on this drone? There is no active track feature, however, theres two different methods that i found that allow you to be able to track using this drone. The first is kind of like a hack and then the second is using a third party app that has tracking built into that software. Now i really want the mini 2 to be able to have active track, because the drone is so small and you can take it anywhere, its such a good drone and it can actually get you some really good. Looking footage but active track is very important, especially when youre out as a solo creator, so lets look at the first method, the hack. So what you can do is go into the quick shots and when youre in quick shots, you can use the orbit mode and when youre in orbit mode. If you walk in the same direction that the drone is moving around you and youre moving at a quick enough pace, then the drones not able to actually do the full orbit and it actually just stays off to one side now in terms of the drone. Actually being able to grab onto and lock on, it works super well, like you just click the plus button it locks onto you and then, when you start doing the orbit in the quick shot the drones going to move around and what ive found is that for A little bit the drone might stay off to the side, but eventually its going to try to sweep across and if youre moving faster than your mini 2.

Well, the drone kind of comes up and over and then it ends up twisting and it its either going to turn the other direction or its going to lose. You completely youre only going to be able to use this in very limited situations. If you want just like a side shot of you walking it with a landscape yeah, i mean it could work for a few seconds and it does work as like tracking, but you could easily just use your controller and pull left to right on the right joystick With the drone off to your side and have the controller by your side and you can get the same, looking shot without a whole lot of effort, so the hack method for getting the drone to follow. You really doesnt work that well so lets. Look at the second method, which is using the app lychee in the lychee app. There is the ability to track, and what you do. Is you pinch on the screen and its supposed to lock on to you wherever youre at now playing around with this is just walking im able to grab onto myself and the tracking will basically follow behind so wherever im moving, the drone will follow behind and try To keep the distance and you can see from this example here you know im in a high contrast situation im wearing all black. The trail is very bright and it seems to lock on and be able to hold me as im moving now im, not moving super fast and the drone seems to lock on.

But what happens is the tracking box starts spreading out and getting bigger and bigger? Now theres a normal track mode and then theres a high track mode, which is supposed to be more precision and in both modes. I couldnt really get it to function that well. I was able to get it to lock on sometimes so. I want to try this with a little bit more motion rather than just walking, and i found that as soon as i get on my bike and start moving at a faster speed. The tracking just doesnt work now ive seen online. That people say this tracking works, but from all the testing that ive done, i could not get the drone to stay locked on and be reliable when i need it to be so overall working with these two methods, the orbit hack and the tracking and third party. Neither of them work that well for active track, and it ends up just making it much more frustrating than it needs to be, and you could just get better looking shots if you held the controller in one hand, pushed in a direction and then moved because thats All youre really able to get with either of these active tracks. Anyways.