I know you made your own. You made this. I i didnt actually make this. This is actually something thats being worked on at redcat. This is kind of an experiment, so we really enjoy just how fast and acrobatic our drones are and were not too concerned with like flight time. We dont want to be too far away from ourselves when we crash, but you know theres other drone use cases where you do want to fly. You know. Great distances have longer range, and you know flight time is always a challenge with drones right with compared to like wings. Oh yeah. Definitely, airplanes have a long long flight time because theyre using lift to their advantage, where drones just have a big rock that theyre putting propellers on. Basically, the airplane can stop the prop and actually glide right. So one of the few ideas thats being kicked around is like: how could you get the lift on a drone, so many questions about this thing that i want to ask. Oh my gosh like. Why is the flight controller vertical and looking at the design of this? You actually have an airfoil like this right, thats here in the front, so its not its, not just a simple ring. This is actually a complete airfoil. I was thinking that maybe as youre flying at an angle like we normally fly that it would provide a little bit of upward force, yeah thats, my prediction. As to what i mean, you can see the camera angle here that i mean this is meant to be flown at a pretty aggressive angle of attack and with all the air.

You know the air being generated by the props and the air that youre going to be moving through. The idea is that this should create some actual lift. I kind of want to race this thing because in theory this should be a kind of a really fast quality. Exactly the idea behind this is to make something thats really fast, but can fly for a very long time. So i mean how long do you fly? One of your race quads for about a minute on a 6s battery, so maybe a minute and a half depending on how fast or slow but im really curious to see. Because you know the problem is, if you have like a two minute race, which a lot of like these multi gp races do two minute finish your lap. You have to like really pace yourself. You cant go full out because youre not going to be able to finish the race. So maybe if this was like that much more efficient, you actually fly longer and keep the same speed. I dont know i mean im skeptical, but im really excited to try it. I would say this is definitely just in kind of like the experimental research and development phase. This is obviously this is very prototype phases just bent pieces of metal, a 3d printed, uh foil structure, a little hot glue just to experiment. To see like, is this even really worth continuing to develop on? Is this a horrible idea and thats what were going to find out today? Awesome yeah, so weve got weve got some top pilots here.

Lets put it to the test. Im ready to fly so were actually just going to load up a 550.. This will definitely test the longevity of the flight and see how long we can get out of a six inches better because theyre typically a lot bigger than that for our race drones. Yeah. Imagine if i could fly the same amount of time on a 550 6s i put on a 1300 on my normal. Can the drone take a bigger battery or thats? Just you could make the compartment bigger. This is just what they were: testing Music, oh my god. Its so fast you just like, went right for it. Oh well, its got some weird tendencies like when you oscillate. Do you feel like? Can it glide like? Do you feel like gliding at all like when you just do that? Yeah, i mean a little its its interesting, its different im, just like thats its got some like weird cinewoop style like like you see when i turn it cant it doesnt like lock like if i just turn it just like really fast to me, though whoa. Oh, my god, oh my god do that again. Oh, i cant even its hard to control its actually really hard to control. You got ta, do it again? Oh it is so hard to get geez. Is that going up and down? Is that you, or that i mean im, trying to minorly correct that is so fast.

It looks like one of those paper airplane designs. You know those o ring ones its fast, its very fast. Oh man, it does change direction fast. It does change direction really fast. The batterys dead thats it really well wow theres your battery life, oh its just dead; oh no, im, disarmed, im, disarmed im just super hard to control on pitch when youre going fast. It just is like once you start going one direction. Just like wants to go there. How long was that flight? Its pretty short, i think it was only like a minute and a half. I cant even get the battery out of here. Oh my gosh, it is so hot. Oh, my god it was whoa. Is that a fresh battery that was a brand new battery wow? Oh, my god, you just turned to 500 into a 1300 wow wow yeah that batterys done okay, thats uh! I did not expect that at all whoa yeah, oh my gosh yeah. Could you feel it like pitching you higher yeah? It was forward really hard to control on pitch. It felt like i could change direction, just like normally on any quad, but when i did it just really wanted to go in that direction. It wasnt really. It was really hard to just make minor corrections like, as you were, flying forward. Just straight. Did you notice any kind of additional lift like that? You would get oh yeah. I think it was lifting it.

I think so, oh yeah. I think i think it definitely was. I think, theyre definitely doing something for sure. Im really curious to see what it feels like. I see what you mean fast right, yes, wow thats, all for us too, just for it. You didnt even get the full success experience. We got, i dont really know what to say, except it just flies like a crappy five squad. Yeah yeah, like i dont, theres, nothing spectacular about it. I guess i cant tell if its like gliding, when im just dropping throttle – or i mean i feel like it is i feel like it is too like i feel, like its dropping, really slow, but like at what advantage. Oh, like like yeah, thats, weird it like drops, it drops like its weird. I dont know its stupid, thats stupid. Why why it looks so funny man, it definitely has some glide to it. That is the one it does have glide, but it doesnt that glide doesnt seem to be adding any value yeah. It doesnt help me at all, like you feel the glide all right here we go. It definitely doesnt feel like its struggling to stay in the air. I dont feel like its moving up, though, when im going forward, i was expecting it to move up when i gave it throttle. No, i mean the foil, is you know its equal all around cool its in the same direction as the propellers, but for some reason like i was thinking that the wind blowing against it, as i move forward, would add kind of over the trees, see what happens.

