Amazon let’s, take it for a ride. The add motor m66 r7 follows the typical step through moped design, with a low slung frame and a long padded saddle there’s enough room up there for two riders and you even get strong fold down passenger foot pegs. To give your rider a nice secure feeling now something that immediately sets this particular moped style e bike, apart from the others, is the inclusion of a foot platform for the rider. Theoretically, you can put your feet up on this platform, though in actual use. I found it to be a bit odd feeling, since it left your knees kind of high up. Maybe this would be comfortable for some riders who don’t want to rest their feet on the pedals, but i guess i’m old fashioned because i’m, a feed on the pedals kind of guy Music in terms of performance. The bike follows your standard class 2 specs, meaning a rear 750 watt motor that powers the bike up to a top speed of 20 miles per hour. In practice, i was able to go into the settings and remove the speed limit, which got me closer to around 22 and a half miles per hour, not a huge gain, but any extra speed is always nice. Music. The battery is a fairly common 48 volt and 14 amp hour unit for 672 watt hours of capacity. They’Ll tell you that can get you a maximum range of 50 miles, or so, but as usual that’s the ideal conditions range when you’re using something like level 1 pedal assist if you’re a throttle heavy rider.

Half of that range is more reasonable than the full range and maybe you’ll hit two thirds. If you’re doing some actual pedal assist on level two or three the pedal assist does go up to level five but it’s. Just a basic cadence sensor, not a fancy or torque sensor. So if you put it all the way up at level, five it’s, basically working like full throttle. The only problem with pedal assist on this bike, which is pretty much the same problem that most electric moped style e bikes have, is that the frame is not really meant for good pedaling form. You get that high knees thing again since you can’t adjust the seat. I found that scooching forward or backward on the seat could help me get close to comfortable, but still this is definitely not a typical pedaling e bike, so you should not expect to spend hours pedaling this thing it’s, just not a comfortable, long term peddler. This is a getting around moped, so most people are gon na ride it on throttle only yeah, you can pedal the pedal. Assist works. Just fine and it’s doable it’s, just not ideal. With this type of frame and saddle these moped style e bikes have trade offs and poor pedaling ergonomics is one of them. That being said, what you lose in pedaling ergonomics, you gain in overall ergonomics. The saddle is nice and comfortable it’s nicely padded, and you get these high bars, which give you a sort of cruiser feel really.

The only odd ergonomics issue is how far you have to reach to get back to that rear mounted kickstand. Now, generally, i do like when the kickstand is this far back. It means it doesn’t get caught in the pedals when you’re pushing the bike backwards. The problem is it’s so far back that it’s kind of hard to engage while you’re on the bike. Applause, obviously it’s not a huge deal and some people will just hop off and then engage the kickstand or they’ll remember to kick it up before they get on the bike. But if you do forget, it’s a bit of a reach to get back there, otherwise, i’m. Pretty happy with the feel and the design of the frame and the geometry: you even get 80 millimeters of suspension travel from that dual crown fork up front, while you could theoretically do some off roading or dual sport riding thanks to that front. Suspension it’s not like this is a serious off road e bike, so don’t expect to go all evil knievel on me. This is really an urban oriented moped with a bit of front suspension to smooth out the ride and that’s where this bike really excels. It comes with full metal, fenders and lights, which are both important features for commuters and urban riders, and i, like those mag wheels since you don’t, have to worry about individual spokes loosening up over time or coming out of true, especially if you were to bang your Wheel on something in the city, which is a pretty common occurrence for a lot of us that use our bikes for utility purposes now, one of my immediate criticisms of the bike is related to the lighting and it’s that the rear light is not powered by the Main e bike battery that means eventually it’s gon na run out of juice and you’re gon na have to swap the batteries.

I really hate that when manufacturers don’t just run everything off of the main pack, it does have one advantage, which is that the light will work. Even if your main battery is dead and you’re left pedaling home at night, and that might be an excuse for having a system like this, but outside of that one very specific case. It’S really annoying to me to not have the lights run off of the main battery the headlight does. So why not have the tail light? Do it too? The only other complaint i might lay against the company here is that they did not include hydraulic disc brakes at this price. I would have appreciated the maintenance and power advantages of juice breaks, that’s, not to say that these mechanical brakes aren’t fine. I should be clear and say that they are totally sufficient it’s just that we have more elegant solutions and for 1999 bucks, the current price of the bike hydraulic brakes would have been a nice inclusion but other than the rear light and the brakes. Everything else checks. My boxes, i think there are other interesting electric mopeds out there for similar or lower prices. That also offer a lot of utility, but ad motor definitely contributes to variety in the industry and even has some color options that i don’t normally see in this class of moped. The yellow one is particularly nice, in my opinion, so there’s some added opportunity here for riders that still haven’t found quite what they’re.

Looking for. If this bike was a couple hundred bucks, cheaper, i’d, say it’d be a more compelling offering but it’s still a great e bike at this price. It feels well made it offers nice accessory options and it’s an enjoyable ride. I mean ultimately it’s hard not to have fun on e bikes like these thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that review of the ad motor moton m66. If you did why don’t you give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe, so you won’t miss any of our future electric vehicle videos.