So the alistar is a new big max cushion shoe in 8 ss range. It costs 120 pounds in the uk or 130 dollars in the us. Its got a six millimeter drop from heel to toe and, as you can imagine from the size, its quite a heavy shoe, it weighs 336 grams in my uk 9 or 11.9 ounces. Now the weight is not hard to see where it comes from. Youve got a really big, well developed upper with lots of padding and, of course, this huge midsole with uh two kinds of foam in it and theyre new foams, ready, thats weve got the repetitor foam in the front and then repetitor, plus at the back. Now the plus stuff is eva its harder. I designed to create a bit more stability around heel strikes and then youve got the slightly softer repetitive foam at the front there. So youve got this dual density: midsole with a very pronounced rocker design to kind of smooth. You through your foot, strike and help you tick along on kind of long slow runs thats. What adidas is building the shoe as its a long slow run, shoe shes. Quite a niche idea, but yeah like lots of match kitchen shoes is built more for easy stuff. In general, um youve also got a kind of bucket seat design here. So, although obviously looks incredibly high at the back that your foot does sit quite securely in the back of the shoe a bit like kind of hocker of damage shoes.

For a few years now, youve got a bit of a heel bevel there again smooth the transition from heel to toe and quite a pronounced kind of effect there to try and counter over pronation. There are a few stability elements to the shoe in general. Along with that kind of thermofoam, at the back that kind of slanting angle there on the foams and then the uppers got you know a few reinforced sections around the shoe to try and stop you kind of slipping around and then quite a firm section at the Back here again to create a bit more stability, all in all, for you know, very high max cushion shoe theres lots of stability elements here to make sure it doesnt create an unstable ride, with all that cushioning the upper also has mesh sections as well as a Kind of mid foot cage to wrap the foot and then loads of padding on the tongue. I mean the tongue is as thick as my arm and then theres a load of padding around the collar there as well. You know theres no hiding what the shoes for its full comfort. You know its designed for easy stuff and youve got all the padding there to kind of really drive home. That point, along with this kind of big big midsole and the outsole, has a bit of a cut out as i guess it saves them a few grams on the weight and then a nice good, covering of continental rubber adidas does great outsoles.

I think its fair to say that this constant drop is really good. Its really durable grips really well, i dont know ive barely made a mark in it after kind of 75k of running in the shoe fit for me, then i ran in a uk and a half which is my size, and i think i would stick true to Size in these, despite the fact theres an awful lot of padding, which makes these kind of a snug fit overall across the whole foot theres just about enough room in the toe box. For me, i think, and despite the fact that you know most a lot of adidas shoes come up narrow. These dont seem to do that, so i would recommend going true to size, so the ali star fit me true to size its got a really comfortable. You know upper design, it holds the foot really nicely for my run test. Then ive done about 40 miles in the adi style, its been a mixture of 10ks and a long, very slow plod. You know my kind of at the outer limits of my kind of slower pace. All those runs have pretty much been done like that. I have done a couple of miles where ive just popped it up to see how it runs when its a bit fast, but most of its been done as the shoe intended at slower, slower paces. As i said in our first run, review first thing: i think youll notice about this – is they look mad out of the box? You know massive kind of chunky, oversized soles.

You know theres a huge amount of padding. Youve got this tongue. That sort of looks like my 90s la gear tongue, and you know i was actually surprised at how well they run. They look like a shoe that isnt going to run well. They feel like a shoe when you first put them on that wont, run well when you get them out, theyre, actually quite surprising. I was actually expecting to dislike this shoe its really not kind of my thing, i like something i like less shoe in my shoe. Basically, but they run much better than they look, despite being a really heavy shoe, they actually dont feel for me anyway. I didnt really feel like they felt that heavy on the run, which was another surprise. I think the other thing thats notable despite the fact youve got this big stack of midsole foam youve got two different sort of foam densities. They dont feel squishy like some shoes that are designed for this purpose. I think its actually quite a firm ride, though i think youve got an insole that actually is a bit softer and that kind of bucket, like sort of scoop, fit that i think make that softens the overall ride, making them a little bit sort of more comfortable To run long and slow, but overall, despite all of that kind of cushioning going on, i didnt really find them to be that kind of super soft cushioned ride that some other shoes offer id say that shoes like the bondi, the bondi x, the nova blast and The puma velocity nitro all run a little bit softer now.

The other thing id say is i didnt find youve got a huge amount of response here, its more of a kind of a roll than a punch with these shoes. None of that kind of squish and response that youll find with some other shoes, but i guess thats not really the point here. This shoe isnt really designed to be sort of firing you, along top higher paces, its basically designed for you to keep you kind of comfortable over very, very slow, slow, longer miles, and i really enjoyed it actually when i used it for that purpose. Im just sort of easing back from having covered, so i use these for sort of longer, so its very, very slower miles at the outer edges of my pace. So im talking about nine and a half minutes to ten minute miles for me. Normally, i might be running something from like six or seven minute miles so its at those edges, where im just out sort of plodding easing back and keeping my heart rate very low, and i thought they handled those really well, particularly up to a certain distance. The one thing when i got into that kind of long two hour run, i thought towards the end. I was just starting to feel a little bit of foot fatigue that did make me question whether or not id like to go into the kind of three or four or five hour mark. With these you know, considering would you go and run? You know a really sort of slow and steady marathon.

