The problem is that i live very close to the airport and im unable to lift it up. In near to my house, so i have to take my hot car and im just searching for the field somewhere open place. We are quite far away from the airport already and just gon na fly. It fly the thing together with you. Okay, here we go thats. The field and just a random one, but here we have some kind of prey for the cars trail hey. This is very wide open area, wow its so free. There is no one here and perfect place to fly the drone, so i have the combo version of mavic, not mavic, but dji air 2s, and i think its one of the best drones out there on the market for the price. I was looking also for mavic. 3 but its very expensive, my friends and the voltage is great for mavic 3. However, the air to s is more than enough for my needs and its very small. It has just a small bag to carry the drone three accumulators and the remote okay. My friends, i hope you heard me well and yeah nice back and i like it a lot. Why do i need this drone? Because i want to travel guests, i want to travel on a bicycle, motorcycle and everywhere, and i want to film everything from the sky. As you probably know, im the airline pilot and i like to fly so today were gon na fly the drone the first time for me actually to fly this drone.

Yesterday, i put everything together. I just put this drone put the propellers etc, and i installed the software for my phone and sadly, the smart control controller is very expensive, so ill just fly from this okay: how to okay ill? Do it like that so theres, the drone? What i need to do, i need to remove this protection from the camera, and i want to put and do filters because todays very sunny weather, so its like. You put the sunglasses for yourself. If you want to wear the sunglasses, if you see that its very sunny you need to put as the nd filters as well, that is why i like the combo version of this drone, because i have those nd filters with me. Oh the airplanes are flying. I hope ill be able to fly uh here as well without any issues, so we have four eight 42, 16, so to 16. Im gon na use 16 for the name just want to set them on so first ill. Remove protection and ill put the nd filter. How to set it, i hope ill be able to set it how to set it, how to set it. I dont know how to set the nd filter on this drone Music wow. Maybe i need to remove this yeah. I need to remove this cover. Put it there now, i need to set the nd filter like this yeah done superb now. The drone is ready and i need to prepare my remote.

This is the remote, so, firstly, ill plug in this control sticks over here over here as well. Oh, its very cold today, just plus three degrees, my friends, so i put the sticks. I remove this wire and i need to open the dji software. Its already here been installed yesterday and here ill, just put everything recording the book and plug in the remote here, and let me check Music, oh the new software. I hope i can fly without it. We can control the gimbal its not working, and i want to settle some of the things for the camera anyway, guys it seems like ive done everything so lets fly. It was lagging okay, it seems like our propellers hit some grass during the takeoff, so its unable to take off well lets take off from the car. We have the car here, so its a good spot for the takeoff probably lets take off. Okay, nice. We have the camera here. We have the drone here Music and we can fly ill press record button to record everything. I can go down its a wonderful drone. Actually, hey guys hello, its the blind is blowing from this side, so its banking a little bit well anyway. Lets fly straight ahead on a low altitude Music, oh fantastic! I like the low altitude flooring. What it shows the distance. It shows the altitude of three sorry. 2.5 meters lets fly upstairs: Music, hey Music. Oh, we have the gyro.

We have also some of the guys who are doing something there. I just want to want to see what are they doing there? We have also this some kind of zoom here as well. Oh, it flies. It flies not in a sport mode because im now in sign mode that helps the film in better way. Im gon na fly normal and sport modes later on Music im gon na probably climb a little bit higher and ill put the gimbal down. Im gon na see what do they have there? Okay, probably theyre doing something with the dogs Music, just not to distract their attention. Im just gon na zoom in come on zoom, and we can control everything with the gimbal. So there you see, the docks are running. Nice guys playing with the dog nice zoom in zoom in more and yeah the zoom with the zoom. The picture is not very nice, but still its okay. They see the drone. The drone is flying there. Okay, ill zoom out im gon na im gon na see what is happening. What is happening around still have quite a lot of battery life going to the normal mode in the normal mode. Everything is faster: Music theres the forest over there. I wonder how this thing: films, if its okay or not, im gon na see the house probably gon na climb a little bit higher, because i know those guys can have rifles, they can shoot down the drone easily wow.

