These have been rumored for years. At this point, i feel like every time, there’s an apple event. We think that they are going to be announced and they haven’t been, but they are. Finally, here we’ve got them in the studio to test out i’m. So excited about this, because i lose a lot of stuff i’m, not happy about it, but it’s, just who i am as a person and that’s just i’ve accepted that they’ve got two different variations right now that you can purchase on the website, you can get the One pack for 29 or the four pack for 99. and what’s really cool about these – is they are fully customizable with emojis or text. So you are able to do that when you purchase them. We’Ve also got some accessories. We’Ve got a loop, a leather loop and the leather key ring let’s open these up, set them up and let’s chat about it, here’s the box. It is a tiny little package, oh wow, oh man. This is so exciting because it’s been a while, since there has been sort of a new product category for apple – and this is an all new product – Music, hello. So this is water and dust resistant. It has an ip67 rating, which means you can submerge it in about one meter of water for about 30 minutes. I don’t recommend doing that, but just know that you should be okay, it does have a replaceable battery.

This should last you up to a year, and the battery is just one of those cr2032 coin cell batteries, so it should be pretty easy just to replace the battery after a year. This looks like those little collector pins that you would get at disney. I should honestly wear this around just so i can find myself look at that beautiful apple logo, hey tyler, you want to see this isn’t it cool, oh it’s, very cute. It is very cute. We also have a four pack. We also have accessories to get into. Oh, look at the four pack look there’s, four in the four pack, four one, two, three four look at that: okay, the customization looks very, very cool. I already have my customization picked out. I’M gon na be doing a skull, a pig, a poo and an alien let’s open up our accessories. Now. First up we have our air loop tag. Air loop tag, air tag, loop, it’s, all the same, really oh wow! I am so into this yellow color. Recently, ever since i saw the imac in that beautiful, yellow color, like this looks so good there’s, a little snap right there open that up pop in your air tag, close it up, there’s gon na be so many cool third party accessories. With this, one of the things that i’m really excited about with these air tags is the endless possibility of third party accessories. This one is by dbrand, and you can check it out in the description link below a huge thank you to dbrand, for always being so supportive of my channel.

They made this airtag keyring attachment that’s, fully customizable with a d brand skin in the color of your choice. It’Ll come with both a keyring and a lanyard attachment all for under 20.. I feel like one of the most common use. Cases is putting air tags on keys, so this is a perfect slim cost effective accessory for it, and then this just snaps like that it’s cute. This has a pretty snug fit. Oh leather loop fancy Music. So, even though this is a leather like these, both kind of feel very similar, so i feel like if you are not wanting a leather one like that’s, totally fine, because this one feels almost the same. Obviously the difference here is you: have this really nice stitching? This is a little bit higher quality, but this still is pretty pretty substantial as well right. Next, up we’ve got the leather key ring. I can’t even tell you guys how many times i lose. My keys, like i’ll, just be like looking for my keys, mostly because i know that they have a sim card ejector on it and i’m, always needing one. So not only will i be able to find my keys, but i’ll always be able to find a sim card ejector. Oh, this is very nice. Look at that. So it looks like this also has a little snap, just like so i’m gon na put a blank. One on here, yeah that looks nice, so one of the things that makes these different than other tile trackers is.

This has access to the entire find my network, and what that means is anybody who has find my on their phone you’re going to be basically piggybacking off of other people’s phones and bluetooth to be able to find your lost items now. Something that’s kind of cool is, if i lose, i don’t know like my jacket or my purse or whatever, and i mark that item as lost and then tyler is you know wherever i left it, he ends up seeing, oh, my goodness, there’s a purse and he’s Rummaging around or there’s one of these tags on there, it would send him a notification that would say: hey, justine lost this. It would take you to a webpage with either a phone number or a message to anybody that finds it on a way to contact me to get me. My lost item back that’s cool. Another thing that a lot of people were saying on twitter is: they had a really big concern about privacy. This is not going to be giving away your location or the location of anybody’s phone who actually was able to help. You find your last item. All of that is encrypted and completely stays private. There are also concerns about slipping one of these into somebody’s bag, or attaching it to something and being able to track their whereabouts, so they had a few things to kind of keep your mind at ease. The first thing is: if tyler was to slip this into my backpack tyler anytime, this sensed some sort of motion.