Yeah, if i like, give it any kind of quick movements, it freaks out a little bit right. I would expect that, because of the extra stuff attached to full speed, oh that wasnt hard, if you ramp it up slowly yeah it wasnt hard to keep stable. I didnt, let me see what happens if i punch it that was okay, it wasnt so bad. I guess it was like coming out of a turn. It didnt feel that bad, it was just like it had really bad god tendencies as soon as i tried to give it any kind of yaw it just didnt, do what i told it to do. It did whatever it wanted to do. Lets put the tiny battery on his race quad and like compare how long it lasts just like doing the same thing just flying around here i mean unless you know what the first thing i want to do is i just want to drag with this. I want to see which yeah this is drag race and ill drag race. My uh success, oh god, this camera angle is definitely not something im used to. I mean flying slow. This definitely seems to cruise youre going. Can i split up what you mean? Youre pruning fast. Am i changing direction? This is 20 throttle thats pretty fast. Let me know when youre ready, im gon na just do one practice run. Oh so fast holy warp mode holy warp were gon na have to yeah.

I think he might beat me. We just okay, yours changes direction so quickly, though, all right im down here, im calling you just get all right as much of a hover as you can okay and then count it off like okay, ill cut it off yeah. Let me know when you guys are both ready, im ready. We should start farther back hold on all right. Let me get further back. Go over this crap go on go. Let me know when youre both ready, almost first im ready, ready. Three two one go. Okay, so it looks like having pitch problems: yeah yeah. I was having a pitch problem im going up and down. So i think that really changed. Can we erase from a roll um here just start behind me and just kind of chase me yep, go for it and well just see all right. So im just going calm me down buddy three, two one go wow! That thing was yeah up and down up and down its so hard to control the pitch its hard to see its hard to its hard to go from a blast because like if i actually, if i like, get into it slowly, yeah the first thing: no problem. Yeah thats great, but if i oh, i can tell this batterys done: donezo donezo donezo! Oh i wait is that you on the ground. I see it dont break it, definitely get no more okay! You dont see anything missing.

Maybe shes! Okay, holy crap, though so far hes taking two tumbles. Oh my god, two batteries yeah and too bad just kills the batteries yeah. I only have two of these small batteries. I dont know i mean maybe i can cram in some some bigger ones. Do we have a conclusion i mean you were observing what they were both pretty much the same like its still every time. Basically, you were going like this, but he was in a straight line, but you guys always finished a relatively similar places so like maybe, if you were going in a straight line, then it would be faster, thats. The two things i think if he was able to its hard so hard to control that its hard to tell if you could go in a perfectly straight line. You would probably be a little faster, however, youre also on higher kv motors, so yeah theres 2400 kv on successfully. I dont think that this drone was optimized like weve had many many many years to optimize your racing drone to the absolute maximum potential. Like i mean the flight controller alone, is i mean the software is not made for right, this madness right, so theres definitely stuff that could be improved on to where this might even be even better than what it currently is its hard. This definitely just doesnt. Have the maneuverability like to go from a hover to like then try to get in it thats when i had problem, but you saw when i came around the turn, yeah and slowly bled on the throttle yeah, i was able to do it no problem, but it Was when we were trying to like from a roll just go boom right, so i really want to see if this gets a flight time advantage when youre not going full bore.

You know, i think it could. I think it could its just so hard to control. Like i tried to go through the course a little bit and it was so difficult to control that well, how about we just both go up in the air and just like just just cruise and see which one it gets wonderful, so no time limit. Just who can do more laps before the batteries just go around the two trees, just like just an oval, so we killed our two small six cell batteries. I couldnt fit a full size. 6O batteries, so were both just going to run four cell batteries. I was able to cram that in there, and this also helped with the endurance too. This is going to actually make you fly a lot longer, yeah Music, its one. Does it look weird from behind, like what angle am i at like youre at, like a 30 degree, weird its like 50.? It definitely does feel different, like i just feel like for the camera angle im at at a much lower level of throttle than i usually would be thanks, youre not go any faster. You want me to go faster, just so youre, not here all day. This is endurance yeah hows this i can keep up 10. im going faster were just going to go until they fall out of the sky. It feels fine man youre starting to kill a sag at all, no whats your voltage at.

I have no idea. I dont have voltage whats the time on this. Only three minutes wow. It feels a lot longer when you just do it. It feels like ive, been doing this for seven minutes. All right just got low battery on the osd yeah it just flashed low battery. Oh its flash and low battery, i think, im enough to oh. Okay, 30.. Keep going keep going, you have two more its getting real mad at me. All right were almost at 30, drew keep going though dont stop at 30.. You stop when she falls out, but yours is fine. Maybe i dont know it feels fine. What you uh its saying land now, okay, lets bring it in and check voltage on, both of them, its probably a good way to do. Yep i cant i got ta. I got ta come down yep last video. You just lost me yeah yeah! Well, you got a thirty one. Yours is still going all right. You just keep going just keep going wow dang, so this circle drone has no advantages. I mean it seems like its really fast but like like 10 miles an hour faster 36, i mean i just did like six more laps. So far, yeah youre, three six wow, thirty, seven, okay, its sagging! Now its actually jeez bring it back there. It is 38.. You guys both flew your batteries. All the way down. You got 38 laps, he got 30.

. I think its worth. Noting too, like i was tracking him, so i actually had to make more corrections and everything which is draining the battery faster. By doing that, versus he was kind of able, just to you know, fly his own pace yeah so like.