It is the grand national a week today. So i wanted to pop over so im on top of a bridge im going to just turn you around. You should be able to see it in the distance im on top of a bridge on melling road which is like at the it kind of goes through. I think it goes goes through the course um this road, so i think they they shut the road. I dont think i know they shut the road on uh race days um because yeah its a continuation um for the grand nationals, so so yeah they have to uh shut the road off. So they can. They can go right through so so yeah um, im gon na do just for through a video, because, obviously its the grand national next week, um one of the biggest uh race events biggest events of the racing calendar. So i thought itd be good to get up in the air um and have a little look at the race course now. Theyre doing as ive drove through up um through melling road, a couple of times had a look either way and theyre doing a lot of work. So you know theres a lot of people working on it. Getting it ready um for next week, so so yeah, hopefully be a really good event. Next week, but yeah were gon na get up in the air um and have a look at it. So im gon na just find a good takeoff in london site wandered round a little bit so im gon na find a decent, take off of land the site get up in the air and have a look at injury race course.

A week before the 2022 grand national lets have a look Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, okay. So there you go, ladies and gents uh boys and girls. That was the aintree racecourse uh, exactly seven days before grand national day. Uh grand national 2022., you could see um already theyve already got all the randox grand national uh boards up um unless they leave them up all year. I dont think so looks they have all the rain tree meetings um, so i dont think they have them up. All year round, i could be wrong, though, could be wrong. They might do um, but but yeah its looking good theres loads of people on site and loads of loads of stuff, going on already um, getting it ready im its a massive area as well as you can see from the drone footage and i dont um. I did go round it, so it took a while to get rounded on the drone, though i had to keep moving because of the the signal um just because theres trees in that box, obviously on ground level, um as im, you know that this thing lost to Try and get to the drone, so theres theres a theres, just trees and stuff um, obscuring um that signal, but uh yeah. So i kept moving, but i got around the track which ill speed up, but it it took a while and then having a look panning around and having some looks around the the area, its its huge, its its huge and that that racecourse, that grand national racecourse Is very very long, its massive but yeah, it looks amazing doesnt it um the queens, the queen stand or the queen mother stand.

I think it said um, it just looks, looks lovely if you havent youve never been to aintree id recommend. I have been um a couple of times: um ive, been to ladies day and ive, been to a grand national meeting, so theyre really good fun, great fun, its a great place, great atmosphere. If you dont, like crowds, though um dont go ill, go in one of the stands, if you dont like crowds, because there are a lot of people there on uh ladies day and grand national day, but yeah that was the aintree grand national intra grand national. It wasnt that was the ancient race course, seven days before the the grand national 2022 um. I hope you enjoyed the video please like share subscribe loads, more planned loads, more coming, um remember as well, im very close to 10 000 subscribers now. So when i hit ten thousand subscribers keep your eye out for for the video of how you can win a dji mavic air, two drone its a great giveaway um. It was my first drone, but its still a magnificent drone, so im giving away to one lucky subscriber and it wont be too long – im really getting close to ten thousand, so keep your eye out for that um and ill ill be giving that away ill. Let you know how somebody can win it so yeah that was the um entry race course um, seven days before grand national 2022.