What did you say, honey mmj adventures were on an m j travel adventures. Where are we going uh? We go to rockport massachusetts. Rockport massachusetts, hmm its been, i dont know how long its been since weve been there. If weve even been there, but i was going to say, have we ever been there together, i dont know we may have driven through, but i mean its just a little bit away from gloucester and i know weve been to gloucester, so i dont know if weve Ridden through rockport or not its going to be interesting because it is a frozen tundra out there, its 27 degrees, icicles and snow. Oh yeah, our car is frozen. Our car was frozen solid. It is sunny, so you know thats kind of good right kind of warm up a little bit sunny cloudy overcast, but so we have no idea what to expect. We will see i am dressed in layers. I can barely lift up my legs. I have like thermal pants on and then a pair of pants on top of my thermals, i have a thermal undershirt on and then i have a heavy sweater on top of that and i have a coat a scarf and a tight knit headband. I would love to have worn my blue one that nora knits made me from canada to match my scarf, but the knit is lo, it is lighter, so i dont have to squirt it looser, but so this is tight and itll keep my ears warm yeah, especially As we get closer to the ocean, we are going to get close to the ocean, so yeah so well.

Bring you along well see what what happens on our m j adventure havent had an m j adventure. Well, anything weve called an m j adventure in a while Music. Oh what yeah, theyre cold, you think yeah. I know how long im going to stay over here. I know huh. So do we know where we are. I dont really know um. Is this kpn yeah were on cape ann? I dont know the name of the beach but definitely low tide. It sure is its pretty cool, actually yeah. So this would be a good test for my gopro, because ive been walking now im doing the selfie side. Put my hood on my heads cold, but yeah. This is kind of cool the rivets of the ocean water waves. Look at that house up there huh i wouldnt mind living there. I know i think we can live there. No cant afford it. I should have done this on the way down, but so this is what rocky point you said: yeah rocky something or other rocky neck rocky neck lets see what we can see up here at rocky neck, downtown area Music. These guys arent shy at all huh Music. Music, Music, foreign Music. I got a picture of that risky business. I was gon na say what you pointing at. Did you bring my leash? I didnt bring your leash. Do you need it well? Well have to be careful uh! Oh look at that.

We couldnt come without. Oh look at this honey good thing. You didnt bring your drone okay, yeah theyve added that on as an afterthought yeah. Maybe i think i definitely probably want something i can attach this to like. If i want to just hang it on my neck Applause, so here we are another m j adventure. Alabat point state park is in rockport. Massachusetts wed never visited the park before, but it was really cool had lots of walking trails and it went right out into a point that overlooked the ocean. It was really awesome to do, although it was extremely cold on the day that we went off season. Parking is free in season. You do have to pay for parking, they do have restroom facilities available and picnic areas as well, so its really nice. Well, that is really cool. Is that not cool yeah? Oh my gosh thats, unbelievable. Its like a query is that what you call it a quarry, a quarry that was the name of the beatles original band. They were called the quarrymen really thats rather cool. Is this a yeah? It is Music chilly, just a little bit ah yeah, even at 32., its chilly, oh lordy, getting ready, um, see that way out there aisle shoals really thats, like i guess it should be. Applause. Put my gloves on hello im, pretty well doing everything in my gopro. You know almost all day if your cell phone picks, but maybe four give me.

So what do you think of this place, pretty cool yeah? Would you want to come back in season? You know warm weather yeah probably have to pay. Well, i dont know if youre doing up youll probably come back in like april huh. Okay sounds good. The followers are starting to move yeah. That sounds good. Did you just say if we remember yeah well, do a calendar entry and set up a reminder? Yeah life gets in the way, oh its, like that place would go to the giant staircase name. One of the fingers i just dont, remember which one down by cricks crossing, maybe Applause, hit the table. Sonny see now its recording. I just dont know how to i im sure i could do a self timer, but its recording. We are in gloucester yeah, right by the fisherman by the fishermen, just a working, pier theres, a sailboat out there, you think its so cold and theres, a sailboat out there and jays gon na fly. What have you named, mr drone? Anything? No, nothing! Yet! Music lying up into the so it was a little bit windy as you can see by some of the rocky motions of the drones, but flying over gloucester harbor was really pretty cool. Gloucester harbor is a working harbor and it is really popular. You know, obviously, with commerce and all that, but its starting to get really popular with voters. Recreational boaters located about like 25 miles northeast of boston and its in essex county massachusetts.

Look at how pretty these buildings are theres a little over 30 000 people that call gloucester massachusetts home. So it is a big city. It does have several different villages that incorporate the town so its awesome. They they made movies down here. The perfect storm, i think, was filmed down here, a number of other movies and things of that nature were filmed in this area and so flying the drone over gloucester harbor was a pretty cool Music, so youre going to try to bring them in and land them Right down here somewhere – and here he comes for his final descent and its so funny. I always love when we have the clips of the drone coming down, because this j and the harbor is a mess isnt it but and there i am walking up and im using my gopro filming him. While this is happening, oh my gosh, it was so much fun, though so its a its kind of like a foggy kind of it is it is kind of yeah except my eye. You know its im always wearing my eyeglasses, because the light hurts my eyes but jay and i are on our way to go meet my sister and my mother and were going to tellys right yeah and thats a little local, local, restaurant thats, very popular local restaurant. In the town of epic so were having a late lunch or a early early dinner, which means that well be home with plenty of time to veg out in our jammies and be in the living room and make you a bottle of wine or something bottle.

One. Oh a drink whatever, maybe oh, my gosh right so christmas is over with babes and new year. Is this tomorrow, any any uh any any parting words of wisdom to 2021 yeah bye, bye, dont? Let the door hit you in the arse yeah bye, bye, 2021. yeah. It was it wasnt that bad of a year um, i mean there was a lot of good things that happened, but it yeah. There were a lot of good things that happened to us personally right in that sense, um. We we worked hard. We you know, we achieved some of our our goals, but then we had some very, very sad things in 2021. Thankfully, though, you know those sad things, my brother, you know im talking about my brother. Obviously it could have been very different. His end, you know so im thankful that i perceive he went quick and painless. You know type of thing, but who knows right as opposed to having a lingering, because he wasnt that was a blessing. I think for him yeah, absolutely his life after vietnam was just very sad. I always say he never came home from vietnam. He is physically, he came home, but he was never billy. He was never the same after vietnam sounds really sad but 2021 in. In retrospect, my mother still has her health held her health and and 93 years old and just shes such a pistol. Oh shes, you and i are doing good.

I think uh, our our relationship has always been strong, so you know you have your moments of your stuff. I have my moments of my stuff, but ultimately were usually on the same page yeah. You know so thats a good thing and we like to share a lot of things together. You know which i think is super helpful. We like to do a lot of the same things. Camping, for example, is, is uh. You know one of the things and golfing you like golfing and i dont mind that you like golfing. I didnt know that i was the same thing. You know i was thinking about when we got married. You know – and i wanted you to learn to ski right and you wanted me to learn to golf right. So when were old, we can do these things together, but you cant remake someone in the mold. You want them to be, and you know theyre theyre already molded youre not going to be a skier im, probably not going to be a golfer. I might master riding the golf cart with you thats about it. We like to walk the beach we like to explore. So theres lots of different things that we like to do together, which is like super cool, so yeah and uh. You know as long as we can keep our health next year and my mother stays healthy.