I have an fpv wing we're going to check out today. It'S the aggressor it's, a fairly large long, nose, fpv wing very similar, seems to be inspired by the drak. The mini drak that type of series it has an extra large battery bay and a pretty large motor and esc combo we're, going to check out all the specs on this wing. So you can know what the specs are before you decide to buy it and we're. Also going to fly it with dji digital fpv on it today, as well as the zod co pilot flight controller it's, the co pilot light with stabilization, full manual mode and gps return to home all the bells and whistles on this one today, we're also going to Fly it with the jumper t18. Here we go. This was exciting to me because this is the largest fpv wing on my channel. So far after seven years, this is the aggressor. It is 47 inches from wingtip to wingtip, which is kind of crazy. It has 9 gram servos both are metal, which is good. It has a 10.5 inch propeller on there. A 35 36 1100 kv motor in the back and the recommended batteries from 3300 to 8000 kv 50 amp esc on here. I'Ve got my dji digital up front and if you want to put a flight controller in there, you can do that. Like i mentioned before today, we're gon na run the zod co pilot light, but let's go ahead and do the flight test let's get the aggressor up in the air and do some flying all right guys so i'm gon na ride, along with you and just give You some commentary on the aggressor and right now, you're looking at my insta360 one r, it is a dual lens.

360 camera super cool kind of gives you a little bit different perspective on top of this wing it's cool, because i can spin the camera around. In my app and i can make a keyframe where i want the camera pointing i can look to the back the wing, i can look down the wing or to the front it's, really cool and there's all kinds of different sort of perspectives that you can export To your phone it's, pretty cool it hooks up bluetooth to your phone, but enough about the 1r. I love the camera. I always talk about it in my reviews, but kind of a cool perspective for you to see and right here, i'm kind of playing around. I was trying to get this thing to hover right now, i'm flying in line of sight. So for guys that want to fly this wing line of sight, this it's really impressive in person. It is a large and sort of heavy bass, sounding motor and prop combo. On here i mean it has a lot of lumps to it when you're flying it. When you do your first launch you'll be impressed with how the motor sounds and the 10 inch prop on the back. Push is pretty good it's, quite a bit larger prop than most of my fpv wings, and i kind of like to see what the flight time is on something like an 8 000 battery. I think you could probably get 45 minutes flight time with an 8 000.

5000 might get you 4s 5000 might get you in the 30 minute range, and it just depends on your flying style if you're fast you're going to get. You know 15 minutes 20 minutes right here, i'm trying to hover the wing and it wants to hover, but not quite so i'm just going to do a belly landing. There lost the camera, but now we're going to go out in this field and let's do a little bit of range flying with it, sort of sketchy typical fpv wing launch right. There almost lost it level back out very nice zod co pilot taking over and if you've used inab before you've seen those kind of crazy launches i've, seen friends of mine, launch fpv wings and they just completely spin around in a circle and uh level out and Go straight up, it's, crazy and now i'm coming back around, and this is the dji digital system, and this is great because this day was fairly overcast over here on the left side of my field and sunny to the right and it's, always looking nice and vivid In the dji goggles – and this is the dvr that you can see a little bit of pixelization here – it's – not any type of stabilization or real, steady it's, no filters in post production, so you're looking at the raw footage here – and this is about what you can Expect if you just mount an fpv camera on the front of the aggressor, i think it looks pretty good, and this this wing is big enough.

The flight controller bay in the back is great because the magnet it has that snap up lift pop top and you can put a full size flight controller in there, which is really really cool. So put some maytech f405 wing series in there with some gps and inabh and you've got a really nice wing out of this. This setup – and i got some big open fields out here plenty of scenery – and i was i was gon na – make a circle back around and i got a little bit sidetracked by a seagull flew by me here in a minute, and i kind of like slowed Down the wing and you'll see right here when this seagull comes by he's kind of checking out the wing. Here he comes boom, pretty close, actually pretty close for a seagull he's, just kind of wondering what's going on there, but i went into a wing tip stall right here and i was able to recover so i thought well i'm, going to head back across the road Here and i'm going to go ahead and circle around and land, and there was a problem with the zod flight controller right here i coming to make my right turn right here and totally lost it and spiraled into the ground. So this was a really good durability check checks. I went nose in and see what happens? Oh man, okay, so i just spiraled out of control and hit the ground.

