soup, with pickled garlic, make sure you take the garlic out put the chilies in mix it around. Oh ive had this in so long. This really is the only dish in the world. I would say no to her oil, yes to the garlic chilies wow. Everything came out fast. Pork burger is a juicy havent been here in such a long time. Hmm thats a juicy burger, okay, soup theres a mushroom come here. Why i used to live in xian. This is what that city is known for how to find a good boat in the us. This is rules, but with uh beef and sprouts. Oh no, i forgot to order. The number one dish here add a little hot oil. Oh, this is the best thing i wanted to get the big plate of chicken thats, something you got ta get here. Potatoes are so good its like this giant plate of chicken and noodles. I forgot to get that, but thats coming back tomorrow. This dish is something you dont see a lot in restaurants, sour soup and dumplings, something i used to get every day in china, another one of my favorite dishes. Oh super sour! You want a sour! Actually i like a sour than this more vinegar. Oh thats, perfect sour soup and meaty porky dumplings first meal of the day. Besides the cereal yeah, this is all its all going down: whats up, buddy, all right, so heres mike yeah, shank whats up buddy.

Do you do those? You know you do more than just bumps yeah you just did. I think i think last time we even shared food, i think, were way faster than that were way past fist bumps here. How are you doing im doing im ready? Are you ready? You have a big camera over here. I dont understand so im so confused about your style. I thought this was your style. No! No! No! When i have a guest on as awesome as you, i cant concentrate on filming and talking at the same time, im not able to multitask. Okay, all right were gon na start the video. So this is gon na switch to strictly dumpling out watch the video uh. Also check him out ill put the link all below um, see you afterwards. First location done. How do you feel you feel great you guys dont. You still have space, oh yeah, definitely yeah, oh yeah were going across the street. This is gon na, be really good. What i love about you is you dont, do like hey lets, do breakfast and hang out and digest what does that mean were just doing lunch? What is what is digesting its been 15 minutes were going for lunch yeah. What do you do on a food day? Besides, you continuously around a little bit what? What is that? What was this my car, all right? This is it location number two. I got a special surprise for sunny here.

This is going to be a big plate of noodles. This is my hometown. Okay, its my hometown in china, whats popular around that area is noodles and bugs all right. We dont eat a lot of rice outdoors, noodles and buns thats perfect. I love buns. All right lets do this last location. This is where we explode. Are we ready for this were explode from fullness? Maybe we said: why are you? Are you afraid no im excited? Are you excited yeah, because i i kind of like spicy, food and ive been in the usa now for a couple months, yeah and its not been spicy? Oh okay, nothing! Well, yeah! I i got you bro wow, this theres a reason why this place is called killer noodle because the killer flavors, i bet its like really yummy. I love your optimistic mindset, uh huh! I i hope i hope you keep it up when the noodle hits you okay. I dont know where, with the chills here, they actually did. They actually strike you with the noodle physically. I i think the noodle was reached out of the bowl and strangle you in japan. You have to pay extra with a woman to beat you with a bunch of noodles thats. This is a pg show man im. This is a sorry entertainment show my friend, hi buddy, its great hanging out with you, but hows your stomach feel not bad yeah. It feels okay, it just feels really warm like you swallowed a hot piece of metal.

Are you anticipating, whats, coming up yeah its, not gon na, be good but ill? Send you pictures, and you can see me every time it burns ill, be thinking of your face. Thats such a compliment, great hanging out with you again man, you too, oh this place, got a chinese cool tone vibe here. Oh there we go outdoor dining. I feel like a lot of outdoor dining places in l.a just kind of stopped doing the outdoor dining. I love it. Weather here is perfect for sitting outside eating some hot pot. Now this is gon na, be some hot pot skewers by the way uh fun day, filming with sunny uh. My second time, filming and hanging out with them really had a blast. Okay. So this place, i theres a location of this in new york. I never tried it um. This place is basically skewers hot pot. They set up a hot pot and then the meat comes in skewers there we go. Oh, my gosh, all right, so i got a bunch of skewers uh beef serve clam. Oh ive, never seen something like this before whoa. Look at that thats nice! Look at this hot pot spoon! You can just you just scoop your stuff and dump the sauce. Oh, this is really cool ive never seen this before. So this is the number one selection, the the mushroom and the spicy spicy part is not bad. I feel, like a spicy part, just tastes like the mushroom broth with chilies in there broth is above average lets dip some stuff in there and see so its lacking a little flavor.

I asked for soy sauce. Oh, they definitely need some sort of chilies. They dont have that here, i feel like the broth itself is not very flavorful at this place. Definitely better after adding the soy sauce. I feel like this place is really no different than any other hop out place, except that they offer some meat, some food items and in skewers thats kind of fun, enoki mushrooms with beef. All right lets just do the. Is it a spicy one, its not bad? I mean its kind of a fun little thing to put skewers in hot pot, but the broth i feel like its its okay. I dont think its the best hop out brother ever had, but it is really nice to be able to sit here in a cool la evening, eating hot pot on a skewer. All right so ive been seeing those around new york a lot finally be able to try this hot watching out, and that concludes this glorious food day see in the morning, so its pretty wild im here at uh bueno park. This is theres a large uh korean community with tons of amazing food. The place i want to go to is called sub. You know i went there once before. They offer unlimited noodles, but today they are out well actually theyre theyre, going to be out for about another 30 40 minutes, so im gon na go somewhere else and and get some food really quick, some starving and then come back.

