, a tasty light strike sandwich and more suede here than at a 90s revival. Disco let’s be avenue Music. So this piece of running shoe beauty arrived at the door. I took it out for an initial run. It weighs 287 grams or 10.1 ounces. In my uk size, 11 and a half us size 12.. I calculate about 33 millimeters of stack here in the heel and about 25 millimeters in the forefoot and that converts perfectly to some of the stats that we find on adidas’s website for the shoe 27 in the heel and 19 in the forefoot. So you can see, as the sizes go up there’s a slight increase in the overall stack. This is a shoe i’ve picked up myself, hasn’t been sent to me for review or anything like that at retail, it’s, 110 pounds or earth credits. I picked it up, though, with a discount voucher for around about 88 pounds. Okay, let’s get into the review. How did it hold up upper first, no issues here. On my initial run, the upper appeared a little large actually when i got it on foot, but once i actually cinched the laces down, i achieved a great lockdown without the need for a runner’s knot. This time, zero heel, slip whatsoever. The lateral side of the upper has a few additional eyelets, not as many as you see on the adios pro, but at least there is a little bit of configuration possible if you need it.

I haven’t need to enter into any lacing shenanigans this time around. I just have a lovely glove like support here from the upper of the adios 6. people have been a gog at the inclusion of suede here in the upper of the latest adidas shoes. It’S not a massive surprise to me, though we saw it in the adios iv. We have got it around the toe guard here, also around the last eyelets, and also the first to me, it’s a wonderful inclusion and brings back memories of fantastic past adidas footwear, it’s. Just a nod to those classic adidas shoes that we’ve all loved from perhaps back in the 90s aside from the single layer mesh that we find here on the adios 6 there’s. A partial booty construction involving the tongue and the tongue is very similar in terms of construction to the one that you find on the adios pro you’ve got some structural straps around part of the foot closer towards the forefoot. They just further improve the foot hugging properties. I laced them up, got out there and was none the worse for wear a solid heel counter here and ample cushion some people might find it too much, but i thought it was just right vastly better upper fit than the acell 20.2. I think the original adidas dna is here within the adios 6 and a more traditional running, shoe vibe, i suppose from the upper it doesn’t feel like you’ve got a bin bag on your foot, that’s for sure.

Just feels like a well constructed and designed shoe lace length is on point absolutely zero dislikes for me here. They’Ve absolutely nailed it from my opinion, one of the most comfortable running shoes, i’ve, worn in a long long time, i’m, going to give it a three out of three for the upper after my initial run before we get into the next part of the video guys. It really does help the channel out if you give this video a thumbs up like and also hit that subscribe button and click the bell below for notifications of when we roll out the new videos for you. Thank you midsole now, the midsole here in the adios 6 is like an ingenious puzzle. You’Ve got to fit here between the light strike and then the light strike pro material, it’s kind of like an insert. When you flip the shoe over, you can actually see where the different parts join together. They slot together perfectly and it makes for a really wonderful underfoot experience. The torsion system as well on the underside of the shoe, helps to kind of lock all the pieces together. It’S, smooth it’s cushioned it’s engaging, and you might not believe me, but the shoe that it reminds me most of – is nike’s air zoom tempo next percent. The adios 6 dares you to land on that light, strike pro material here in the mid foot and the forefoot of the shoe. So if you are a heel striker, the light strike in the heel will cushion the impact and then roll you off onto that.

