It comes with four of these props um for landing gears, which you put down here, six propellers. Well, i only have five because i lost one there’s, two which which are um, which are in case if you lost any of them a controller and the i don’t know what this is called, but you just put it into your controller, the bad tree it’s. It says, take a look here, it doesn’t really say anything. I don’t know what it means and a screwdriver and a manual. So how do you put the battery in is pretty easy. You put this, which you have back there, you connect it and then just put it in, you know you’re all done. Oh thanks. You really helped me out thanks goodbye, oh girls, they can’t do anything. I don’t i don’t okay and then you close the door, which is oh, no, i forgot to show you the charger. I’Ll just get the charger. It’S me look closer there at the back, and this is the charger that came with it for the remote you take. This you take this piece and then put it in aaa batteries. The batteries don’t come installed, so you have to get them yourself here’s your order. Oh thanks. So these are the batteries i’m using um. What will fate lead to sorry for my cough? I just have a little cough and then you use these four props and put them which, where the holes are like one, two one two and then three so next you use these props and then just put them in each by each sure.

And then, if you not and the props all going like that, i was asked to give you guys and just put all of the four of them in. I wonder if she calls me back. Fine i’ll call hi baby hello. Oh this is so embarrassing. That’S weird michelle loves spicy food. She even eats hot curry with chili pepper and then yes, you, oh my eyes. It burns. Oh i’m. So sorry i didn’t mean to sorry. Ah now my eyes burn too sorry for the sun sounds. My sister is um watching tv um, and then you have the landing gear which you just put them in today is my friend’s birthday and i’m excited to go so when you just put them in each by each. If you, if you have done it right, it will um. Oh you can you can stand there so stance, sorry, my sister isn’t a little annoying. So when she’s when it’s finished, it should look like that it should look the the landing guy should stand. You should the drone should stand, and then you have these. No, i forgot to do something. I forgot to get something: okay, sorry, i think my just my sister just peeked. So it comes with screw and screws, and then these are the um screws which fit which goes in with for the um for the for the um. What are we called again? Applause for the propellers? Oh you put them down, use you.

You have these little mini screws and then just put them in and then just screw them in Music know. You got nothing, sorry guys. I did something wrong. I got a list of things. Oh, oh, Music um is, and then this is the last propeller. It takes a long time to finish the propellers. I just cleaned all of these propellers, because when i was playing with my drone um, some grass got in it and then i had to clean it, which was so bad. I didn’t want to do it, okay and then hey well. So if you know, if there’s batteries, when when you can turn the light on which flashes and it comes with um spare screws for you so i’ll show you a little demonstration open a bit and make a little sound, i won’t i will i won’t fly. I just made i’ll show you a little bit of the when it spins i want. I want actually i’m scared. I haven’t done it. I just that was just a demonstration, so that’s, basically the end of the video.