Oh, this is fight fight here. You'Re. Welcome to this part of it. That'S right tell us where we are right now we are now once again at afro rc in langford, on vancouver island bc. At your shop at my shop, you are standing on a giant drift course right now the flags are out. This is for customers that come here on uh on days to try out today, except for saturday nights from six to death. Yes, um! This is a rentable space. I will have a car soon, that you can pay rental on it'll, be ten dollars an hour. 30 bucks a day, jordan, what's up dude jordan, is in the background and it looks like you even offer rc setup service. Here i do yes, i build them custom for you soon on my website. There will be three options where you can pick. If you just want a basic one or a little bit more tweaked, or do you want the bowler of the right what's your website, it'll be afro rc, dot, ca, i'll leave a link in the video description box down below my friends. I have been on vancouver island for weeks now, and you know if you did see the videos where i was uh coming here before we did the drifting on the track. We also did uh, jordan and afro gave us a a 124 scale crawl. All the way around the track, which was awesome, i even got to show you guys a rear, steer tutorial because of these gentlemen right here.

Well, i want to support the local hobby, uh stores in the area, and you heard him say that he actually builds custom drift cars for people all the time. That'S right and you guys in the comment section said: did you walk away with any drift car and no? Why? Because i special ordered him one. Ah, so i can custom vote it for him with a custom body custom. Everything from me to him, unbelievable! My man are, we ready to start rock and rolling smack that baby let's see what's in the box. Looking over here, i read in the comments section. Somebody was unhappy with this whole background: hey this is afro. You were from south africa yeah. Yes, sir i'm from cape town, south africa to be exact, and you have a long history in japan and i've. You know have japanese history and pretty much. This is not really japanese, though, if you think i'm from africa and the sun rays are coming from behind africa shining out to their sun rays, i'm shining out to the world my knowledge and freedom and fun. People love that they're spiritual people, love that you've got a great back story. Man we'll get into that more as we go let's see if it's in the box, so obviously we're not going to give him a piece of junk. This is the elite chassis from yokomo it's, the yd2 wow sx, 3. 3. Yes, not yes, so carbon fiber everything, aluminum everything red red parts.

In this one and i'm telling you right now, i'm, not letting you give this to me, i'm, paying for every single thing. In support of the hobby shop, man i'm, not not. I appreciate that, but there's no way, there's too much appreciate you for coming out. This is your gyro. This essentially remember, if you guys remember the old video that we were talking about it, corrects the steering for you, like unbelievable yep. Also red has to be right. That'S, his servo programmable drift, servo, also red his magnet mounts for his body. Also, red, i don't, know it's. Okay, i see them in there yeah red ones. Unfortunately, this motor will not be red but it's a dx type r. I think it looks great drift performance drift and then bl pro 4 drift space. Nice right. This is a fully tunable and we will tune it if we have time. Obviously i hook a wi fi module to it and we can tune the setup. Everything yes and then look at this. This is a sanwa mts. Yes, i personally run a mt4, a old one: i've had it for 13 years, never had any problems with it and then obviously you get better ones. The mt44 or you know you can go to the 12 and so on. It'S amazing, but this one's perfect excellent. Are we ready to rock and roll and open up the chassis let's smack this baby out? Look at this right here, guys, look even in the cover who's that standing beside him.

Amazing. Just tell me about this: okay you're you're you're there yeah i used to be a head judge for the wardrobe series in china um on the cover. It will be myself tyson, yamada, a really good friend of mine, legendary time attack driver. If anybody knows japanese time attack, uh and then obviously von kittens in that cover, which is a very good friend of mine, again, i'm sorry, you were judging vaughn gittin i'm, judging and matt powers and carl mohan, and a couple of other pros yeah. If that isn't enough, for you guys to drop a light, click right now, what a chance to get a car built by an actual drift guru, afro rc, thank you, jordan, you're working across the table, it looks like you are also going to be doing a drift Car today i am and effort's going to teach me it's, my very first one that i built. We get to build them all together, that's right, yes, the sx3 let's. Do it all right, obviously, factory sealed because that's how it works. Wimp goodbye yeah right, really what's in the box manual. Okay, very, very simple: don't worry about the tools because we're not going to use those tools, but what it'll do it'll show you bag one what's in bag, one and funny enough. If you hold the screw right on it, it will be the exact same size right so it's, very simple, but we're not really worried about it.

Lego for adults, yeah exactly bag, one so there's a beautiful bottom plate right. So nice, obviously tapered to the bottom. Yeah. Can you please tell us, i know, we're going to state it in canadian dollars here? How much does this kit itself without the electronics cost this kit without taxes about 800 dollars, canadian in this box, canadian yeah? So if you're going to be building a top of the line, drift car be prepared to spend man if you're going to build a top of the line with top of the line, electronics you're looking at 2 000 to 3 000 worth of stuff. Now that doesn't mean that every uh drift car has to cost twenty five thirty three thousand dollars, that's, not it at all. You can actually go all levels right. You can start with something very simple. I remember hpi used to make a very entry level and still do drift car and then, as you start progressing going on and on you get to do things like this, ah here's. What i'm talking about right now! So this is the e. Is this the entry level this comes with the gyro? Oh, it comes with it: 350. it's the same chassis, but without the driver, wow, but no carbon fiber in this at all. This is the ah nice non carbon basic e, aha. So exactly that's! My point is that i don't want people to get afraid of uh buying a uh drift car at all right, there's drift cars for everybody out there that's right jordan.

