and of course, then i'll always get the commenter. That comes and says you know there are some of us that would like to see rc's over two hundred dollars and so being a youtuber is a lot like having schizophrenia lots of voices in your head, sometimes you're right most of the time, you're wrong, but mine. I just decide to listen to and to do whatever those voices say and they've taken me this far. Yes, my friends, you were looking at something that actually cost me almost well with tax over eleven hundred dollars for this cross rc uc6 112 scale. Six by six with a two speed transmission in it, yeah that's, canada dollars – remember everything i pay for is here up in canada's way more same with the folks down in australia and with new zealand as well. They also paid this kind of money for their. You know higher end products, any products really unbelievable. Look at this. I wanted to do a major kit, something that was going to be a challenge, something that was going to take me some time, something that i could build up to be my own i'll tell you right now. I want to paint it red, not green or black, or anything like that and aged red is what i'm going to be going for making this more of an off road truck just to go out trailing with look at these and listen to this listen watch this That is solid it's one of the heaviest boxes i have ever uh attempted to get uh with a scale truck in it uh.

I think no more blathering on let's go ahead and open up the box and see what's inside now. This one comes with a light kit, but no sound kit and it is incredibly detailed. The last cross rc kit i actually built, was my cross rc pg4 l, which is now known as bumblebeast. There we go oh yeah, okay, so here is going to be the assembly book it's literally it's, like a video game book it's almost as thick as a walk through book, uh 112 scale, looking good the user's manual. I love it all the decals that came with it. It says eight by eight on there, so this must be like a sheet that oh yeah, four by four. This is a sheet they use for a lot. Aha, the chassis rails, beautiful parts, looks like everything is well labeled, i'm, hoping wow. There is a lot to do one two, three four five six seven tires because of the spare of course look at this wow individually, wrapped i was her uh axles. I heard that you should actually take these apart. That was upside down. Sorry guys. Ah, oh there's, a window on the front, look at this nice right on okay, that's cool, so i heard that i should be taking these apart, because there's no grease in them uh, even though this is a second generation of this build, it says uh, i don't Know i'm still gon na take it.

Apart make sure everything is well lubricated, uh huh, so that one's missing that pin on top. I wonder why it doesn't need it. Obviously the hood, the roof. Oh, the motor and transmission fan, that's beefy man and heavy that's part of the weight. Oh there's, all the leaf springs in there. There is a speaker, so it comes with a speaker at least that's good, and then this is going to be for the back and then look at all this yeah. It comes this color folks, i'm going to have to paint this after. I assemble it because the type of glue that i need will actually turn the paint back to liquid uh. If i touch paint with it so that's no good let's see this is going to be the light kit. Yes, very cool and electronics and then, of course, the interior, a seat with a bench and then the battery box, okay, laid out in the important parts. I thought you guys would find interesting across the table. Let'S start on this side with these axles. One thing i noticed when i was doing all this is that they're color coded green, yellow and red. Obviously this is the front steering axle let's, take one of these out and have a look at it. We'Ll look at the steering one there's, a piece of tape. Right up front and then kind of like you're, getting a donut out. Oh nice poked in the end with the axle shafts it is there we go, one side comes out and the other nice.

So this is something i'll be painting. This is going to take me. A long time to do, look at that unbelievable and it's got a very nice weight to it like it's, going to keep this planted for sure they look beefy. I wonder if they can handle a tumble. My my uh, my other cross rc, is taking quite a bit of abuse. Oh, i almost put it to the test right there. Next, in line, i figured we'd have a look at the tire look at this, so let's focus in on that it is nice and sticky and already comes with a bead lock ring installed, so those rims are going to be bead locks, which means the tire is Going to be pinched in between all around this bead, which means it'll, be held in place and will be a sealed tire. So, technically, if i waterproof the electronics or used electronics that were waterproof, i could run this in the water. Now, speaking of the bead lock itself, let's have a look here already painted black looking pretty nice on either side and then you top it off here's the hex adapter on the back it's a cast piece. Look at this. If i can focus in there, we go beautiful, you can see that's where the drive pin would go and then look at this all metal focus hard to focus on this kind of thing, it's very shiny. There look at that all metal that is going to look spectacular, moving on here's the drive shafts in the back, all metal there's, three of them.

They look very straightforward. Hopefully, they're strong made a metal i'm sure they will be, and, of course, we already kind of touched on this i'm not going to open this until it's time, because this is the lighting kit and this speaker is actually a gift, as they say uh. It is a gift that's, nice of them so i'm, not quite sure what the must be a radio antenna or something in there, but it's nice to see that they give you a speaker to encourage you to buy their sound kit here's a couple of the dampeners. I didn't see any other dampeners, but i do see leaf springs right here. These are the main leaf springs and then, of course, as i showed, these are the different leafs that you can add to it: metal brackets metal, leaf, hangers, metal frame, metal, bumper and metal hooks for your bumpers. Can i get that in focus? Please there we go very nice okay, so i need to be towed metal, metal, metal and then, of course, the roof and everything is plastic. Uh. These little hinges i may paint them. I may not. I haven't decided. Let me know what you think in the video description box or in the video comment section down below um, because i always like to read your comments. Let me know if you're even watching right now, are you interested in a project like this uh? So with the battery box, we know what that is everything else on the table.

We basically touched on, except for this now this is the two speed transmission and the motor, which is a 35 turn comes pre installed, ready to rock. I think i'll probably change this out, but it just depends – and here is how it will shift from first gear to second gear on a little servo. Of course, like anything i'll be taking it apart, making sure all the gears gets the grease that they need so i'm, not having any problems out on the trail, but i'll do that when i'm swapping the motor out heck, i might even do it right away. It doesn't matter: okay, moving along all these plastic pieces are just out here. I didn't want to get into the plastic pieces. You guys are going to have to tune into the show. If you want to check out more, i did have a look at the instruction book. Everything has a great exploded view identifying every single piece that's in there and, of course, one of the first things that we get to do is is it tires? Is that what is that? What we're doing right out of the gate, i don't think so, i think we're looking at the motor first, oh yeah, yeah that's. Basically the tire is first. I think that would be a good indicator when it says the number one Laughter anyway guys thanks a lot. Uh leave me a like click.