I i dont know if i would, i think, maybe if you sort of have to build up to doing that in these shoes theyre, not quite as forgiving as some other options that are out there. But overall, i think there is good comfort here if you like, a really heavy padded shoe that you know youre getting a lot of sort of super plushness around the heel collar that tongue, although massive and sort of slightly crazy. Actually it does. You know it does have this kind of enveloping feel around the top of the foot, the the uppers again, you know theres lots of overlays its all quite sort of dense mesh, and this is all kind of wrapping the foot and holding you kind of tight and Secure and it just sort of feels a little bit like youre putting on you know a layer thats holding you in place. Youve also got this big kind of wide base and also, although youve got a high stack of foam, i actually think that wide base makes these a really sort of stable shoe for such a high stack. So youve got a bit of sort of comfort protection from that stability. There too, with this shoe, you know that was a little bit reminiscent of something like a nike infiniti react for me. You know the other shoe that ive likened it to. In the first run, video was the hoka torrent, although thats made for sort of off roading a bit, it had a similar vibe to me in terms of the kind of firmness of the soul and the sort of wide platform that you get from that now i Dont think its any surprise.

This is the most hoka shoe that weve seen from adidas yet and a lot of the familiar kind of the dna of hocus sort of carried over here, youre getting sort of that high stack youre, getting that kind of rocker motion getting the bucket seat, so theres A lot of hocus sort of ideas i think coming through in this shoe just that youre getting an awful lot more kind of pronounced padding than you might find in in most hockers. The other thing ill compliment on these shoes that continental outsole rubber, you know, does offer a lot of grip. I think good durability, the grip i didnt get to test it. Sort of going around corners really fast because i wasnt moving fast, but it does grip on kind of even on kind of wet manhole covers and bits and pieces like that would normally be a bit slippy. I found this had good grip, so thats a bonus, and i think the other thing to note from these shoes they are built to last. You can see the durability on these. I think, is going to be really good. That foam doesnt feel like its going to compress too much and deaden too much its already sort of quite firm, and everything just feels like its going to stay put these. These are the kind of shoes that i expect to be mowing. The lawn in in kind of a 15 years time and then still to feel like they havent, really changed very much so ive done 75k of running in the addis style.

I used it for most of my runs last week and ive done kind of two long slow runs in the shoe, which is what adidas suggests its for and like kieran. I was really pleasantly surprised by how it performed you know. When i opened the box, it was a bit kind of what is this. You know it does look too big, basically, but actually, when youre out on the run, it runs a lot lighter than it is it even feels a bit kind of smaller than it is when youre running a kind of easy miles. It just ticks over really smoothly, and i was you know pretty surprised by how it felt on the run like i have enjoyed pretty much. Every run, ive done in the shoe, and i kind of didnt expect to im not a huge user of max cushion shoes. I find theres so many really good, versatile options on the market today that are really well cushioned or still being quite light and the edit start isnt those it is really a shoe built for kind of one purpose, but it does do its job really well. On that front like it is fun to use for those kind of easy runs and even going up to kind of 90 minutes twice, i didnt feel like it felt big or unwieldy or firm at the end of those runs, it felt very comfortable and i think Id be quite happy to take over in it for longer distances as well, when you are in slow paces, the heft of it isnt really noticeable id say that, like it, doesnt feel kind of cumbersome or heavy.

You can also ease through the gears on kind of long, runs and end up running a bit faster at the end, and it was fine if you go out, you know with express intent of running at pace. Obviously, it feels a bit unnatural, so i took it to the track for one run, just just for a bit of fun. I was doing 20 times 400 in kind of four sets of five reps, and so the first set of five reps i did in the addie star just to see you know what its like running kind of 75. Second 400s in this shoe and yeah. It didnt feel great, you know it is a really big shoe like you could still run fast in it got a reasonably smooth turnover, but then i swapped the endorphin speed run shield. You know its noticeable how much lighter and faster that shoe felt on the foot, because that is a versatile shoe and this isnt, the versatile shoe its built for one purpose, and it does do its purpose. Well, uh one thing i did notice that it really to run at its best. It had to be on quite smooth pavement. I found i was on a road of lots of potholes and kind of cracks and stuff like that, or you know little ridges, where the kind of asphalt was kind of you know, volcanoed up a bit um, it didnt run a smooth tool. He really needs that full kind of ground contact with a smooth road to get the nice rocker effect.

