You should have an rc that looks exactly like your truck. You know, i've been looking for a body just like it. I want to find a hard body, one that'll fit on the short wheelbase but it's hard to find. Yes, i would imagine so they all seem pretty all covered in moss and then straight down there ravine with the river. This is just straight up. Look at this unbelievable that you were even able to get that far man great crawl, hard body, king of the hill over there lovely. This is why you weight your axles, people a lot of people, wonder if it's worth it. I don't do the rotating mass on the wheels i like to have steady weight on the axle itself. Just so i don't have my drive driveshaft let's, see. Oh, that was no problem on that side. Yeah it was that severe incline Music. The articulation on his truck is fantastic yeah. It looks sick, Music, ah side hill, nice slippery side hill, such a killer, rc bod. That thing is killer man, yeah i'm, loving the uh. The sandstorm paint on it standard counter from school Applause, Music, nothing like being out on the trail nice lots of articulation in here made it yeah. Oh there's, no recovering that that's, a penalty yeah uh to your to your right, yeah yeah, oh you're, hung up in the middle try to back up no i'll reboot. Where you pull you yeah there you go.

You got it! Yeah there's a rock here right in the middle, go to your right yeah, you got it trying to get through zigzagging our way back and forth, literally on a cliff edge. This is the best scale run i've ever been on that's. What i wanted to hear yeah this is amazing. Dude it's, like got a switch back dan. Just leave me out crazy, yeah, yeah dan, showing us the backwoods trails. Here i need a scale quarter shout out to all the uh, all the scalers here on vancouver island. This place is the bomb for trailing literally have a cliff. How am i gon na do this i'm gon na have to turn and kind of fall into it? Oh, oh that'll do that'll, do it. There we go there. We go i'm in all right, you're doing fine man it's, not easy, it's, a very small path, tight switchback area, man; i'd love to put a competition up in here, oh that's, when these unlockable gifts come in here, exactly yeah, he's locked all the time. This, the art of the slow crawl bro there you go nice, oh you're, a little bit soft on the throttle, but you still won yeah. I was hoping my friend didn't swing around. I heard that gear shift that's awesome. No, he unlocked his discs. I think that's. What it was – oh, oh, yeah, he's, okay back it up. We made it out to this rocky area right here.

That is all super slippery, but look at there's my truck right there. What a beautiful day, i even modded my tires cut out every second lug. Of course, nice wide tires on my kmc rims, unbelievable. What scale trail trucks can do these days. I remember 12 years ago i started with a trail truck. It was my tamiya toyota tundra. How many here, watching now i've gone back to season one to see that and to see how far these trucks have come over the last decade is just shocking. Unbelievable look at the articulation in this get the mud off sometimes slippery tires, and he makes his way out well done over here, Music up and out easy dude. If you make that that will be shocking. Oh yes, full of surprises on this trip is accepted. It'S really cool amazing: oh Music, dude, like one of the first things, yeah that's, right, yeah, dude, that's, how i remember you it's almost so much yeah, good luck, man, two trucks at once, beautiful you got it bro water. In the background, everything looking so good. Can you imagine both d rings are in the in the right spot that's? How often does that happen over? He goes into the pit. Oh man. Yes, i cannot believe i am trailing on december 1st in such beautiful weather. This has to happen more often there. It is there, it is. Oh, i almost worked my way out. Oh and i got stuck in the hole.

No hesitation got ta just throttle your way out Music. I am thoroughly pleased with this model. I picked this up at make my fun hobby in vernon bc. Shout out to travis, if you're watching right now buddy this turned out to be a fantastic model, i'm surprised that it stayed on your shelf for so long. I think there's going to be many sails once i remove my body rub but that's what i get for oversized tires and not lifting up the body posts high enough, but i don't care i'm thoroughly. Happy! Oh, yes! Yes, this thing is a go anywhere truck such an epic day. This little fella short short, wheelbase, nice and low down these rocks are absolutely perfect for obstacles. All different types of tires would have different challenges on here for sure giant pit on this side. Basically, it's gon na disappear, skadoosh but perfect for my snorkel, giving us a good look. Oh i almost biff it recovery, there's silt in there, no problem. Thank you dan. You guys are welcome. I enjoy going out here, we're going to have to come back thanks for coming out to this trail run with us yeah brother. This has been awesome, yeah and avro. You had a good day today. Buddy i had an absolute blast. I hear crawling i'm gon na have to buy one and sell the whole shop and just do that. No, no! No, but i know your shop is mostly drift, not a whole lot of crawl yeah, no, not enough yet yeah.

I'M i'm. Obviously, trying my best to get to that point yeah by getting a little bit more money from the drifting side and then throwing it into the crawling side, yeah business for sure here, here's something from rc sparks to you buddy here here you go yeah. Are you kidding me yeah? This is my gladiator it's, the new axial scx 103 uh. If people want to check it out, i'll leave a link in the video description box, but you loved crawling so much today. Oh, my god, and i always say in my life mantra to be less selfish and more selfless and i've got a ton of these rc's man. Here, put it up here now you can give jordan's back to him yeah. This has an extra long, wheelbase, so it's great in climbing hills, which there's plenty of hills around here right, here's, your remote. Thank you so much yes, man appreciate it so inside is i put in a reefs, rc, uh, heavy duty, r, uh, 422 hd v2 servo you'll never need another servo again super strong. You can put any tire on here and you'll have no problem turning it uh. Also with a reefs rc micro servo in here, which will activate your dig feature, do you know what a dig is so when you lock up your back axle truck with a dig, then you're you're right on what it with what it has already uh it's got The smart esc inside there so we'll get you a converter for a different battery, which will tell you right on your radio.

What your battery level is on here, so it'll always tell you where your battery is for here. This is fire. This also has a throttle limit button on here, so you can, if you're just starting out, you only want fifty three fifty percent, like seventy five yeah or a hundred yeah same thing and also active uh vehicle control. So when you it has a gyro in the middle. So when you turn it just like you know what a gyro is. You want me to explain it brother, that is it. Oh, my god yeah there no problem man from one good home to another.