We are at my shop right here, vancouver island bc in langford, and what are we building today? We are building a very special car for you, sir it'll be nice yokomo, yd2, a63 red edition, wow yeah. This is a a brand new fresh, build people might be just uh joining us right now. Uh, maybe they didn't see the other videos yet, but they should be checking them out because at afros rc shop he has a beautiful uh indoor drift course. Here you can see off to the side – hello, jordan, hey! He is uh here also enjoying the fun here. You can see a 124 scale 4×4 course up along the back there working on that. But the drift stuff is big and popular on vancouver island and, of course, here i am continuing on in the video series afro. Yes, sir, a lot of people watching actually don't know what toe caster and camber is. Can you briefly go over that? Imagine tow who's got a tire. Anybody got a tire nearby here. Grab your chassis there, jordan! Thank you. This will be very helpful yeah. This will help a lot actually and then so toe you know with in driving straight toe would be if this is pointing more out. That would be towing out and if i point it in and if you have a little bit of toe out it'll help. You turn into a corner a lot right. If you have a little bit of toe in it'll, obviously make the rear come around, because you're slowing the nose down by crossing these two lines across each other it's like skiing, right right, you know yeah yeah.

Everybody knows a pizza slice, yeah, that's right right, so that'll be toe. Now i can talk about caster, yes, which will be this top kingpin here and this one down here. Okay, if i lean this towards the back of the car it'll make the wheel fall instead of turn. Aha right, yes, so that's good for a car that you need to do self. Steering you need it to help you steer into corners. You will create a little bit more caster by moving this pivot point back towards the chassis which, in turn, instead of turning. It almost makes the wheel fall over yes right and that helps a lot with parking. Mercedes benz has a lot of caster bolt into their cars for parking reasons now for folks that didn't see uh the last video seeing a vehicle like this steer. This way, a lot of people will say that that's not actually drifting, because you can't do that in full size vehicles. Well, i can correct them on that by saying: yes, you can do this on a real car there's two companies that i know of one is wise fab it's, a european company. They make bolt on kids kits sorry for certain chassis, obviously, and then there is a pbm which is located in california and in japan. They also make kits for cars. They'Ve just released a corvette bottom kit that allows you almost 100 the same this isn't, a 90 it's 85 percent 85 and that's it's doable with real cars.

Could you cover our last one, which is camber, please so camber right? If you can imagine for a race car that has a lot of tire that rolls around yeah and if you have a certain corner, you want to lean your wheel and stationary in so that when so, it would actually lean in it'll lean towards the inside of The car right, yeah and that way, if you're, going through a corner, this one is now getting yeah, more use, more traction, yeah, and you know this guy would also get a little bit more than usual, but yeah as the car leans through the corner and turns To the corner that helps, but within drifting we actually use the camber so that i can have at lock a flat contact patch on the bottom here and a flat contact patch for that and for that corner and the poor guy that's being hanged in the air. It almost has no contact patch at all, which is fine, because you don't want this wheel to slow down what is happening here. You want no resistance here, because the move the weight has moved to these three right. If you pull a little triangle, these three are now doing the job. This guy is just hanging in the air that's. Why? You see three wheel motion within drifting with like vaughn, gittin jr, and you know daigo saito awesome. You see them blasting through the corner and his one wheel is just dangling in the air.

That is why so, jordan is making excuses in the back for not being all the way up with us here, he's doing his best to put things together: i'm, not one to talk because i'm, just handing things to my builder uh yeah right, that's, right yeah! So here is the programmable servo world champion 2019 man what's the problem. Well, i just i thought this was going to be on the other side, no, no, but on this car it sits on the other side. On the other side, okay, i think you shouldn't have told him for at least five more minutes Laughter. What type of motor did you go with it's different than mine? It is so i originally was starting to go with the same viewers, but i was having problems making it work on mine, so we ended up putting a mclean in there, a mclean yeah and a mclaren esc as well. Aha, so totally different, totally different. So 10.5 turn yep, okay, pretty much rocks on the track. It is programmable not quite as ninja as yours, because yours can be programmable from your bluetooth, yeah yeah. Well, to tell you the truth. Yours also has a wi fi module that works exactly the same as the yokoma one, so yeah it's always nice to see different options on the table. That'S right right, instead of somebody just seeing the most expensive it's nice to see other options that are equal to or more or less exactly, and you can do tons of different styles.