So this is the wagyu beef over rice, a little salad, crunchy noodles. Oh, this is the wagyu galbi, with some salad and cranberries again over rice, and this is the wagyu loco moco im really excited about this, but of course macaroni and a egg on top. Oh thats thats what im most excited about local moguls ever gon na have it before, have it in hawaii or have it anywhere at a hawaii? Barbecue is the best it is the best, and this is the first meal of the day. Look at this locomotive. Runny egg: on top of this wagyu hamburger steak, you know what i got. Ta start. I got ta start with the beef that is so smoky and tender. Oh, my gosh, smoky tender, sweet beautiful aroma from the sesame justice is already so good. After moving to saint louis one thing, couldnt really find is gaulby. This is my first bite of all being oh month. This is such a juicy piece of gumby. I mean great amounts of fat when you take a bite, its just bursts, wow. The char is perfect. The char is perfect. Loco moco is one of my favorite dishes in hawaii. I absolutely just love the aggressive flavors of it, the sauce, the beautiful hamburger patty. I never had a wagyu loco moco before look at this. That looks like a saucy patty tender meat is one thing you have that, but this is such a saucy dish.

If you dont have the sauce right as well. This wouldnt be that delicious. This is great. Even the macaroni salad is good. Also, they give me a bunch of sauces to use. Oh, this is just sriracha whoa. Is it me or it looks like theres a smiley face in the sriracha, because theres a smiley face in the sriracha? Oh yeah, not crazy. I dont think so. I think this is just like food gods smiling upon us, giving us a smiley. Sriracha face some sriracha, some loco moco with rice theyre such a good place, and if you want to buy a five wagon, i dont think just in bayfront may 5 wago. I think maybe this is made from like american wagyu, its still really tender. Also if this was a5, i go. This dish would be like minimum 50 to 100, also not having had galbi in like over a month and being able to have it at this quality. Here just makes me so happy. We got ta eat fast because um we still have a table reserved at shop noodles, so im gon na use this and then go for unlimited, oh im, so excited for. I havent been able to find a really good foot place in st louis. I just crave this all the time. This is something i can eat every single day in my life like good bowl, its always sad whenever you run out of noodles or broth, but this place you dont have to worry about any of that.

Oh, you can eat or drink or slurp, except for the meat lets make that clear, youre not getting unlimited meat, noodles and broth. All you want this. It looks kind of good, no just kind of oh, it smells so nice, the onions, the scallions, the broth and this place cooked their broth for 48 hours. I tried cooking my uh for broth for about eight hours before i cant imagine doing it for 48 hours and look at this thing. Two giant beef ribs in the broth holy moly that is big and covered in meat, and then i got beef belly. On top. Look at this medium, rare beef belly. This is 100 gon na melt, your mouth all you can eat noodles on the bottom and broth. It is clear, awesome, broth! Oh, these noodles are so good. I forgot how good these noodles were. These are really really bouncy. Chewy. Funny also good flavor that dry actually a lot drier than i thought and the fattier pieces are much better, but the lean pieces still taste good, but definitely a lot drier. But, oh, my goodness, the beef belly make sure get the beef belly. That noodles and broth exceptional, ah so satisfying i just put in water for my second bowl. Second bowl of noodles wow. This is how much broth they just gave me piping, hot, bra thats. Another thing i dont like is my foot broth getting cold, especially when im filming dont have to worry about that here.

All right, i love my ht, but i need a real drink got ta finish this though. Yes, i am indeed one of those four in love with coco cane thats, a taste of love today, going to take it kind of easy, because tomorrow i got a huge collab coming up as well, so i think its going to grab some dessert hit back home Sit down with a nice movie im thinking back to the future trilogies and call it at night anyway, dessert there are certain places i always go to when im in the lc. This is because its so comforting and good and cream pun. I love that splash. These are the best strawberry croissant cream things ever only bad thing is, if you come in late night late in the afternoon, these these might not be the freshest one, like ones fresh from the oven. No, if you come in the morning, its much better, still really really good. Im gon na take the rest of this for my movie time and stay tuned tomorrow morning, ive got a fun clap for you. Youre gon na want to see this because it is gon na be worth it good morning, collab day today and im running late. This is so im, usually never late, im always early, but today i had to um renew my passport was waiting in line for such a long time, a little late little night, actually not late, but good needle and good company awaits all right.

I am with stephen lim: oh my gosh im on strictly dumpling well youre on the vlog channel right now. This is the this. Is the vlog channel? What sorry buddy this is the mike cheshire, not good enough for the show? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, no, no! You youre gon na be on the strictly doubly channel, but were gon na get a little appetizer going so theres a little preview uh, so yeah we are gon na hit up a couple places im gon na copy. You guys format today. What is my, what is my format? Youre worth it for me? Oh shoot yeah so were gon na go to uh. Do some inexpensive, noodles, oh and then were gon na? Do some expensive noodles lets go. I have no idea. This is a surprise. So you ready im ready. Did you eat breakfast? I drank a lot of coffee. You prepared this stuff. I ate breakfast to prepare the stomach. How do you do that? You did not. How do you eat breakfast and prepared stomach a little bit? I like how this guy works, can we say: dump on youtube? Okay, all right lets. Do this all right, first location done second location time: you got stomach space. Ah, no! I know you eat a lot. Man i take bites, try it out and i stop. I just take it to go. You actually finish everything dude you. You hurt me today because youre like because though the owner is so nice wendy shes, like uh shes like yo ill get, you guys a lot of dishes, and you said not too much.

I dont want to wait, were not wasting were going to eat it. Okay, all right, second place. Second place almost done thats. It final filming done man. This is nice, nice right, nice. It makes you want to be a food vlogger. It does yeah. Ah, what it would be like to run a food show well buddy good to see you good to see you next time travels back to uh wherever you head to next.