Much more springy light strike pro material under the midfoot it’s. Absolutely not what i expected from this shoe, but it’s very, very welcome and enjoyable. The shoe helped me to keep in that tempo zone easily. Today. Pace is round about seven minutes 30 per mile or four minutes 40 per kilometer. The midsole foam felt better and better the more and more i ran in the shoe and it’s just a lovely balance between those two phones, it’s just right. The positioning of the light strike pro foam can actually be found by removing the insole. You can clearly see where the light strike ends and the pro phone begins it’s just spot on for me great job adidas. I see little reason why you couldn’t race in these shoes, really i found picking up the pace very easy. I urge you not to be put off by the weight here. Some people will say so it’s too heavy. I can’t use that as a race, shoe they’ll, say it’s too heavy and just dismiss it offhand without even testing it out on foot. I always try to be honest with you guys if something’s trash, i tell you if i enjoy it, i’ll tell you i enjoyed this shoe today. It’S, almost like a takumi send style implementation of the light strike pro foam here, just under the mid foot through to the forefoot this time. No obviously, with that much softer, squashy foam rather than boost, i think it’s a winner for people that will prefer a more responsive sort of ride.

I wouldn’t suggest this is a shoe that you want to go for if you want loads and loads of cushion in the heel, this isn’t it firmer in the heel more forgiving in the forefoot, even at those slower, easier paces for me, which around about eight minutes Per mile, or around about five minutes per kilometer, the shoes still felt really nice, as i said, not a shoe for the seekers of mass cushion a more responsive ride, but at this price it’s on the money, i wouldn’t change a thing at all about the midsole. Here whatsoever, listen pop from the torsion system and i really love the light strike pro in the mid foot felt great today, i’m, going to give this a 3 out of 3 for midsole. After my initial run, outsole now it’s darn good, but i wouldn’t suggest it’s perfect. Some people will dislike the very hard and rigid nature of that torsion plate and the rubber just here in the midfoot it’s, tough guys. It really is absolutely fine for me, but i think for some runners it was just going to be too hard a ride, the traction teeth and floor fins grip the ground. Just like my nine month old grips’s silicon spoon. We know that continental rubber holds up well over time, but it’s clear that adidas have tried to minimize the amount of rubber here to lower the weight. They’Ve tried to remove as much of it as possible without sacrificing traction.

I have to say quite a lot of debris got caught up in the fins today, even though a good 60 of the run was on concrete and road loads of twigs, small stones and dirt did get clogged up in the fins. So do be aware of that, if you’re, a gravel or grit based fun seeker, i think we’re, all one of those aren’t we, i can be a runner if you’re, not a fun seeker of gravel and grit. The outsole works pretty well for me, though, across my normal terrains and combined with that upper and midsole, it makes for a wonderful combination. I’Ll give it a 2.7 out of 3. After my initial runs for the outsole, we got to talk value now value wise. I got ta say i’m, absolutely blown away by this shoe. I mean this is a good 50 grams, lighter than the pegasus 38 that came out recently from nike and it’s, vastly more cushioned than that shoe and it’s only five pounds more that’s, all five pounds more expensive. What is going on here? What are adidas trying to do? I mean this shoe kind of makes the adi zero pro a little obsolete to me. Sadly, and it’s only a touch heavier than the adios pro. What we’re talking about 10 grams? Something like that it’s a strange but very welcome addition to the running. Shoe lineup from adidas and we’ve got a performance shoe here with their top phone great fit and some real pace shops for only five pounds.

More than nike’s considerably heavier daily, offering there’s fewer shoes around really with this type of level performance and at that price. So for me, it’s a surefire nailed on three out of three for value. I don’t think anyone will disagree with me on that that picks the shoe up, which makes the adidas adi zero adios 6 one of the highest rated shoes so far on the channel. So if i’ve totted the scores up correctly, that gives me an 11.7 out of 12 for the adidas adizero adios 6. Music got ta, say guys. I am really enjoying this one, everything about it, aesthetically. I think it looks on point. I mean what a beautiful shoe have you picked up the adios 6 guys. I know that loads of you had quickly got in to grab your pears there’s a whole host of stuff out at the moment. It’S it’s madness, sheer madness. I’M, looking forward to getting out in this again soon and i’m, pretty sure i’ll take it up to 100 relatively quickly. I know you like footage of a middle aged man running around the countryside, so brace yourselves, because here it is good morning guys out nice and early today, testing out the early zero adios 6. it’s, nice and cool now it’s going to be another scorcher here today. In the uk, a classic trading estate loop, downhill motoring, pretty fast, enjoying these new shoes, although i did almost take a spill and crash into some cars that were stationary because i stepped on a massive log.