We'Ve got guys that are running tons of different motors. That are just hand me downs or even a crawler engine, yeah, really yeah yeah, just changing the gearing right, so it spins better, exactly yeah right on and you went with a different pinion as well. Yes, it did but that's the pinion i used from my previous car and what's the tooth count. Do you mean same as yours, okay, cool yeah, 28, 28., yeah yeah. So i'll go one tooth back. If i was talking about uh manually self centering, the servo. So if you take a servo – and you know the the location of this arm will have to be here because it's going to sit like this in the chassis yeah, i usually place it there slide it all the way. This way slide it all the way. This way, if it goes a little further, you go one tooth back: yeah that's, almost zero yeah manually and easily done yeah. If you don't have a servo tester, which i do actually i'm just lazy like most of us, yeah yeah. I would go like that. Write this one tooth back, but yeah i'll start center go here. It goes a little further i'd like to bust a myth right now, yeah see what see what is going on. Have you as a as a hobby shop owner or as a hobby user, ever seen a servo burn out from just moving the horn like you just did now.

No me either! No. I was always told when we first started. Don'T ever move the servo you're gon na you're gon na hurt it burn it out. I used to hear it no yeah yeah. I know it must be an open, open method. Listen now i'm gon na explode the comment section because there's going to be like 80 people, they're like that totally happened to me. Sorry about that. Okay put the screen here. Take that out it goes up top always up top. Should i need loctite on this? Yes, okay, so unboxing my radio on the side and here's something i just noticed. This is sanwa, slash, airtronics radio, look at this. This is almost uh there's no antenna on here. This is almost like fly, sky's version that i've seen, but then look at this little neat thing. I'Ve never seen these before these little pieces actually are protectors for open pins. Apparently they come in bags that are very difficult to open there. We go look at this little thing. This actually fits over open ports. I love that i should definitely have some of these in the crawling world for sure, so i don't have to have exposed ports on my on my uh receiver. That'S, brilliant afro you've done an amazing job already tell me what you've done that we haven't seen this? Is your servo that's on this brace for your chassis, servo horn steering linkage we'll go into this ball.

That would be your slide. Rack moved by this awesome. So steering servo in place up on an anodized aluminum. Yes, sir all aluminum super strong red anodized stiff as hell and the more stuff we add the more this chassis will become stiffer and stiffer every time i look away and i look back. He is a man on the move. Look at this it's starting to come together, real quick, now front and back shock towers on that's right and the slide rack is connected. Oh so sexy, oh so nice it's, so nice, oh my gosh, that is so nice. There are a lot of people watching right now that that didn't even know that drifting has come this far in the hobby, uh for radio control and wow. Look at all the positions. You can move your shocks to everything, wow cam, arms shock locations. These are body posts here now it's, starting to make sense of why this costs so much money. I was wondering in the beginning right and then obviously, once again, your shocked location for the front yeah and we were talking about the little pins yeah. That would have your top control arm and then obviously your bottom one would sit here between two plates. Amazing guys what a privilege it is for us to be able to watch uh afro here, put together this chassis for us, a very rare, treat that we all get to share in this experience here together.

I hope that has earned him a like click down below. How are you doing there, jordan everything's a race what's going on we're coming up the shock towers uh, you know, i didn't have assistance putting these together there, but i got them now and yeah it's rolling man you're doing very well actually it's coming along good. So, i'm about ready to add my shock tower nice afros now working on the front arms yeah, the the top control arm. So these guys will obviously be the top camber yeah and your little spindle will sit in here with your wheel attached to it sure right. So this is the top control arm. You'Ll have a lower control arm here, of course, yes, yeah that's. What that is the manual is you know, the hardware is exactly the same as this hardware yeah the size fits all and when they're joined, it's full size right and then the measurement. If you place it right over the picture nice, it would be exactly the same as the picture. Yeah you'll be a couple of mil off, which is like a quarter of a turn or so forth. So this is obviously your top here. We'Ll be placing the pin in the hole which in turn goes through this guy, but before that you have spaces. So if you space the arm back, you get a certain amount of kingpin or caster within the spindle and obviously turn it around different.

