Today, first time doing drones myself, im, not a big drone person, im fairly new at it and id like to get more involved in it. So heres a drone from ascend its an asc, 2400 hd. Video drone lets take a quick look at it here, im doing unboxing and were gon na, do a test drive and just check it out for a little spin and see what its like. So this i got at costco ages, 14 plus is the recommended use, so it does have altitude altitude altitude hold um six access, gyro chip, it says which is kind of cool 2.4 gigahertz as a remote on board camera on board. Video 400 foot range for double a bad four aaa batteries are included, it does have an hd camera 720p is the uh video quality im, not sure the frame rate we have to check into that compact size design and also you can record on your phone, which Is really kind of cool, so here it is right here guys under 50 dollars, again im a new person doing the drones, something different for me. So i want to just do an unboxing and just show you heres the side of the box. Okay, guys before we go and do the unboxing take a quick look at the back again: the asc 2400 hd video drone streams, video, still images directly mobile devices, push buttons, dot, hover and auto lan technology, which is kind of cool for beginners built in, like i Said six access, gyros altitude, sensors, incredible stable flight, which is kind of cool high efficiency, light poly battery.

I get this light light lithium, i suppose, extend the drone flight time, go anywhere, folding, design and kind of cool stuff all right 2021. This is a new drone. Again, i dont see any videos all this on this at all on the internet, so this is one i want to do in this. I did get this at costco. It is under 50 and its great for beginners lets go okay, guys. So a couple of things to go over real, quick before you do your unblocking uh you open up the product, you open, you do your own unboxing. A couple of things you need to know. First thing you need to know is that you unbox this. There are three little screws on the bottom of this plastic that keeps the drone in here like this here, and i just you know just so. You know theres three little screws i have to go. I have to pick up this plastic and underneath unscrew that okay, so dont just rip it all apart and destroy, because you could break the drone just pulling it out um. There is three screws here that doesnt mount it to underneath the plastic, uh and thats. How the the drone is actually um attached to the plastic and thats how they ship it so so it says stable, so these have to come off, so just be careful when youre pulling it just doesnt snap out it does not. There is three screws, so thats, very, very important, and also it does come with the batteries.

As you see here, it comes with four aaa batteries. Id imagine two here and two here. You do need a phillips screwdriver to take these off and open these up and get those in. There also comes with some additional blades in the packaging, so you can see. It also comes with a battery thats in the plastic here and if i looks like to me, you have to charge it yourself, uh, for you, one of your own devices does not come with the actual charger itself. You have to charge it with one of your. I guess apple devices a usb or a computer or whatever ill, take a look at the instructions. Ill read a little bit and just go over. It has nice instructions here, uh layout qr codes to go over um. So you know a lot of people. Dont, read the instructions and ill just quickly, scan it and just see what the charging time is. Um things like that, so i have a little battery charge up. Um, give it a few minutes to get myself familiar with this controller feels its again. It is plasticky its got speed its got stunt its got a power button, its got it up and down so basically take off and landing. It has a few controls over here you get the left and right joysticks like that. There um its got the clip. That goes on here for your phone, but the clips in the bag, as well as well as the battery and the usb cable to charge the battery so thats whats in the box, thats whats in the kit again extra blades um.

Some some drones have the um propeller guards on the side here this one does not have. The option looks like to me to add that i dont see it um, so you have to be careful when you fly this, make sure you fly it outdoors uh. You go into indoors, you can damage your house uh your lamps, your your kids, whatever so just be careful. These things are are fairly good, but theyre also can be kind of dangerous. So just be careful all right. So lets take a quick look at this. So lets get this out of the way i just wanted to just tell you about that so thats, something i need to know about, because you dont want to destroy your packaging. Just you know you just want to keep everything kind of neat and clean, so lets. Take a look at the actual drawing itself before we get into anything else, and if you want to save your little screws you can, but for that just put that to the side. All right. So lets take a look here. So it is a folding design which is nice lets screw out of there. So you do the back first and then the fronts go behind it just so you can see that and it does fold up to a really nice super small look at that. That is pretty small. I mean thats. Really compact get some extra light on here. You can see you can see.

This is really really really compact. I mean almost the size of my hand, so you can travel anywhere with this. You dont want to go on vacation. Go with the kids: it takes up no space whatsoever, heres a little antenna here. You probably cant, see it, but there inside the battery goes back here. There are lights in the back and also lights in the front. So basically, what that tells you youre going forward? The back is lit uh. Well, do this afterwards and stuff dont forget to like share subscribe to. My channel also hit the notification button and were gon na. Do a full test. Take this outside and run it through its paces. Now, im going to check off the camera, like i said this camera goes up and down, as you can see here, you can move that up and down. So you can get different pivot points. You can go horizon or straight down, so you can get that kind of play with that and see what thats, like. Also, it has a back like i said so: the back lights, red and the fronts are white, so you know when its coming and where its going so you can get an idea when its in the air, because up in the sky, probably looks like one big Blob im not sure and also has lights in the bottom, as well, probably for landing and take off. So you know when thats happening, so it has all the lights.

Has all the synchronization all built into the system im going to look over the instructions again nice and light everythings again all plastic. This is an introductory uh drone under 50 i mean thats, pretty cool, okay, all right guys, one more quick thing before we go ahead and finish charging. This come with a little battery here, like i said here so here, is the small lithium ion battery just so you know it is um 3.8 volts, 1900 milliamp uh. Just so, you know thats the size of the battery and to charge the battery has to be taken out of the drone. So you cant charge it in the drone. Just take it outside the drone here, little tiny slot here for you to see. If you know that, because a lot of times, i couldnt find it for a few minutes, i look at the manual and just say this plugs into the battery itself. You take the battery out. You charge it up probably order a few extra batteries of these uh online ill leave links down below. Hopefully, you pick up this type of drone, and this is the clip like i said that goes on to the the actual drone itself. You put your camera right. There i mean youre from the phone you can actually phone up there. Hopefully itll fit my iphone max, plus im, not sure if it will its just one size. It is not adjustable. So whatever fits fits and thats just pretty much how that works.