Ah right, if you've got green in the front and pink in the rear, you need to go to the doctor. The green is obviously the harder one out of the two right so the front. We want a little harder than the rear, that is in a real life scenario as well, and why drifting explain explain to the viewers that don't understand the rear end. You want to move as freely as possible right um, because that's, the one that propels you forward right, that's, also, the one that's slowing you down um the front end needs to be a little harder and if we could run a big sway bar in the front, But we can't it sucks, so a torsion bar, no not a little sway bar a torsion bar um would be on the front. It would be pretty stiff so that the front moves together as one um that's, not just for bumpy surfaces. It actually helps when this one bows down this one will be doing the same thing and the rear will be nice and floppy and it'll be doing its own thing and when we hit break or e brake, the nose dips, but not so far that the weight Goes beyond the wheels it'll just go to the front wheels. It can now switch and turn and do what you want it to do, and more control and more fun. So this is a rear, diffuser, aha right yeah, but yeah aka, also known where i put the esc on aha, the asc, mount perfect command ac here run nice and short beautiful, clean wires to your motor.

Can you explain to people what a diffuser does so a diffuser you know on a real car would be for speed right, it'll funnel the air that way, it'll stabilize the rear end of your car stabilizing right and it actually, you know, forms vortex and then vacuums Out the air that'll travel on the back end of your car, but in this application we're not going that fast. Of course it looks gangster as hell yeah and it fits the esc and it's exactly where i place the esc for more weight transfer to the rear. You have the esc already over there here it is under the car yeah it's. In the way this thing looks sick on the inside guys. Look at this whoa! Oh, i dropped it. Yeah, oh, oh it's, fine, the drift, spec bl, pro 4 yocomo and then on the bottom, one to 2s, lipo built in dc booster and sbec. So afro is now test fitting uh uh a different body. This is one of his bodies. Just so, we can see how those posts are lining up. This gets to me my practice body. I guess hey you're, going to do a special body for me. Yes, that's incredible somebody for you and then you can use this guy and abuse it until you feel comfortable to run the new body. Have you tried drifting with hard bodies? Like honestly, i have many times yeah and they are very heavy and very unforgiving for sure you know let's say i drive next to your door and i really want to rub your door like you'll, see all the the rub marks.

These are wars. Cars is that a bad thing, it's a really really good thing: that's good that's, what you're trying to do you're trying to get as close to this guy and touch him, but you want to touch him just just enough, so you don't change his direction. He'S crying! Do you mean, while you're in a train? Why are you in a train or just me, and you me and you together, yeah, you know i'm gon na try and get to your door and sit with you and kind of almost slide exactly next to you and rub a mark on your door right and If it's a hard body, it won't flex right yeah. So if i just touch you a little bit too much you're gone, ah, pushes you yeah with these lexan bodies. I can touch you and it still forgives it's, still a forgiving thing and you can touch the wall and rub the wall right, yeah and it'll. Forgive it because it'll fold in you know – and this this one's got a double layer body right, so a normal that's. Why a double layer yeah a normal body like this will flex even more and it'll, allow you way more touching and and trains and stuff yeah. All these wars goes that's what that is. So you have a very interesting philosophy about uh drifting and let me just kind of lead lead you into this by saying: when people come to your shop to drift and they've never drifted before and they feel intimidated, do they need to feel afraid when they come Here so that's that's the way i've always ran.

You know the whole drifting thing and how i've always looked at it and kind of enforced it within my tracks and – and my friends is if you're new right there should be never a point where you go. I can't ask a question or i'm, destroying the trains or i'm making a mess of the track. The rule is a new driver will go to the front of the train. That sounds horrible. What, if they're freaking up all the time? Well, that's the whole thing you, as the more advanced driver, should know that that's, where you're from you did exactly that thing. You were spinning out having a hard time and you were nervous because it's all new to you, so you behind him, will be more advanced than the beginner right. You know exactly where he needs to be driving, and you know if he's not sideways and going in that direction, you should slow down. Let him go so you're, not in a race it's. Never a race it's, never been a race it's, not a race. It'S never been a race. I thought everything was a race right. Well, that's, why drifting is so nice where, within drifting, your aim is to drive with one another not away from each other, like an art form like a unified dance, it's more. We both went to the same dojo. We both learned the same technique and we are now anticipating one another and working together to make our techniques better that's.