You know different caster once again different settings, different settings, yeah right, so i usually push these as fast forward as i possibly can, and then the move, the lower control arm to be in line with one another so that we have zero caster within the throw right And what you do to one side, you do the other, of course excellent. Yes, let me see if we run into a problem here, trying to figure out how that steering servo goes in for the bottom it's all canted and crooked, though uh, because this part here yeah yeah yeah, see it doesn't fit over the servo. It looks like yeah. It is on an end slant. So does the servo go underneath well, is he mounting on top when it should go, underneath no it's up top okay it's, just right, i wan na? Did you cut that little knob thing off properly but yeah as soon as you put that little red plate that you have over there as soon as you put that here, it actually locks this guy to the bulkhead right, which will in turn pull it straight and Break it all night, but i may not have cut the nub off on the wrong side. I might have got enough on the wrong side right. I might cut it off in the front and that could be right here. Does your club entertain anything like people that bring in smoke kits that want to dump smoke out behind their car? I have no problem with that.

The more realistic the awesomer i mean. If i could get the flame kits, i would nice i'd love to melt. My hood on my drag truck for sure, so you actually must with your club. You must use magnet parts for your bodies. Then yes, yes, 100! Yes, so you know a lot of my club. Members are very creative. You know and there's a specific one, which is kurt um, aka, bigfoot life, he's very tall with very long dread, dreads and a lot of ink, but he loves building very custom bodies where things pop off and you can open doors, so cool yeah. So if you hit him hard enough, his stuff will come off and he doesn't like that. Oh, he doesn't mind that's the drama that's, the point he he builds his bodies really tough by using a lot of drywall tape and shoe glue to brace stuff up and his stuff weighs super heavy. Usually so, if you hit him it's, usually you getting into trouble, not him still messed up. So then did you figure it out. Finally got it: what was wrong server amount was mounted backwards diagram. It shows you to go one way and i just rotated it thus making everything go too far forward that's a failing grade for afro, though he didn't he didn't, see that hey well. I'M, not english, so it's. A great teaching moment, though, look at your car and figure out what's wrong i'm trying to win this race so now i'm, obviously going to do the low control arms, i have them all, measured up and ready to go.

These guys will go through them, yeah and obviously the little ball end would sit on the end of this ball end yup yup. That goes into this little cup, where this cup sits in here now. This is how you would adjust toe on the bottom arms. If i put the hole to the outside, that has a certain amount of toe. If i turn it this way around, it has a different amount of dough, and then you have all these different holes for different toe settings. You were working on a steering spindle. It looks like sir this is your spindle that'll sit in this position right here, beautiful there's, a slide rack will connect to it and, of course, all the people that are just tuning in right now will be saying: where is the uh dog bone for that? But, of course, being rear wheel drive, these are free, open, spinning, uh, wheels yeah, so free front drive to rear there's your rear, aha right, yeah there's, the bearing for it that baby goes in the back of that it gets a smaller bearing here. It is coming together quickly now, so obviously i make a mistake nice, because this ball needs to go there. That ball needs to go there so that this can attach to that the cvd. How did you know you even made a mistake? They both look the same. No they're different sizes – i just know, but anyway there is your cvd going into your differential, which obviously is going to be powered by the motor spinning it and there we go.

We have rotation. Yes, we have liftoff. I always do this to make sure that these arms are free it's like a crab yeah but yeah. If it's not free like this, your suspension has to work harder right, it's, not gon na work, but the nice thing about this specific chassis, they've cut. This super narrow here so that you can have as much droop and suspension movement wow as possible, so it kind of goes past where it should be level yeah so that if you do hit the brakes super hard, the rear lifts up. Obviously, you'll see that in the video later so that we can keep our contact patch on the road, i had to steal it from him for a second just, so i can imagine drifting around this course. You know you want to play when you've all been asking me to get back into drifting and after kind of coming by, i wanted to support a local hobby shop and you offered to put together a car for me. How could i say, no, the guru of jeff drifting right here, that's the thing it's, not any old drift car. It is the top of the line: yokomo sx3, yeah, y2 sx3, red edition, okay it's, so anodized, red and beautiful. One of the things that really shocked me to hear you say is that you weren't going to put any fluid in the shocks today. So no oil, no oil. I refuse to run oil in my socks.