This is your. This is yours, right, correct, so what's the difference like what we were just looking at and looking at it here. I i see so the main thing that i am upgrading to is this is a wiper style system, yes, perfect, to learn on what we're moving upgrading to that you and i are going to a slide system so it's a whole different system with a bearing in Here that will, oh, my god, so cool very, very, very cool to have okay. So, according to the book, what are these pieces actually called then? So that would be your little toe mount right and in here there will be a pin and on that pin, would you be your lower control arm right, okay, so that's one of the pivot points, we'll put another one here that sits in between them with your Arm and an end perfect, so here is the esc, the bl pro4. I would tell you all about it, but so this esc will allow you to adjust. Timing within your rev will allow you to do boost within your rave boost yeah like a turbo. You can have boost in your dress. Car totally, of course, and you have to have you got ta – have boosts yes right so yeah. This allows us to you know. Let'S say you have 10 throttle. We can give 5 boost 15 and 20 and so on. We can adjust that insane and if you stay on 25 for a certain amount of time, you can then go to 100 boost which man we're talking about over 100 000 rpms, you get out of here over a hundred thousand scream like a kitten.

Oh, i see our first anodized red. What was that for so this guy right here would hold this whole mechanism on the bulkhead there you go for steering for your steering rack yeah, because it runs on the slide. Rack system, jordan. Yes, in my last uh video, when i showed off the rear wheel steer in the axial scx 24s, that was actually your chevy was it not, it was, and so you also have a little bit of a back story. I put in the just the description of that video that you're an employee here, but are you an employee here? I am not. I am just a uh, a member of the rc club, you're you're, just here hanging out just hanging out afro and i have gotten along great it's, been an incredibly safe space to be in, and because of that, i i come back and i spend the majority Of my time here, so you say: safe space. Tell me: what is your job history? What do you do normally, if this isn't your job i'm, a canadian coast guard so i'm, a rescue specialist in the canadian coast guard, and so that can entail pretty much anything from rescuing people in distress to looking for lost members that have gone overboard. So this is a great place and we do that for 28 days on and 28 days off, so on my off cycle, it's very difficult to decompress, sometimes and overcome the things that happened while you're on duty so being able to come here and drive the cars And build models and stay here and have a space that's, incredibly safe there's, no drinking there's, no copious amounts of like it's not going to a bar.

You know it's a healthy space to be in so for me, it's been just absolutely it's therapy it's therapy. Exactly well from everyone that's watching right now, thank you for your service and doing what you do to keep all of us safe. Thank you! So there we go. Obviously i need to put one more here and the top piece, but there's these fine little notches. If you look at my this fingers now, they need to point to each other. I obviously have to adjust this bad boy here, the notches in the screws yeah they point to one another that's right, so that there's less play. I see right and that's how it's on a cam, if you can imagine yeah, turns towards one another and brings the bearings closer yeah a hot glue gun yeah. Do we need a glue for yeah when you don't want to listen to people you do it this way yeah or this way, if you want to pull your nose here, but no, what i do is i wait for this guy to heat up these differentials. Don'T come solid, they have these little spiders in them, yeah right and then the two little outside rings, and then this is obviously your differential right. This is the out drive for your cvd. That goes to your wheel. Sure we don't want these to spin individually. We want, we don't need a differential. We need both of them to have the same amount of traction at all times, so this chassis is also a racing car chassis too then.

Well, you can race it if you really wanted to, but no it's purposely built for drifting, but they take a diff from a racing car and then they designed it where it works inside of a drift car. Okay, yeah! If you look at these chassis, essentially they've taken the rear wheel, part of the off road buggy and then redesigned the front end to be on a slide rack right, the guy that runs on the bearings right there you go so nice, yeah bag. Four looks like transmission: no, yes, yes, they're done the bolts, dude screws, you mean don't, you know what i mean: yeah roger african, south african sorry. I shouldn't say that you called screws, bolts, yeah. Sorry. I asked him to what he calls a window lead a what so window lean is actually windex where i'm from, but i keep on calling it windex and then i go yeah get the wind mix and meanwhile it's window leaned. No, no! No. What other way, what the i'm sorry are you talking about? It just focus on the car man focus on the car, it's called afro cans. Nice. Are you ever concerned that the beard is going to get caught in the pinion and spur no but it's really funny when it gets caught in the fan? Yes, sir, you don't have to trim it. It trims itself. It just happens. Yeah, oh that's, good, all right! So if you guys look here, we have the two idlers, the input, shaft and obviously the differential and, as you can see, they're all so smooth any grease.

