I have my airpods max and ive had these for one year now, which is crazy. Well, if im being honest, it hasnt quite been one year yet, but by the time this video is posted, it will be one year so im kind of getting ahead of myself. So here they are on my head. This is what they look like. I have the space gray airpods max. They come in several different colors and i always go with black because i have black apple watch: black phone black computer black headphones. So that is my aesthetic. But if youre a colorful person theres plenty of different color options, i feel like now that ive hit a year. I can really tell you guys how these things have held up. How is the sound quality? Has the build quality held up like? Are the headphones in good shape those types of things so lets start with sound quality, because that is the number one reason why youre gon na buy these now with headphones. As you use them, you can wear out the speakers and you can get diminished sound quality. However, with high end headphones, this is a little less likely, but obviously, throughout its whole lifetime, its going to diminish in quality over time after a year. These headphones sound exactly like they did. When i opened them out of the box, they have amazing sound quality. The bass, the spatial audio everything still works as beautifully as it did on day, one with these headphones.

The noise cancellation even still works really great, and i love having these headphones, especially when theres other people home in my house. Its easy for me to just turn on the noise cancellation and not have any distractions as im, editing or watching tv or whatever im doing when im home youll, probably see these. On my head about 80 to 90 percent of the time i use them to watch tv with my apple tv in both my living room and my bedroom. I use them on my ipad. I use them on my mac when im doing video editing so pretty much. This is what im doing when im home is wearing these for the most part. So with that being said, how has the quality held up well? First of all, they have pretty amazing quality. These headphones have held up incredibly well. Even the ear cups have held up really well, i do work out with these on, even though it is actually recommended that you dont work out with these, on which i think is silly because theyre so comfortable to wear like. Why would you recommend that i not work out with these on, but i guess its because your sweat can actually get into this speaker part and damage it, which is interesting and ive actually noticed after workouts. When i take the ear cup off, i have noticed some condensation inside of the actual ear cup. I dont know why apple wouldnt have made this a little bit more waterproof, especially for people that want to work out.

I still wear these when im on the treadmill and honestly theyve held up just fine, even though its recommended that i dont do that. Another thing that i was concerned about when i first got these headphones. Was this little mesh part here at the top? I was afraid that this could rip very easily or get caught in something and rip and honestly ive had no issues with that at all. Even the entirety of the headband is in really good condition. I dont see any signs of wear or tear on this, so one of the most annoying issues that ive had with these is there are times when i put them on and they wont connect to anything they wont connect to my phone. They wont connect to my ipad, my mac it just when i put them on it, sounds like theyre stuck in noise cancellation mode and they just cant connect and its very frustrating, but its a very easy fix. All you do. Is you hold down the two buttons on the top here? The noise cancellation button and the dial the volume dial press down and then the headphones will do like a soft reset. Much like your phone would um and then they work beautifully after that, and it only takes like less than 30 seconds to do that overall, would i recommend these after one year? Yes, i totally would ive flown on airplanes with them. They are great. The sound the noise cancellation is so awesome on an airplane and theyre just very comfortable.

Sometimes i even forget that theyre on my head, especially in transparency mode because it just becomes a part of its like a piece of jewelry its just on your body and you just dont, even think about it. Its really weird, sometimes obviously with noise cancellation mode on with it being so good. You can tell that youre wearing noise cancelling headphones, but anyway, guys that is pretty much it. I went over everything i needed to in this video, if you think of anything else or have any questions that you have for me about these headphones definitely shoot me a comment down below and ill try my best to answer all of your comments. But anyway, if you like the video, please make sure to hit the subscribe button and notification bell and also please make sure to give this video a thumbs up that way.