I just didn’t see, and i think the knee is all right. I voted twinge a bit, but i think we’re, okay, bye man, let’s switch back to my normal track now my normal route to see how they hold up on some gravel it’s going to be hot. Today, it’s going to be seriously warm glad, they came out now and it doesn’t look like it. But what i think adidas have got here is their take on the tempo next attempt thermal foam at the back and then like strike pro at the front it’s. Just like that shoe, and it feels like it too, so you might like it or you might not yeah it’s, only a shoe that makes you want to run a little faster than anticipated, which is no bad thing. I had good rest yesterday. I only did like an easy through my effort and then just enjoyed the rest of the day and uh felt really recovered. Feel good. Now let’s press on shout out to that from the local running club, good, to see you out there and uh good consistency as well getting out there almost every day. So just taking my foot off the gas for the last half a mile done seven and they flew past absolutely fully passed, not sure i feel the extra weight there. This shoe is heavier than the adios pro and certainly having the adios 4. I think it’s, probably around about the same weight as the audi zero pro.

I think the price is really attractive as well. You know you can’t lose really at that price. I think they could sell a few of these there’s a little section here, which is right near the end of my route, and you guys often comment that i’ve sprinted up here, but i haven’t it’s just that it’s uphill and it’s. The last thing you want as you’re coming towards him: do you run because it really does push you harder, yeah shout out to my buddy amado. I think these might really work for you. They’Ve got just the right balance between light strike, which i know you like, and also light strike pro in the forefoot. So yeah upper fits nice, and i mean you can even wear these as like a casual type shoe. I see no reason why you couldn’t, i thought someone was heckling me then, but it wasn’t it was actually a trainer full of sheep that were barring that’s. How paranoid i am i’m afraid of sheep. Now yeah do check these out mardu. I think i think you’ll enjoy them. I really do okay, let’s get back to the studio. I hope you all didn’t get too excited from that, because you know running footage is extremely exciting. Stuff, i’m, not sure i’m gon na be getting any drones, or anything like that to follow me i’m, not sure that that’s something people need that something people want plus a fact: there’s a drone no fly zone in most of my town.

So there we go a musical interlude as usual today, it’s from swade, with their debut album, suede there’s, so many great tunes on this album. Although i did pick up a reissue, i think it must have been a few years back now that had like an improved version of this debut album where they switched out a few tracks and inserted some of the b sides, which kind of make it a much More cohesive, album she’s not dead and pantomime horse, some of my favorite tracks from this one. I love burner butler’s guitar on here, it’s vicious at times with loads and loads of distortion, yet other times very melodic, where he’s using some delay and some wire effects and some phasers as well. To achieve these wonderful, very complex, almost puzzle like guitar sections, there’s loads of different guitar parts, and they all kind of mix in together and rise and fall at different points. To give you this really wonderful, dynamic, feel to the songs. Metal mickey is a fantastic tune as well. I remember first hearing that on mtv or something being blown away, just sounded so different, and i really like the fact that the band just looked different to a lot of the other groups that were around at the time. Weren’T really cool suede, uh brit pop band; they, i guess they were more sort of like grunge influence group. Of course, when bernab left they went on to become a bigger band, you could say had some very big hits.

I remember the beautiful ones and saturday night were massive, but i think i prefer bernard butler’s version of suede, though i think i prefer bernard butler’s version of suede more than the latter one so do go and check that one out suede by suede, suede, okay, cats. Thanks for tuning in to the very end, it’s much appreciated, if you haven’t done so already, please hit that subscribe button and click the bell below for notifications of when i launch those new videos for you, and it really does help the channel out.