Air Hogs Star Trek Enterprise Flying Drone, FULL REVIEW, U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-A

Air Hogs Star Trek RC Enterprise Assessment http://www.DadDoes.Com At this time we lastly get to overview the usS. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-A from Spin Grasp Air …


  1. I know it would mess with the weight distribution, air resistance etc, but I wish those warp nacelles were longer

  2. I thought this was going to be corny….Thought the sound effects were going to be corny too…..Ironically enough, I saw one just yesterday at Kmart for $49.99 and thought that it was pretty corny! Man, this thing is actually pretty cool!


  4. I'm. 50. And. I. Want. One. So. Bad

  5. Very cool and it flyies really good

  6. Looks simple, what restrictions in technology prevented this from being developed 30 years ago?

  7. Very nice design and I love the sound FX!

  8. I will drop some lasers on them

  9. Can somebody please build a cloud and fly it around. I think outside the box, so this would really look cool and you could fly the cloud just out of reach over people's heads in a downtown setting or local market. Following one or two people, maybe even a group and flying the cloud just out of arms length. So if you build a cloud please post the video and contact me, I would love to see your video. When I worked at Microsoft there was a group in tech support who would fly around a replica of the Goodyear blimp and it was big. I figure you'll need a drone blimp with wadding from a pillow and it could be sprayed with black and grey ink to give the impression of a storm cloud.

  10. Fantastic! A full body ship would look better though. Where are you going to put the crew?

  11. This is so cool! The proportions of the warp engines seem a little off – but I guess they hadda do that as a compromise in order to maintain the proper CG. I'm still amazed at how well it flies considering all the thrust is in the very front of the model. It must be really counter-weighted in the very front part of the saucer or something.

  12. that is awesome!!! … I'm getting one! … its a shame that the fly time is only around 10 minutes – but I think carrying a portable charge bank with 20,000 mAh in it should allow me to play for longer.

    I really wish that the sound effects came from the star ship and not just the remote, that would make it even better.

    It flies so well, looks really authentic, just imagine flying it in the dark.

  13. U should show flying at night

  14. Ok, get over it folks, it is just a drone, that they did a piss poor job of making it look like the Enterprise. Look at the nacelles, they are too short, and look like crap, along with the Secondary Hull , which is also too short. For the money you pay for this, you would think that they would have put some stronger props on it, so it could hold up the weight of a properly proportioned ship, and do a better job on the paint.

  15. Awesome No photon torpedos?

  16. My God, what a beautiful ship, it is incredible, I want one, in truth if you have done it excellent my congratulations

  17. As I'm in the UK,how Much in the States Plz?

  18. WANT!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  19. I would like to see someone modify this great ship and using lightweight
    styrofoam extend the Warp Engine nacelles to make them the correct scale
    to the primary hull.

  20. My idea I to cover it in window screen mesh, very light weight screen that way from a few feet away it looks solid.

  21. Too bad the saucer section looks like the front of a traditional fan.

  22. I got to get me one of those

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