Why? Because my surface or any surface that's hyper slippery, uh oil's, just gon na slow, you down you'll, have to make a million holes in these poor little pistons won't it be too bouncy. No, not at all right, uh huh, so imagine that's, just the full micro hole it's. I see it yeah, i don't know if you guys can see it there's four small holes. Yes, we used to make this bigger and then we used to make six holes and we used to make eight holes, and you know what the oil is slapping, that and going through and then going back through. No, we didn't need any of that nonsense. You know that's, where i got to the point where i was like wait. A minute man, you don't need to oil. Just springs, you just need springs, amazing, that's it and a little bit of lubrication. So nothing sticks but that's it can you give me a very brief history and i'll ask maybe in years how many years have you been drifting rc's? I think i'm, going on close to 30 years of drifting rc cars of drifting 30 years, yeah! Well, it's! Just you know: canister four wheel drive i've, always had the motion of taking tyres and putting electric tape, or you know i had a good friend back in the day in south africa, he had a little online shop, odyssey garage, which is a very good friend of Mine and yeah, they started making a tire that'll fit onto your rim.

It was more of a rubber compound than a hard plastic compound, so we still had a little bit of grip, but it worked perfect on any surface and yeah. This is way back when um. I thought drifting only came out like 10 years ago, we've been fiddling and playing with this stuff underground. Obviously, all the race guys hated us, because what are we doing? What do you think you're doing fighting sideways right? This is not racist, ruining racing. You weren't allowed to do this on this little track or anything like that, so yeah, they're kind of don't. You find it interesting through all of your travels that people say they're a part of the rc community, but then they seem to on people, but they exclude you yeah yeah. I think once you're in the hobby – and you want to be an enthusiast, then you're enthusiasts for all areas, because you like red more than blue now they hate you exactly crazy man, that's crazy right. Well, i got the red one yeah and i have the purple one and guess what they're the same yeah exactly they do. The same job they'll be built the same way and they'd be sick, sideways next to each other and as i'm, going to prove uh in the upcoming days. When we get to run this right, you can have the greatest car, but if you're a driver, it doesn't it doesn't work, absolutely correct, yeah under the end of the day, it's all about setup and how you drive it exactly that's all.

It is yeah well said that is in in all areas in flight, in boats, it's all how you set it up: jordan, sir you're continuing to work away i'm, getting there i'm getting closer. You know what i find interesting, that the viewers didn't know is that this is your first kit build ever right from scratch. Can you this is something you decided just to jump in and just try it out today. Yes, well i've upgraded from the original, the yd2e chassis correct and i love it going to the big show, but i want the big bush big show. I wanted the big boar shocks and i wanted to slide yes, which makes a big difference which is beautiful. It really is nice, so i figured this was a great time to do it, we're building one for you and i figured we might as well build it at the same time at the same time, and that way we can help each other out. If there was any questions exactly and i've had some interesting things, this isn't an incredibly challenging build in the sense that i've been able to do it, but i definitely have found that i put this on backwards. I put this on backwards, yeah, but it's all manageable. So if you can imagine this guy would get the little silicone o ring. It'Ll get this little plate that will be locked down, you're holding the reservoir for the shock right, that's, the shock body itself right, so you have an o ring which wipes the piston shaft clean.

You have this guy that keeps it in place and guides it magic. You pulled a piston yeah right now. A lot of people are gon na. Ask what lubricates it because it doesn't have any oil exactly that's right, yeah, so number one! I have this beautiful red fluid here, yeah it's top secret. All i do is i drop a drop in before i put the piston in, i usually put a drop in there, so it lubricates the o ring down in there right. So i'll put one little drop there. She goes right, i'll make it run towards the middle and then i'll place the piston in right, yeah there's, a piston now it's smooth. Yes, you can almost yeah. I see that yeah. You can hear it and it's super smooth. I can feel it smooth now. I'Ll, do one more drop here: is that afro blood, that's, afro blood Laughter, sorry guys but yeah, and that will lubricate this dillerin piston against the wall, which is teflon coated anyway, so yeah it'll be smooth as hell and that's.