The ad motor m430 may look like a laissez faire electric cruiser bike, but it actually packs in some good performance in a comfortable and laid back e bike package. The rear motor is rated for 750 watts, meaning youve got the max allowable power under us e bike regulations and the out of the box. Speed of 20 miles per hour can actually be removed. If you go into that displays settings which then allows you to unlock the bike up to 25 miles per hour, which granted is only 25 faster, but makes it more than 25 percent more fun. That will impact your range, though riding faster. Now the battery is a large 48 volt and 16 amp hour pack for 768 watt hours of capacity. They say its good for a max range of 65 miles, which is cute dont ever expect to see that much range unless youre riding at about 6 miles an hour in level 1 pedal assist for throttle only operation at 20 miles an hour. Half of that stated range is to be expected. You might get three quarters of the stated range with moderate pedal assist, but either way you slice it a 48 volt and 16 amp hour battery is fairly large and definitely above average. These days, especially for a laid back cruiser bike now as a cruiser bike, the frame style gives you an upright ride: geometry, so youre not hunched over the bars and speaking of those bars theyre only moderately swept back, which i find to be a nice balance of Comfort and control, unlike some extreme cruiser bars that seem to come so far back.

They want to punch in the kidney on a turn with those fat tires and the front suspension fork. The bike feels plenty comfortable when you get it off road, which, to be honest, is most of the fun with fat tires like these whats, the point of carrying all that extra rubber around. If you dont take advantage of the extra comfort it affords not to mention the fact that you can use your newfound off road abilities to take some nifty shortcuts when the situation allows now, those fat tires are going to add to the weight and in fact the Whole bike is a pretty hefty bike at about 73 pounds thats a lot of bike to lug around, but if youre not gon na be lifting it that often, you probably wont notice that extra weight and with a weight capacity of up to pounds, you could fit A lot of different types of riders on this bike. Now we often talk about how step through bikes are sort of for everyone. You know once this was a womans bike, but now its really just an accessible bike, its great for anyone who doesnt really want to throw their leg over a tall rack, especially when youve got this thing loaded up with a lot of cargo or a kids seat. You know thats going to be pretty hard to get your leg over so instead step. Throughs are a lot easier to mount. That being said, the m430 here, the step through part, is a bit higher than i usually see.

So when you go through it, you still have to lift your leg up pretty far, but its a lot better than throwing your leg over that rack thats for sure. Another nice thing about the design of the frame is that you get a lot of included equipment that rear rack comes standard and it matches the paint color of the bike which, by the way, the bike also comes in green blue white black and rose gold. In addition to the cyan color, most e bikes dont have that many color options so thats another nice benefit back to that rack, though, an included rear rack is a great piece of kit, because its not only quite useful but its also often an added up charge From most other companies, the add motor m430 also includes fenders and led lights as standard equipment which, again those are parts that many companies charge extra for so its great to see them included in the base price. Now the rest of the components on the bike are fine. You know nothing. Fancy standard disc, brakes, standard, shimano, seven, speed transmission, we get our bicycle bell or kickstand. Our half twist throttle front mount for an optional basket, its all there, its all fine, nothing too fancy. As i mentioned, i am a big fan of that suspension fork though, and the fat tires as they really make the ride, what it is and the bike is even more nimble than i expected of a laid back cruiser bike.

Now i pumped my tires up a bit higher than i often do for fat tires. Usually i leave fat tires around 15 psi, or so i pump these up to about 20 and man. This thing is just nice and nimble so much more than i expected Music. Lastly, that brings me to the price at 1899 bucks im, not sure this is the best deal out there, but then again there arent that many good options for electric cruiser bikes below 2 000 bucks and compared to something like a cheap, 36 volt townie youre. Getting more performance with higher speed and longer range, but for a lower price. Even so, i wouldnt have minded to see the m430 come in at a couple hundred bucks cheaper at that price itd be a real deal, though even at its current price. I still think youre getting a very nice bike here for laid back cruising type of riding and the fact that you can get so many included parts as standard plus. A wide range of colors is something you just dont find for most companies. So all told id say im very happy with what add motor brings to the table here thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the ad motor m430. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe. So you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.