What that is, it's, never been a race. No, no, no, no, no afro you've moved light speed. Here there are wheels on it. There'S some wheels on it. Man i see wheels on it. These are for you to bash with and destroy them. Yeah there's also textures and wheels. Obviously, and i've made these lips as deep as possible and middle. Thank you so 12 9 offset. If anybody wants to know and explain again the offset why so, essentially on a drift car, you want the front end to be wider than the rear. End. Okay right, but because we're you know who we are. We like deep dished wheels, that's just how the human beings are sure, so it spins so nicely do that yeah, it's, very free, and you know they haven't even been worn in yet like. If i spin the motor and trans it still spins a little bit, it doesn't stop immediately because everything's so free and so in line right. So such a choice piece to have in my collection yeah. So here is the esc going down to the gyro, which is for steering right here, which goes into the receiver, which is on this side and i'm sure you're going to be telling me what the signal wire is for here, because one of those are steering yeah. The signal wire we'll, throw on channel 3 or any of those other channels that is blocked up for us um. This is, if you want to adjust the sensitivity of the gyro on your radio on the radio itself.

Yes, sir nice jordan, i noticed over the last few videos, you've had a series of phone calls and now you've fallen greatly behind. Yes, it was this a planned thing of just to have a bunch of phone calls off camera just to set you behind secretly texting people to call me to make sure that i had an excuse, distractions so choice there. You go street superstar, yes right! So enough! Movement, so the sharks can still do what it has to do: sick dude, i don't care for the front. Yeah i'm, not worried about the front that's more here that we weigh so now it's time to make something for your chassis for the esc and then solder. It on change the battery cables to deans and a4 away. I get to be in the back room. Look at this here is a chassis that he has been basically taking parts off of to make esc trays. This looks like the last one he did. This is all out of white. Carbon well looks silvery, so cool, so not many people get to see the back shop. Man, yeah yeah. This is a top secret area. This is this is where the mad scientist does his work right, so yeah i'm, obviously going to copy these these hole placements by simply taking faders tape, throwing it over it and then a nice little red, sharpie or whatever kind of pin you've got just stab it In there there's one hole, there's, another hole, brilliant another hole, find a spot where you can get a good piece.

Yeah. Maybe i'll just steal this piece, because why not and there you are man, there's your holes and everybody's happy. It looks a little skew, so i'll straighten that up. No one can tell on camera. Look straight to me: let's hear it for the rotary cutting tool. Thank you. Dremel yeah, right back out at the table, he's got the battery in jen's ace battery. What milliamp power is this there, so it'll be a 5 000 milliamp uh 60c 2 cell to sell 60c that's. Quite a big burst rating, actually yeah, not bad, oh there's, that beautiful plate on the back. Look at that yeah right where she should be these wires. Here will be kneading up real soon. It'Ll have a little bracket here, nice and tight. I burnt this fan that way. I leave my mark excellent. That shows that you're actually putting effort into it and then there's your battery cables, they'll all sink in there and really plugged in we're almost ready to rock yes, sir yeah. So these two guys here, if you have a wider battery pack, that'll, obviously be an extension. Be wider sure before normal size pack, and then we have these two for so. This obviously is like in a lot of guys that normally see 5 000 milliamps. This is a shorty pack, yeah yeah much smaller than what we'd see yeah. Usually it should be about this big, but now you know technology and whatnot. You can go to this size and yeah.

We can get a way more powerful cell in here, but then the cost obviously goes through the roof. Can i get a what's up for that? Huge thrust fan there and then the squat in the back of the car. It looks sick, dude, yeah, we'll, preload it a little bit but and obviously adjust the camber and then should be good. Oh he's fired it up here the wheels are turning yeah. So now it's tuned fun, nice. So right now, the next step here is we'll hook a wi fi module to it, so that i can tune the acceleration and the throttle curve and the timing and the boost curve and when it kicks in when it comes to fits on. So is this an app that you have to download or it's an app that you can put on your phone? It'S i'll show you real quick what it looks like okay. This is where i pop out the phone and dive in deep, so yeah, there's, dl, slash, wn, yep, esc we'll, go into that sucker right there, yep, yep, weak security boom and then we'll go in here. Be it right and that's what it looks like you call me: we'll hit it now. We'Re live in here we can now look at things, live nice right, wow, yeah, and if you don't, like that kind of view, you can always look at it like this. You can see strong percentage up in yeah, wow, 45 000 rpm wow.

You got up to 48 wow, so that's. Nothing though, because now we're, diving, even deeper, so a little bit of tuning. So we were at 40. What the i see the number there let's rip that again, so they can see it wow 98.8, almost a hundred thousand rpm. That should be good enough to get started right apple. I think that's ample yeah and then you can see it's super cool nothing's overheating. Nothing! Crazy, i love this a lot of people that are watching the show right now watching this build in awe with their jaws dropped on the floor. Didn'T even know that you could have tuning like this or, like your own horsepower, meter right on the ipad in front of you right right. You could have a whole team that was helping you drift yeah. This is a one stop shop for sure you're. You were saying that, like i could be drifting the car, you yourself could be modifying how the car is driving while you're on the track, while i'm on the track. I can increase your boost or timing or rpm. How cool is that that's? Pretty crazy, that's, crazy, yeah, yeah it's a lot of fun man but yeah like i say, i'll go drive it real, quick and you can yeah. You know i love that let's see it set it up. Absolutely i'll, throw this beater body on here: nope, nobody clips! So afro's going to be doing a body for me uh, which is insane he's, actually giving me this body, so i can run around and trash it and practice for the next few days, uh, where i'm staying at that's right, yeah man, all right so test drive.

