I just picked it up days ago and i got the fly more combo and the backpack to go along with it. So lets go ahead and set it. The first thing you want to do is youre, going to get your stuff put it on the table and were going to take off the gimbal covers here right there. This thing is a piece of plastic. You push both sides in you very carefully, pull it off notice the difference between the propellers. This really is really important that you do this correct, so theres gon na be propellers like this, that are just gray in the middle and therell, be therell, be propellers like this, and they have like an orange ring in the middle. The orange ring for colors are gon na, go around orange ring on the drone so see. This has an orange ring like this, but if the propeller has a gray ring or sorry no ring at all, then well put it on the one without a ring at all, so were gon na go ahead and do that right now, im gon na go ahead And do that all for all of them ill see you in a second all right before we continue the next prank might wonder why im wearing a suit thats, because, yes, hes green bird of our mitzvah party, is today shout out to jesse okay, now for the Next step, youre gon na take out your goggles and youll, see over here.

Theres a hole over here and over here therell be a usb port like that right there and were going to go ahead and take this little piece that dji provides in the box. You can take it and youre going to plug it into the usb part and right next to that, if you want to put a micro sd card in the goggles lets say something happens to your drone and it like falls in the water or something like that. Then you just use that, and you still have your foot, so the other cables are a black cable. This is going to provide the power to the goggles theres. Only one end that looks circular circular like that and thats going to go into the gauge one end. That is a usb to iphone connector. So now were gon na get im gon na get my phone over here and plug my phone into the iphone part like this and were gon na. Take this part and plug into that black thing. Im showing you guys a second now that i got that all hooked up were going to go into the dji fly. App right over here, go to connection guide and click, dji, fpv and itll give you instructions there. What to do now? Weve got all this up. Net, the next step is going to power. The goggles, so dji provides this little battery pack for the goggles and youre going to go ahead.

Youre going to power it up once youve got it powered on youre going to plug it in when you do that, youll hear the fans on the goggles start to go sounds sick now, for the controller setup, for the controller setup were going to go ahead and Flip up this antenna just like that, you flip it up youre, going to go ahead and press the on button and hold it down and hear that beeping noise, youll take the control, sticks and youre going to screw them in for the controller. Now, since some people tend to get a bit light, headed like me when youre flying fpv, i have this little lanyard with a swivel. I thought it doesnt get twisted up and im going to connect this to the ring dji provides over here on the controller just like so now that ive got the controller set up and we have everything powered on. We have to connect everything together, so were going to go back to the dji drone and were going to hold the power button and then hold it down and youll hear it make a few noises. Okay, now weve got everything together were gon na, go ahead onto my phone and well see that we can now see the view in the drone right there. You see that okay, another tip, if you dont, have pockets, make sure you wear pants or something with pockets. Now you could take the battery pack and your phone and put them in your pocket like that.

Sorry, they dont fall. Okay, now were gon na go ahead and put the goggles on and ill show you guys on the screen. What i see in the goggles – and let me know in the comments down below what you think of it: okay, if youre in a bit of a like kind of restricted zone, youll, see something that says. Aircraft and enhanced warning zone fly with caution. Youre going to go ahead and click this 5d button right here, click confirm and well go ahead and lean back like this hold the controller up, make sure your goggles are centered, make sure theyre adjusted perfectly on the bottom. Take off Music so, as were cruising around over here right now, were currently in normal mode, so normal mode only lets you go up to about like 28 29 miles an hour if we flip into sport mode thatll allow us to go 60 miles an hour. That is crazy fast, so right now were gon na go ahead and flip into sport mode. Like so, and now were going 45 50 60 60 miles an hour. You can hear it roaring up there, wow Music and go ahead and go over here. Lets go down here. Wow! This fpv is so cool guys: Music, Applause, okay, so before you go ahead and flip into the hardest mode manual mode, you want to make sure that you practice in the simulator for a bit get really comfortable with it, and you really need to know what youre Doing before you really flip into manual mode and start really flying fpv, like a pro so now that ive already practiced in this simulator and i kind of know what im doing im going to go ahead and flip into manual mode aka.

For me insane mode and were gon na go really fast. Here we go so were gon na flip it to manual mode and its gon na. Ask you to move the joysticks in a special kind of way. That way, it knows that youre ready to fly manual mode so were going to go ahead and do that and were in manual mode. So you might get like a few things that will pop up like errors and stuff when youre about to take off and thatll. Just mean that youre in a restricted zone like i am, and so i cant fly in manual mode unless im in unless im 70 feet off the ground or less, and i dont want to really get too close to the ground. So for now i think ill. Just wait until you can get somewhere where we can really fly manual mode. Just so you guys can see what manual mode looks like im going to go ahead and put in some footage here from a different place. I want to in a field where i was able to get some cool footage of manual mode. I actually went above the clouds there and that was really cool because there was no flight altitude limits or anything. So here we go Music, wow, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, button, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, okay, guys now weve been flying throughout for a while and weve seen some really Cool footage above the clouds, were gon na go ahead and land her Music.

Okay, guys hope you enjoyed that video and make sure you like subscribe to get entered into the giveaway.