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What looks like duck chicken dim sum station over here, variety of cheeses and here a variety of smoked fish. I dont even know where to start as always lets just start from the beginning: Music do Music round one got some steak. Some none clay, pot, rice, yorkshire, pudding dim sum some slices of roast beef braised beef, some fish. Oh, this looks so good fresh out of the oven, none with some butter paneer. Oh, this is good tonight, its so toasty delicious. This is called a money bag, no idea what this is. Oh, oh, this is awesome. Its a little fresh shrimp, dumpling thin little crispy. Shell inside juicy glistening shrimp a little bit of veg. This is awesome, theres a wide array of mustard, so i got a blueberry one to go with my steak. That is a beautiful color steak is tender not too juicy. I think the steak is saved by the mustard that blueberry mustard is delicious little pop and blueberry mustard seeds. This thing just made the steak so much better than it is chinese. Pumpkin pie. Oh gosh. This is incredible. Chinese pumpkin pie deep, fried golden toasty on the outside super soft delightfully sweet pumpkin inside oh wow. I got ta get a bunch more of that when times come for dessert. Black bean fish is one of my favorite things in the world, because i love that fermented. Black bean flavor all right – this is not bad. I feel like if i get this dish right when it came out when the outside is more crispy.

That would have been really really good so far. The sauce is good. The outside is kind of soggy eat that, with some clay pot rice, the rice tastes a little soggy a little too soft to have come from a clay pot, not loving that so went to the uh meat carving station. This is a lego lamb, so they had a roast lego lamb. The lego lemon is awesome and cereal gaming has cooked perfectly. This is the roast im a little im, a little worried, wow thats, a tough piece of meat. So far the sticks on the buffet, with the exception of the lego, lamb, thats, completely missed the mark, so tough, no flavor, hopefully a hotel called the atlantis. The fish will be better thats dry, thats really dry. I always want buffet to taste good. I root for it. I come in im super excited, but when its not im gon na be honest with you, the meats are not good. The roast fish is not good. I do have hope for the braised beef thats, delicious oxtail really hard to make that dry. You taste, the rosemary, you taste the herbs tons of good flavor in here, its rich, its deep, its got, a umami burst, probably the best meat i had on this buffet this i love. Ever since i went to the uk. I just love birdshot pudding, crispy on the outside soft and airy inside dunk, that in some beef gravy thats pretty darn good.

Maybe this hotel just does sweet items really really well. This is a this. Is a yam bun, its pillowy soft silky, smooth on the inside? This is a great dim sum item so far, one round down honestly kind of disappointed, none of the roasts or steaks were really good at all. The fish was not good. The dim sum was just mediocre. Best thing was probably the nun and the paneer in the pumpkin pie. All right lets see about seafood, Music, Music. So next plate got some seafood, truffle tina roll, oh, the rice is really dense. The whole thing doesnt have much flavor really hard to chew. Lobster happy to report fresh, sweet, delicious. This was probably the best thing i had in this buffet so far, oh man thats a good lobster, really excited for this lingo steamer. This thing is the jewel of the sea got ta suck that out of the head, even though this is frozen. Oh still, delicious thats, just like a pure umami hip, oh wow. I almost feel like that should be in the desert section that is so incredibly sweet. Yeah lobster lingo sting the shellfish best thing i had on this buffet so far got a lock stuff from the noodle stand: Music wow. I really never had a laksa from a buffet that tasted good this might be the best one. This is ridiculously good. Its thick rich aromatic creamy, you taste that delicious curry grabbing onto every strand of noodles as you slurp.