Oh yeah, that front tire is not even rolling. That was insane. That means it's, obviously rubbing against the body right now, and hence the understeer problem that i'm having right, i see that right there and drive this way there. You go just drive the other way problem solved all right without the buddy there you go. Oh, that feels good it's actually got speed now, that's better all right. So i got ta. Do the toe in the front, but i'll try and drive through that problem. Yeah it's already moving like a real car. What an insane looking beast yeah so just a little bit of toe fix and usually what i try and do is when i'm at lock. I try and make sure this guy has got a flat contact patch here. Yes to the ground right and then this guy's line, if you pull a line through the middle of this yeah like a long line. Yes, a long line, yes right, these distances here to here must be the same. I understand all right, otherwise, you have too much toe out and that'll slow, the nose down, which means the rear, can now spin around the front because of the resistance here compared to here, what an art, ah it's, an art form it is, and then obviously we Have a lot of camber right here right now, we'll make that as flat as possible too. So we can have as much grip yes yeah, but yeah she's, moving, really nice morse code test, yeah, it's, good, beautiful it's, a little low right now.

Obviously, right height's a problem too, but yep but she's drivable here's that steering gyro we're talking about like active vehicle control. Same idea same thing, all right: i'm, big forgiveness, um. So what i usually do, i do it on glass, because you know it's pretty pretty flat surface and the rad thing is that um, you can see light shine under it. That way, you can almost see exactly. You know that if there's light shining through it there's, obviously not flat right right on the under the tire right. So my first thing i will obviously do is ride height right so that i need to go a smidget high. If you turn this guy, 180 or 360 is even better um, we will measure them and then maybe put it on the video later, so you guys can kind of copy this setup. If you really want to do, do you mind when people copy yourself don't mind it at all? It just means you're sharing. You know just sharing that's all it is man. I'M, i'm, not here, to keep things to myself. Once again, this is afro from afro irc we're in uh, vancouver island british columbia. This is langford yeah yeah, and this is your your shop here, we've been in my shop, people that are just tuning in we've, been building this car over several episodes. I shouldn't say we, i would say mostly you have built it. I built a few shocks and it's a team effort to be able to show the world you know so to be able to get this out to you guys, hopefully give you guys some inspiration and ideas just to try out something new in the radio control hobby.

Why not or heck if you've been drifting already, when was the last time you got a chance to talk to somebody like this, leave your comments or questions in the video comment section below you never know who will stop by and try to answer some. You know nothing helps more to get this better and more people to drive with than sharing your knowledge as much as you can. If something works for you share it with your friends, that's exactly right, that's, the best part of the hobby, okay, one of the world's smallest wrenches, oh yeah, that's, def uh a – must have right there for those that are wondering it does come with the kit. Do you sell these kits right on your website? Yes, sir, i do and there's even an option soon where you can vote or buy it pre built by me and wow and shipped to you. Wow yeah pre set up for the surface that you're driving on and everything so yeah. I want to make that available to the public for sure amazing right. If you're an asphalt driver or a very rough surface, then i'll obviously adjust the suspension to that and yeah beautiful. Look at that. Now that looks beautiful right there, yeah yeah yeah, and now we have a little bit more equal, throw right, yeah, all right what you thought you were gon na, get let go without me, trying it at least once here's, your weapon i'm, proud to give it to You yes, and enjoy your journey having fun with this weapon of yours.

Thank you, sir. It looks very sharp, oh that's, looking good wow, oh yeah, so it's like a magnet. It always is like a magnet they're built that way. Jordan has conceded. He has not been able to build the car quick enough, but he's grabbed another drift car just to have it out here, for us amazing, sometimes it's great, to have a partner out on the track not seen all right. Nice drift, oh beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! So more drifting on the way my friends make sure to stay tuned. I hope you've enjoyed this build series, bringing it to you from afro rc shop. Look at that afro! It has been absolutely amazing to have this time to share with you in the shop uh sending everybody over here. Thank you so much. Hopefully they can check out your store as well we've all learned so much from your experience over this it's been a blessing for all of us, yeah man – and i really appreciate you for being who you are not for this, but more for who you are and How you are some tyres, your chassis, your speed, controller, your motor, your radio, thank you, that's it. What why so low special deals? I don't want a discount off of five six. I don't want a discount i'm trying to support a local hobby store. I tried to push it past you, but it didn't work. No man that's the whole point of getting out and supporting local hobby stores.