Pretty good nose in looks like the gps popped off hatch popped off. I mean this stuff right here, stuff right here, it's a little bit of give, but it is like hard clay and let's go ahead and unplug everything before. Oh, the battery came. Undone, okay, but the front end of the plane looks good, that's, crazy, that's crazy. I mean the only thing that did was pop off the dji camera and that's actually not broken, so that's good news out of my hot glue in the front, but no damage in the front of the plane. Usually, what happens even with like mini tracks and drag type planes, is that the whole front end breaks off because of the weight of the battery, and it looks like i have some wing separation here, but a little bit of glue. Push that back in and put that back in place really quick fix. I was actually thinking i was going to come over here to a total disaster, so this is actually pretty cool, so ah yeah yeah that's awesome, thank god, it's in one piece i was totally expecting a huge yard sale over here and it's gon na be back In the air again big baby Music, nice roll rate, see if it'll fly, inverted full manual, inverted yeah. Nice love the roll rate on it. It'S really nice high speed, pass Music, she's smoking, Music, pretty aerobatic, actually for a line of side flying kind of fun.

Oh got into a spin, so there is a little bit of a wingtip stall on it. You got to look out for you, try to do any aerobatics with it. Let'S get it back up in the air, so i'm launching in full manual, and it seems to really just kind of handle well at about half to 60 throttle Music, do a little side toss right out of my hand, no problem, so i really was kind of Playing around with the sticks just then and Music kind of pushing it to its limit a little bit, but not surprised it geeked out and remember i'm flying zod co pilot on here, so that might be part of it. I'M. Just going to stay over here. To my ride a little bit out over in my field, because i got some guys playing disc golf over there, but man, it looks nice in the air really cool. Looking wing can't wait to put like some full fledged maytag flight controller on here, return to home. All the bells and whistles with some eye, nav that's what most guys are going to be doing with this wing? But if you want to put a spectrum receiver on there and just fly it analog fpv, it would be fun to do that too. Music, really cool Music. Nice let's go ahead and bring it in for a landing. The ese is not calibrated to a full stop so i'm just going to try to slow it down as much as i can on my approach and dump a lot of throttle and got no flaps.

Obviously, but man it's going to take a lot of field to land this baby, all the way over there nice little cartwheel on the way in but it's all in one piece, all right, guys, that's it for my series of flight tests with the aggressor. Now, when i first saw this on the vanguard website, i knew i wanted a copy of it. Just because it looks super cool. It does look like something out of star wars: it's, a very mini drak, inspired type of fpv wing and at 47 inches it's. A good size, there's also plenty of room in here for a pretty large battery. If you want to go all the way up to a 8 000 you, you probably could, because the power system on here can handle a really large battery and a gopro. So that will be no problem. Cargo. This thing will carry as much cargo as you want to put on here, but the battery bay is gigantic. It has that sort of drac inspired style battery bay and look how much extra space i have in here with a 4s 6500, i mean there's tons of extra room in here. You could get at 8 000 easily in here. A 4s 8 000 would fit no problem. One of the things you're going to have to watch out for is the top of the battery patch, so you might have to cut some of that out if you go too much taller, but i put this battery right here and the cg checked out perfect.

It does have cg points on the bottom of the wing they're out here in here, just about an inch and a half behind the leading edge. You'Ve also got some landing skills in here, which i appreciate, keeps the you know the bottom of the plane from getting really buffed up in the grass, and i saw some grass on the front end here yesterday when i landed from the line of sight flight tests And if you decide to launch you can hold it by either these two posts sticking out right here, these two skids. You want to watch that prop coming off the back because it is pretty tall and what i like to do normally is do a side toss. So if you're new to fpv wings doing a side, toss is a little bit safer, but you've got to hold your radio in one hand and then throttle up and toss out like this, so that's you've seen me: do it in my flight test before it's a Pretty common launch i'm, not a big fan of the over the face over the head kind of backwards launch. I really wouldn't want a 10 inch prop in the face, but um you could probably get about 25 minutes to 30 minutes flight time on 6500 and maybe a little longer if you cut back on the throttle, but i think for as far as the dji digital System that worked out pretty well, i know some other guys had some issues with vibrations but um.

I didn't have a whole lot of problem with vibration. I'D, like to put a full size flight controller in here as well, because the flight controller bay is also gigantic. I mean look at all the space in here, see how big the zod co pilot is compared to all the space, so f405 pixhawk, whatever you want to put in here – there's plenty of room for full blown flight controller and gps on there. Also, i got to mention this back part right here. You can pop this off if you need to reverse any of the esc wires in here to reverse motor direction, that's pretty easy to get to, and i just see it a little bit on the sides to put it back on and it's no problem. But overall i think it's a fun format and if you want to fly an fpv wing that has a good size to it. This is a pretty good price now and take it step further and laminate it and make it a little more durable. So i'll try to put some links down below to the different accessories props batteries, everything that i'm going to recommend for this plane, flight controllers as well.