This does not taste like a buffet laksa. This tastes like a laksa. I would get it from a local stall. I cant believe how good this is. I mean everything about this, i mean. Obviously the noodles are whatever yeah, i probably used to run once but wow the soup. This is so amazingly delicious. Favorite cooked item on this buffet, so this place also has a bunch of roast barbecue options. This is the duck. Skin is good, otherwise pretty dry. Oh the with chicken wow. Their smoked dishes, though, are really really good. Smoked mackerel is excellent. My orange smoked salmon fruity and delicious that dill smoked salmon is good. The forgotten chicken is good thats, a good section over there. All right win back for the best thing on the buffet. The lock stop got ramen noodles this time even better. This soup is so good, whoever they got ta cook in their lockstep yeah make sure you keep them not just one of the best locks i had on a buffet one of the best locks ive had anywhere. This is so freaking good. I saw the salad bar that i kind of missed out on this papaya salad, kale, salad, octopus, salad and mango salad. Salad is extremely extremely tender that also the mango salad, sweet, tangy, sour and spicy its delicious. I think the papaya just okay, but go for the octopus and mango salad thats gon na make you really really happy, especially after picking up a random piece of basil, makes it even better.

I tried all the savory items i want to try already. I want to save some room because that dessert bar looks massive. It looks delicious, so im gon na go load up on the dirt Music. All right dessert round, pretty much got one of everything in a dessert bar and it took about two place to do it. Chocolate ice cream with some vanilla sauce and some mango sauce ice cream here is amazing: oh, that is just pure silk. This is some sort of pistachio cream chocolate piece dessert. This is phenomenal little pieces of crunchy pistachio with the citrus from the fruit and then, of course, a sheet of chocolate, its unique its delicious. This is a home run. This is, i think, a raspberry moose, wow yeah. I had a feeling. Dessert was going to be this place of strong soup holy moly. The cream on top is like a little floating cloud. The raspberry mousse is delicious. The little crunchy bits on top provides a nice texture. Look at how cute this is looks like a little popsicle with flowers and raspberry. Oh, this is awesome as well. This thing is so good raspberry on the inside little cream. I think on the bottom is some sort of cake with raspberry white chocolate on the outside. I just tasted it theres pop rocks inside that dessert is fun, its beautiful its exciting. This is best dessert. I tried so far 100 going back any more of that.

This is a chocolate yuzu, tarp chocolate shell with mousse on the inside and yuzu desserts here are phenomenal. This place for me is beginning to resemble the wicked spoon a couple of really good hot dishes and then just phenomenal desserts and every single dessert item is so pretty look at this. This thing is a little butterfly with a peanut. The peanut is like a mousse with a little crunch. This whole thing its like a deconstructed peanut butter cup, and it is amazing, a little looks like a little deconstructed black forest cake, its so pretty cherry the cake. A bit of chocolate ive had a bad bite of dessert so far. This is a vanilla, orange pina, cotta Music, and it is winning my heart i feel like this is big by the hands of god, because im pretty sure the main ingredient is cloud wow. The texture of this on your tongue, its just spiritual – this is a little flan with shaved coconut on top its good, but once you try that vanilla orange cloud, nothing else measures up, theres an assortment of cakes. This is a banana chocolate, cake, yeah and right next to it eggless chocolate, Music. All that eggless chocolate. I say if you come here, get yourself some lock stuff get some lingo sting get some lobster and just go straight for that dessert bar, i mean all the stuff that i tried so far. This might be the buffet with the best desserts ive ever had in my life, from the ice cream to the tarts to all these little deliciously, beautiful, cakes, its just too much good on that dessert bar overall.

This buffet tonight its around 70 dollars because theres a surf and turf night, but then the theme changes all the time. Some nights where its an asian thing night can only be 50 bucks that supports with tip with tax everything included. So for a buffet of this size, the price is pretty darn good. This is the largest buffet in dubai theres, a ton of selections out there from salads to cold dishes to dim sum to carving stations them. Some was just okay, roast bbq items were just okay. None of the carving station items were really that mind blowing. Like i said, the most impressive thing i tried is the laksa, and that is by far the best thing i had today salads. I would highly suggest a mango salad in the octopus salad. Of course, the cold seafood is good, but that dessert section thats, where you should be spending most of your time if youre here. I think this is definitely the best dessert bar ive ever had in a buffet and its just phenomenal overall nice buffet. I definitely dont think its one of the best ive had in the world its solid, but i wouldnt put it in my top. Ten with that said, dinner ended on a very high note, with the dessert very high notes. So if you want to come here, give it a try, ill put the link with the information and everything in my description box below as always guys.