I think uh, so that might be worth considering if you do live in somewhere with really bad road maintenance but yeah all in all its been a pretty pleasant. Surprise yadi star um ive enjoyed running in here and, if youre sticking to those kind of slow runs in it, it does deliver in a way that you really wouldnt expect it to when you just look at it, so the eddystar does its job and if youre, Looking for a max cushion shoe uh that is quite stable and maybe a bit firmer than a lot of the options out there, it does really provide that option, so one that i shoot to compare it to is probably the adidas ultra boost ive only used the Ultraboost 21 – i havent tried the 22 yet, but i did prefer the star to the ultra boost now, theyre, both quite heavy shoes, but i the way this shoe ride that really smooth rocker. I found it just more enjoyable to use. I did find the edge style. Could get a bit bulky and heavy at times and just felt a bit clunky on the foot, whereas this for all its size and weight doesnt like it, is very smooth and enjoyable to run in. I personally, i dont, like i say, tend to use max cushion shoes myself like i prefer something like the puma velocity nitro when it comes to cushion shoes just a lot more versatile, lighter nimbler shoe and its still very comfortable.

But if you are, you know looking for a max cushion shoe, i think its one of the better options out there that ive tested now, if youre looking for a mexican shoe with a kind of similar vibe, but in a much lighter package. The sketches max road 5 is a great option like its because it uses sketches hyperburst foam that, even though its got a huge stack, its very lightweight that shoe. I found that the kind of rocker in actually was a little bit intrusive. It was so pronounced and i did prefer ticking over in easy miles in the addie star, but the sketch is certainly more versatile and works kind of as a general daily trainer that has a big mac stack and a nice big rocker. And then i think my favorite kind of max cushion shoe at the moment. If im going to be using any its the nike invincible um, i think thats, just a really fun ride, its very soft and bouncy and its quite versatile. It is lighter than the alistar, but also its just got a you know, more propulsive ride because of the zoom x foam in the midsole, and i did find i could use that for a range of runs more comfortably. The added style really is a shoe that just fits that niche of easy run max cushion shoe like you know, and you know in todays market i think theres. So many versatile options that you know makes it slightly harder sell.

But for people who do like having a dedicated, easy shoe its a really strong option, if you like a firmer ride and you need more stability and something like the invincible is going to provide, you know this is a good option, its a little bit cheaper than Lots of max cushion shoes at 120 pounds and its also you know going to be built to last like it really feels like, like i said 75k in the shoe, might well apart from a bit of dirt, might as well be fresh out of the box. I think this is going to last a lot of miles very comfortably its not going to go into my rotation just because yeah i just dont feel the need for this much cushion, and if i did, i would still go for the invincible myself, but yeah its A compelling option that i think will work for lots of people. You can just tick over your easy miles on this, its going to protect the legs, its going to feel quite good on the run um and its going to last a long time. So, as i certainly issue, i think you shouldnt rejudge, just based on how it looks it runs much better runs much lighter than its kind of size and weight, but its still a shoe. That is only going to tick that box as an easy day shoe it doesnt really have versatility. I think theres lots of great options out there on the market that are a little bit more versatile right now.

So my verdict then well. These shoes are a little bit of surprise. They look bonkers, they dont run as bonkers as they look. I actually have enjoyed running in these at those very slower paces and particularly kind of a 10k out at the outer reaches of my pace. I thought they performed really well, my first sort of run back when i was coming back from covid, where i had to take it nice and steady. They ran like a dream. I dont normally like shoes like this, as well as an awful lot going on. I, like things to be a little bit more simple, but i did find that they did the job. Well, you know, if youre a runner who wants to run in some kind of with beefed up comfort its like a you know: plush kind of saloon, bucket seat, ride, thats sort of super hugging, then at slower paces. Then i think these are an interesting shoe, though, if youre doing more varied runs across a sort of more varied range of paces and and distances. Im, not sure that these stand up to other shoes out in the market. Theyre not quite as versatile as other shoes that can handle that slower pace, but can also ramp things up when you need them to so, i think its quite hard actually to recommend them over some other more versatile shoes. In my money, these scores speak to two trends that have come into the into the shoe market.

One is a sort of trend for super niche shoes that kind of do one job and then the second trend is for shoes that do it all rounders. You know those kind of super versatile shoes that come in you know around 100 to 150 pounds, but have a huge range can go, very easy, can go, sort of fast can take in those tempo runs, and these sort of come into that sort of former of That these are a shoe that i feel like its kind of laser focused into one job, and you know, unless youre building a rotation with just sort of very, very distinct shoes, very seriously, im, not sure i would go for this. I theres so many shoes that offer the versatility, i think, on value alone. There are other shoes that i would recommend. First, you know i dont think it beats the likes of the hoka rincon 3. I dont think it beats a regular bondi. You know things like the nike infinity react. I think the saucony ride. 14 are all shoes that can handle those easy models and offer you the protection, the cushioning. But let you kick up the pace when you need to as well so offer a little bit more value for money. So while i like this running shoe a lot, i think for me, i dont think it would make it into my rotation unless all you want to do is run slow and easy, and this is the one shoe youre going to use to do that over and Over again, i think there are there are better shoes out there, though i do think its a really interesting shoe from adidas thats.

It guys thats our review of the aos alistar uh. Let us know in the comments what you think of the shoe.