This is its a toy, its a hair, og dr1, and it has. I changed the battery, so this battery is original. It kind of puffed a little bit and uh its 140 milliamp, and the problem is, i think i kept it fully charged for two years without using it and when i started to use it two months ago, the battery lasted literally 10 seconds max. Instead of few minutes, so i think okay lets lets find a new battery. So i found this one same capacity. Similar weight managed to fit it under somehow on the belly, and it was not. It was not working in a way that it didnt had enough power to lift this tiny drone, and the reason is, i think, because it has some electronic on it, which is, i believe, limitating the amount of power that can be delivered. So i found an another battery, which is this one and its, so the capacity is only 10 milliamp higher, but i dont think it makes any difference. What makes a big difference is a c rating 45 and its the same weight four and a half grams. So ive been lucky on this and it actually fits. If i slide it – and it has a small connector, so you see it can move you can it has a tiny, connector and ive been very fortunate, because i happened that somewhere i had the female side of it that i soldered directly on the motherboard and the Battery fits like this to keep it in check.

I put a tiny electric tape somehow like this, and it works perfectly fine. It flies better than before. I think the fact that it has a very high for the size of the battery. Obviously, a very high see rating, probably more than the original, maybe three times that this is a 20c.