It would make a sound. It would also send a notification to my phone saying that there was a tag nearby that did not belong to me, which is kind of cool, because you can just picture that sort of pop up. That would come up whenever you open up somebody else’s airpods. Next to your phone they’re like these are not your airpods. I imagine it’s very similar to that it’s like yo there’s, a tag nearby it’s, not yours, so they definitely are keeping that in mind because i feel like that is a number one concern on anything that has tracking capabilities it’s. A combination of the find my network and bluetooth that will help you find your items and also, if you have one of the newer iphones with the u1 chip, enabled you’ll be able to use precision tracking. This is pretty cool because you could take your phone and kind of walk around and it will direct you right to your device now something else that kind of crossed my mind is how incredible this is going to be for the accessibility community and one of my Friends, james rath is making a video talking about how he’s going to be able to use these as a legally blind person, so i’m so excited to see his video. He actually sent this little message for us right here. Hi. My name is james rath i’m. A documentary filmmaker youtube creator and i was born legally blind.

I like to share the perspective of being visually impaired, while interacting with technology or accessible experiences like traveling one of my favorite things about the air tags like most apple products, it’s actually designed with accessibility in mind. That means that, as a blind user, i can use to find my app and have everything narrated to me, including the precision tracking. So it can give me sort of this game of hot or cold or marco polo to find my items which, as a blind person, happens a lot. I never thought i’d say this, but thanks to the air tags, i’m, actually looking forward to losing things. Thank you for the video james you’re, the best make sure you guys go check out his channel and subscribe and also check out his video and say that the ij army has sent you so now. I think it’s officially time to set these up and get tracking. Well, i’m gon na go hide while tyler hides these, so that we can have a fun little air tag. Scavenger hunt here you go tyler. You ready i’ll, just leave them here: okay, bye, Music! Is it time let’s do this the items they’re there let’s go find them. So i have a list of my items here. So the first one that i’m going to try to find is the one that’s labeled ewt so i’m, going to click on that it looks like it popped up on the map i’m going to play the sound that’s, cheating that’s.

What i want to do, okay, so i feel like when you play the sound it’s kind of giving you like a sense of where it’s at and then, when you click into find nearby, oh check this out. This is cool. Okay, so it’s 13 feet away from me, i’m, getting closer it’s it’s to my left. I don’t know my left and right it’s. So close, oh look, it says here: oh i found it that’s. Actually incredible! Oh it smells so good. It smells like coffee. We did that ewt mine pocket now we’re gon na try to find this one. This is in my backpack. Let me see where this looks like it might be: signal’s, weak, it’s, weak Music, oh 30, feet 24, 20 night 18 we’re, so close is it under here. I didn’t even see it it matches. Oh, this definitely has dog pee all over it now it’s been found. Oh, this is fun. Next up, we’re gon na try to find my bike. I hear it Music it’s everywhere there it is that’s a sneaky good, hiding spot tyler sneaky good into the pocket i’m like making record time. 17 connection is weak, it’s behind me, it’s on my right. It may be on a different level than you it’s nearby nearby. Oh there, it is all right. We have one more to find it’s weird, because the sound is such a weird, like echoing sound that wait. A minute is this in my pocket: where is it? Oh god, it’s right there it’s really accurate, though, because like it kept saying that it was sort of right here, but then it’s like no it’s right here here here it is well.

I found them that was actually really fun. We need to do a bigger scavenger hunt. Hmm i’ve got some ideas, so that was a quick little scavenger hunt and a nice demonstration of how these would work. If you’re looking for something around your house, one of the things that i haven’t got a chance to yet try is the lost mode. So when i do test that out, i’ll be sure to either post it here or post it on twitter on instagram. So you guys can see a demo of what that looks like, but i’m very excited about these, mostly just because they are small compact and they work perfectly in the apple ecosystem. Tyler. Are you surprised how quick i found them like? I think i did a pretty good job yeah i mean your hiding spots were good but like i could have done better. They were no match, though, for the air tags. You guys are new here, i make a bunch of fun tech videos and i would love for you guys to subscribe if you’re not subscribed, already hit the bell so you’ll be notified when i post new videos and, of course, join our fun community in the comments Below and with that i’ll see you guys in the next video, i now need to go rename these appropriately and distribute them into all of my items. I’M gon na definitely put one on my bike. This matches my bike. Do you? Do you lose your bike? A lot well, no, do you, i don’t have a bike.

Yeah! You do.