Do we need to grease it? I don't put any grease in here because i like it to be as loud as possible so that you can hear your car accelerate and decelerate wow. That is so unusual to hear you want it to be as loud as possible. Yes, wow right because you know it's, you can't feel the car, so you have to hear you need some kind of input between yourself and the car right. So you know we're not going to put a loud, sound box on every single car. That'Ll confuse you. So your accelerator will give you the sound through this loud transmission, and that way you know where your revs are at, because there's a lot of throttle input in this all right. That drifting is more accelerated than steering amazing yeah. Thank you for explaining that you're welcome. Yeah, okay, you guys are gon na. Ask me how heavy is it i don't know, but it is not heavy at all and listen and being delrin, of course, self lubricating. Now the red anodized motor mount and the nice thing about this is we can actually move the placement of the weight of the motor and the rotating mass wow right. So the position of your motor, of course, is going to affect the body roll. Yes, body roll and traction yeah the whole deal. So is this part of like tuning? It then part of the tuning you overall, if you can imagine different track surfaces with different grip levels, you want different weight, throwing on your shirt, yeah yeah.

So this is obviously your spur holder. This is your shaft input, shaft and a drive pin right and the drive pin, which i don't have in properly because i'm messing with it too close, it's, close let's, just say it's, like that. This guy obviously gets located on that this. Once again, then i don't know: if you can catch the set screw hole yeah there you go so i'll put a set screw through it, which i will loctite and then we'll throw this bad boy on here with four screws and that's. This that's the spur rate that's the spur now we're just going to put the motor in the pinion in here. What kind of motor is that yo? Look at his motor it's, yokomo type, r dx1? Sorry, what does the r stand for high rating yeah super fast high revs over 100 rpm, 100, 000 rpm. So everyone is starting to get the idea that you've been into drifting for a long time and you've been to japan. But can you tell me no one knows that you've actually been a skateboarder when you first started out correct right, so as a youngster, you know i was wasn't a very healthy kid as a youngster. What not and um i started skating with a couple of friends in the neighborhood. You know obviously that's the thing to do. You would start skating, so i started skating as a youngster and for some reason it clicked with me um.

I learned tricks real, quick and real fast, and i wasn't scared of breaking myself or whatever right. Skateboarding threw me in the same lifestyle as as the racing. It was the same kind of people. I was doing a little bit of racing on the side. Skateboarding a lot and then from the racing i started seeing people doing drifting. My brother and anton swanepool were the first guys that i know that drifted in south africa. I don't care what anybody says. I know it and yeah they were skating. I mean they were drifting in stickland in the industrial area, and you know before you know it. I, like the sideways side of driving more than the grip side of it, and it went from there to i started figuring out exactly how your suspension would work for that and and and i moved to the us hanging out with the drift guys at formula drift. You know we are got employed by a guy in south africa and then he wanted to be a competitor within the us drift series where i just came from so i knew everybody there. I had enough connections for that side of the world. We competed within the formula drift series i can't remember exactly what years this was went from there to meeting most of the japanese guys getting invitations from them going to japan hanging out with those guys working with a team called tetragen, which is michinaga, tetrogen team, tetragen And funny enough, his hobby is drifting and drift rc, so yeah that's.

What that is, tim thatcherson gave me the opportunity to work with him and hang out with his team and obviously drift, and then he does icy stuff. He has an icy online shop. It should be tetrison.net or detectionshop.net we'll find it we'll leave a link in the video description box; yeah, sorry mitsunoga, but yeah simon mason. So here is the so. This will be your motor up here. The spur with the input shaft going in here, obviously input shaft. Two idler gears and your diff. So if we rotate this it'll rotate your div there you go here, it is form fitted onto the the chassis itself right so there's, the six locations dang boom and the nice thing is. You can run your wiring through here and hide it all the way and then into you know. It looks sick, yeah afro. That is amazing, right, unbelievable, it just looks pro and we haven't even done anything. It looks fast already look at the clearance between the spur and the the chassis itself. There'S, almost nothing right, like unbelievable yeah, very specifically engineered by japanese company called yokomo. Look at this. The fan for the motor is now being mounted up. It'S, like a little jet thruster yeah it's actually got like a venturi style exactly right, so it vacuumed it in there. This is insane. Everybody must understand how fortunate i am to have a build done by afro here. I didn't want to chance out doing it.

First class, the way we always do if we had an opportunity to get one built with afro, would do it the right way. Uh hawaii loves spam. Oh yeah you're in hawaii, oh yeah. I lived in hawaii for quite a long time wow and uh it's. Hence the spam, it wasn't always a negative thing. No well, some would argue. I guess it was true. You know off camera, you got up and went over to the shelf and grabbed something. What was it right so with this kit? Unfortunately, they give you a super small pinion okay, which makes this motor rev way too high, and then it heats up. Aha, okay, so what we do is we throw a size, a larger. This is a 28 usually 28, 29 30. holy cow that's. What i'll throw in here, which allows you now smaller throttle modulation that way? It'S not such a big jump in rpms. Yes, it's a smaller, more controllable rev range and you want to call it that and because the tires are slipping they're, not really giving a lot of torque right right so yeah. That makes a lot more sense for a bigger gear to be on there. There'S, it wouldn't work it as hard as if it had more traction exactly and it's. Just like i say you know when you start driving rc, especially within the drifting side of something five percent.