My name is anthony saban and if youre new to my channel click the subscribe button to get updated with all of my videos, maybe a travel video, a normal vlog or an unboxing video, so the dji mini se has been out in the market since august this Year and maybe around late september early october, here in the philippines and im so happy that i already got one so in this video, we will find out whats inside the box. What are the features of the new mini se and my reaction for flying for the first time using my first drone lets go so first, we will be unboxing, the new dji mini s e Music. So this is everything inside the box, the drone, the remote control a box and and the battery pack. It comes with three batteries and lets get into it one by one: first, the drone. So this is the drone. This is what it looks like its very small. Its very light – and it comes with the orange stripes here and okay – lets open this and well remove the stickers first and here and of course it comes with a gimbal protector, so lets open this Music okay. So this is what the drone looks like. So when unfolding the wings, what do you call this wings? Maybe first you need to unfold the top part and then the bottom part. So this is what it looks like this one comes first and then this Music next with the remote control.

This is what the remote control looks like well be opening this one. So this is where you put your phone to see to control the drone like this and then here, Music, the joystick, and then you put this here there and the other one and the other part on the other side and thats it. Then you flip this one. The antenna make sure its not straight its, not 90 degrees, but you flip this like that, so the signal would not be interrupted when you fly lets open the the battery, so when you buy a dji mini se, so it comes with three batteries. So this is what the battery looks like and then lets open this one, the white box, okay, so it comes with different cords and an extra propeller. So here lets open this one first, the propeller, so it comes with extra propellers with screws in it. So in case you lost your professor or your professor gets broken. Youve got the spare one with you, Music and then Music. Next, we have here the cords, so it comes with one two. So it comes with three connectors this one. This is compatible with an iphone and an android, and also, i think this one is the new android. It comes with usbc, so since im using iphone lets connect the iphone cord here and then there ill use my iphone in a bit. It comes with chargers, so the charger of the remote Music is the same as the charger with the android its like this and the charger of Music.

The battery is usbc, so it comes with this one Music. It comes with a screwdriver whats. This, oh an extra remote. What you call this an extra joystick in case you lost your joystick and if you love reading, dji mini se, has a lot of papers to read. But if you dont want to read just continue watching this video or some other videos here on youtube, so i think that is everything that you can find inside the box when you purchase the new dgi mini s. E now lets proceed with the features of the dji mini s e Music. Should you get the new dji mini se? If you have an existing drone, should you purchase this one? If you dont have a drone? Is this nice for your first drone? Is this an ideal first drone for you so lets answer those questions. So, first, the dji mini s e is as guaranteed in their website is as light as a smartphone. Well, i think its true, so an iphone weighs 177 grams and this one weighs 249 grams, which i think yeah its quite fair to say that this is as light as a smartphone. So if youre a first timer like me, i think se is a good deal, because on your first drone you will be trying your skills. You will be practicing how to use this. One youll be practicing Music, how to navigate youll be for the price. I think the dji mini se is a good deal for you, so compared with other drones, the dji mini se can fly up to four kilometers, while other drones, like the dji air 2, can fly up to 10 kilometers.

So i think thats a huge difference, but since its my first time im a first timer 4 km is already a good one. For me, i dont want to fly so far away that i cant see my drone because im still im still afraid. Maybe it wont come back and things like that, so i think the 4 km i think, thats long enough for me and thats good enough for a first timer like me, and the next one is the video quality compared with other drones. Other drones, Music can record up to 4k. Well this one, the maximum is only 2.7 k, still not a big deal for me because its my first time and im not yet a professional when it comes to flying drones. I think thats okay. So if youd asked me, should you get the dji mini se as your first drone? All i can say: yes, i think thats, okay, its not that expensive. Well, i think thats the cheapest, its lightweight 249 grams, and i think that are the good sides of the drone. The bad sides are, it can only record up to 2.7 k. It can fly up to 4 km only compared to other drones, that can record 4k and can fly up to 10k, but still not a big deal for me as a first timer what to do next after buying the new djse. So, since im a first timer, i really need to search everything on youtube on google or ask some other people on how to use it so heres.

What ive, learned and im gon na share everything i learned to you. First, you need to download the app its dji fly and, if youre, having a hard time which dji app is that you can go to your box, you can see a code here. All you have to do is scan the code, and then it will redirect you to the app store and then you can download the dji fly app. So next how to turn this on so well be putting on the battery. You have to open this and then put the battery in there and then, when you turn it on a short press and a long press Music. There you go, you can see that its on you can see a button here. It says the power button short press and a long press on the power button Music. There you go so thats how you turn this on and then, when you fly, never forget to remove the gimbal protector, because that, because that would always harm your drone, okay, so ill show you ill put my phone here, Music. I think its nice to remove the case of your phone in here Music, so now ill be showing you what it looks like and it actually redirects and it actually redirects automatically here. This is what it looks like. That is the view of the drone. This is my setup right now, so next, when you turn off the drone, its the same when you turn it on a short press and a long press Music there, its now off and also this one, a short press and a long press Music, its turned off And then, when you close the wings its also the same thing, you start with the bottom and then the top part there.

So here are my takes after flying it for the first time. Okay, so here are some caveats or some reminders when flying the drone. So Music, because when you fly a drone, always make sure to get a permit at the municipality or the town youre flying the drone, because i think it is slowly becoming illegal to fly a drone because of privacy and security purposes. It would, and sometimes it would cost you from 1000 to 2500 to fly a drone, but dont worry because the view the videos youll be taking would all be worth it. So i think thats, the video for today. I hope you learned something in case youre planning to buy a new drone. I hope this video helps and if you bought the new drone already and youre having a hard time on how to use it. I hope this video also helps, and if you like this video, please click the like and comment down whatever videos you want me to do next or if there are questions. I tried my best to answer your questions and i think thats all for today.