If you saw the unboxing dont forget to watch that first before you see this, its really kind of cool dont forget the likes and subscribe lets get to flying. This awesome machine lets, go hey, guys, welcome back to another episode of your review channel and, yes were doing the actual uh. We did an unboxing of this really cool little drone and ill leave a a video, a link in this description of this video. Here you can see the unboxing, but were doing actually were going to take it open were going to open up, were going to fly so heres. The remote control already charged up takes about 3 4 hours to charge it uh. So it comes full theyll come like this compact, really kind of cool and its a foldable um. Also you take out the front ones. First youve got the front legs first and its foldable really super easy and well go over a couple of things for setup, thats that and then well pull the bottom ones like this here. So just like that. So all four, so you can see here all full – are unfolded and lets just take a look at the drone. So you can see here it has lights in the bottom. You can see here. It has front lights right here, has a camera thats, tiltable, okay and has back lights, so you know the back. Is you know what the front is? You know the orientation at all times when its fly so thats really super important okay.

So it has the four lights in the bottom and lights in the front and lights in the back portable design, as you can see here so a couple things you have to do so lets talk about heres, the remote that i have here and it does fit. My iphone just so you know i did download the mobile app for the actual device itself, so you can actually stream on the video so lets put that on here it does fit my phone, which is an iphone 10 max, as you can see here. So hopefully you can see that so it does fit, which is cool and lets get to the app. So you download the app and when you download the app then get out of here. Okay, you hear the app right there. Hopefully, you can see that you have to do a setup. You do a setup. You have to hook up to your wi fi system. Okay, so just make sure you have it set up for that, but if you want to use it on the field, you have to make sure that you go to your settings. Okay, first thing you have to do is first download the app for the drone um. Then what happens? You turn the drone on and sends a signal out, uh to the phone, and you have to connect to the wi fi signal. It comes, and you try to put a password in, but it gives you one back because thats incorrect, you have to put this one in so you just copy that one that gives you and put that password in it connects youll, see hd drone.

It connects right through it to your wi fi system on your phone. Then you open up the app and then you can stream the signal directly into the phone, so thats kind of how that works. So just so you know, hopefully its clear start. Okay and just took a photo record video, so actually that is the actual picture right now of the drone. So hopefully you can see what im doing so. You can actually see kind of cool, so the picture is okay. I mean its okay, its um, as you can see here, its its a little jittery so its 720p in the quality but um, i dont think its its maybe 15 frames. A second 30 is be smoother. Lets see, keep keep wi fi, which is annoying so thats. How that works? You can see that okay, so we got that set up, and so the cameras all set up so whats flashing. When you first turn on it does flash and you have to hit the power for the remote control. Okay. So hopefully you can see both things here, so you can see this is flashing, and now this is flashing, so two things you have to do to get it set up. Okay, you want to sync it the way to sync. It is up one down now. That is solid red. That means its connected. You can see that, and that is ready to go so now the drone is now synced to the remote.

What that does is it basically gives you the frequency in the connection, so you know um. So if you have other people using drones, itll just i guess – connect different frequencies with different drones. Id imagine, i guess, thats what thats, for okay and and to record video is this this record video and stop record ill. Take photos start and stop recording on the on the software softwares kind of cool, so check that out. I think its pretty good so im just going to take off in a second lets: resync it up down that sunk of sunk right, synced, okay, that calibrates it! Okay, so to calibrate it is that you put these left and right bound to the bottom center. That way, you can keep it so itll get it level. So again, it does fly all over the place, so its very hard to get it exact, um. So, im just trying to figure this out im just trying to show you how this kind of works. So you know how to sync it you get that you get that all synced up, thats, really kind of cool. It does have um acrobatic, theres different different tricks and different things like that. So, im going to try to show you some of that, if i can im going to try at least together to take off, which is kind of cool, so lets try to get that going. If i can so i do apologize if the video is not perfect, but so im going to hold the drone im going to try to fly at the same time hold the hold on also do a record lets record.

The video hit record take off and there you go so the drones up and running you can see here so its pretty stable. It does drift a little bit and you can do left and right so im showing you back and forth. Thats back thats kind of cool you can see and im actually, hopefully its recording is recording, oh thats kind of cool. You can see that so im, actually just holding it its actually at my level, which is about five feet off the ground. So it does drift. A little bit so you can, you can control it. So lets see. Im gon na go forward, Music left and you get about 15 minutes of flight time. Thats, pretty cool right so lets see if i can get it a little higher and lets do a little bit of flying check it out and get the onboard from camera. I get some of this and ill just use. Some of that footage lets put this on the ground like that Music. Hopefully, you get a little view up there: its kind of cool, yeah thats, pretty sweet im actually near some cows. So hopefully you can get an idea. You can see them right over there im going to bring it down and get a better angle with the camera ill. Bring this down a little bit, bring it down, it does drift and i did try to adjust it a couple different again, its a 50 drone.

So for 50 bucks you cant complain and it works pretty well and the cameras not bad. Actually it is the 720p, so its not terrible, but it does do a nice job, all right cool guys. So what do you think tell me what you think dont forget to like share and subscribe if youre enjoying the video, it is a very cool little drone, it does work. Well, let me land it again. One touch landing as you can see there, it does land on its own, all right guys. I just want to give you some bonus footage here. This is bonus, footage just me flying it around and holding the gopro just walking around it and just giving you a three a 3d view of like what it looks like when its in the air and its just kind of cool im just going all around it. With my gopro and just its kind of cool so enjoy this footage, dont forget to stay tuned to the rest of the video to the end um and its really really really kind of cool drawing. I really really do like it. I do enjoy it and i do definitely recommend 50 bucks. No question ill leave a link down below in the description where you can pick up uh something similar to this uh great cant go wrong for the price and also it does work. It actually lasted. Quite a while actually so i was very impressed with the time of flight time and its really cool so enjoy this little piece here and ill see you at the next review – and i appreciate you tuning in and watching this review uh on this cool drone.

I know you watched the unboxing a lot of you did and youre looking for the finished product, and here it is so, i hope, youre enjoying it really really nicely love it. Love it love it. This works super super cool. I really like this drone. Quite a bit easy to fold easy to take with you in your pocket runs around. I dont know maybe 10 12 minutes before it has to be charged. You get a couple extra batteries, 50 bucks, a great great drone to start out with really really easy. Foldable portable, it works perfect. I love it very, very much its actually its a great deal so im gon na do some more drone videos. Im gon na get some more stuff gon na get some more cool videos. Im gon na get some newer drones. Im gon na try things out and just really experiment with with drone flying because ive never done it before. So it seems kind of cool and very, very different. So i do love it all right guys. I appreciate it hope you learned a little bit about how to take off and how to land. You can see that very easy to sink. Like i said, really super simple ill show you one more time again when you first get it, you shut it off. You get the remote off okay again, the sync it all you do is turn on the drone. First turn on the remote.

You go up one down and youre synced thats. All you have to do hit the take off button and it takes right off thats all you have to do pretty pretty easy got. Ta love it all right, guys any questions or any comments leave down below again. This is my first time really doing. The drone thing um kind of cool it does fit. My gopro, as you can see here, just fit my camera, which is really kind of awesome. I appreciate it dont forget to like share and subscribe hit that notification bell and youll be notified next time. I do some cool drone videos im going to make a channel just for the drones um, so im gon na link on my channel for just for drone kind of cool stuff. So youll go right there. You can see all the drone stuff, other kind of cool fun kind of drone things um, so its kind of cool all right guys.