We can see the insides of the house. Wonderful, okay, i agree the pools, etc. So you may check your neighbors house with the drone nice lets find out where, where is our car? Where is our car? It is somewhere there just put on the gimbal to see everything. The surroundings Music, im gon na come closer to our place. Well, its interesting yeah there is. Our camera still have 75 percent of the battery battery life just gon na descend. Oh, we also have the vertical speed indicator. Music im just gon na fly towards throws myself Music. I can hear the drone Music. I just accidentally stopped the camera. Sorry guys press the wrong button so where it calls, i use the avoidance system, so go to security, see how the sensors are working. They are not working, but it understands that probably im the owner of the remote control, so its not avoiding the obstacle lets, try it on the car, the car Music. Yes, it is avoiding the car Music, try a low altitude flying in the sport mode. So now we are in sport mode, the fastest. You can fly here, oh its too low. Well, i like it, it flies. I can see the figures in meters per second. There is also the forest, far away im gon na fly to the forest and then well check the return home mode just gon na stop from near to the forest. Wow such a wonderful forest we have – and you see its overexposing right just from the sun field – is so fantastic.

In normal note, we have traffic collision awaiting system, sorry, not the traffic avoidance but collision avoidance system in sport mode. It doesnt work well interesting. There is our car again yeah in in a sport mode. Everything is so sporty wow its really fast. Oh my god guys its really fast. So we still have 55 percent of the battery left today and just gon na oh theres, the lake out there so im gon na go to the normal mode and lets see whats what is in the lake wow its so nice, oh theres, some birds. Now we have collision system on just afraid of those wires, etc. Wow theres, so many of the geese. There see those geese just want to zoom in a little bit wow. There are many of them and, i think, theyre afraid of my drone. I think they are now lets. Go climb higher, have the airplanes flying just overhead this point, but theyre still far away in the skies, so im just gon na fly, maybe until the battery is depleted flying around the field wow its really nice drone really great drone. We have maximum of altitude of 150 meters in this area, great im, gon na film, again those pet pet lovers, dog the guys who love dogs. I know how to to tell about them how to call them. Sorry guys im not good in english, so im gon na zoom in zoom in again see those ducks, etc.

Nice, nice zoom, we have wow great. We also can zoom in a little bit more, but this time the quality is really bad. Eight times zooming. I wonder if they hear my drone: probably they are theyre. Looking okay run run for it, no Music come on catch it wow nice bring it back. I like dogs as well. Okay, have a nice fancy place here, its good for them. I want to set the return home altitude, its 100 meters. So if we lose the signal, the drone will climb to 100 meters and return home. Should we press the return home right lets press, but it will probably land on the car, but i need to to check this to check this out go home, so it climbs 100 meters and it returns home back to where i am. I can see my car down there. I can still control the gimbal good. Where is the drone? I can hear it. I can really hurry at 100 meters altitude. Oh, i can see it its all my head where it lands, it loses. The altitude press cancel to cancel the landing yeah, of course, ill cancel it because i dont want it to lag on my car just flying on my car, so now ill land it manually just uh, maybe on the car as well. No just in the field, i need some kind of carpet. You know just not to land on the grass just not to hit the propellers.

Where should i land? Probably just here, Music im gon na go, go down. Im gon na rise up the gimbal, just not to hit it okay, where is the flat surface here? This is not the flat here uh, maybe there Music. So i just put the stick down: no its, not flat here either yeah, here its more or less okay and gold, without land, probably yeah. It now performs the landing yeah nice. It was a nice flight guys. I like this drone a lot and yeah. I will use it for my videos as well. There are lots of automatic functions uh, but its not for to date, maybe for the next video guys. Let me show you why i decided to buy the dji air 2s, its just because it has superb automatic tracking function of the objects on the cars of the people, etc. So it can track me on the motorcycle. This function is not available on dji mini 2 and i think it will not be available on mini 3. It is available on mavic 3, but mavic 3 is very expensive and also i need to play with white balance. I need to set it to some kind of volume because, as you see here, the white balance is totally changing. The picture depends on where the drone is looking so its bad. You need to set at one volume so ill.