I started. Editing didn’t have an intro. You know how it goes, but i found kevin so i figured kevin could be in my intro today. We don’t have any special guests in today’s video, except for strings for the pound cake. I see you went for a puppet in today’s video. We ordered this reel offline and we just took it straight to the pond: broke it up and started using it. I’Ll go ahead and tell you right now before the video starts, i really like it it’s a really good reel and i it’s like 100 price point reel, you can buy the combo. I think the combo might be like a hundred dollars in the real. If you can buy accept and i’m, not really sure, probably gon na be like 70 ish dollars, but i will say i have a few like the upper tier reels like the revo stx revo s and it fishes like one of those i don’t understand, because normally You can tell a difference in like the price tier like if you have a 60 rod versus a 200 or 60 reel versus like a 200 reel, you can normally feel the difference, but this one i fished a lot with the stx and i’m telling you this One feels like the stx is here, and this one is like right here with it: it’s the almost feels like the exact same roof, all right guys. We have, we have made it to the water.

We have our max pro rigged up. We put some 30 pound braid on it and we are fishing a top water lure this morning at choco. You know we’d love to see if we can get some top water love from the bass anytime. We go out there’s, just something about top water fishing, guys that i don’t know i have a deep, deep love for it. Any bass that’ll either top water lure. I have respect for so this max pro is a 7 1 1 gear ratio reel. This is pretty real too. I like these all white reels. This max pro is all white and what’s, the other one. I think it’s a zeta z, that’s all white and both of them look pretty tinted teal. If you ask me, we’re out here this morning, trying to get a top water bite, hopefully this jacket isn’t too loud for gopro. It was supposed to rain, but not sure how true that is, because the sun’s out and yeah so yeah guys i’m super excited to. Hopefully, catch some top water fish on this z and i’ll tell y’all what i think of it. So this is. This is the max bro. This is like a new. This is a new reel like, as of last week, knew or a couple weeks ago, like it’s, fresh new for 2021 we’ll, just say that super cool. I think it looks super clean too, and i love these like handles, because they’re super grippy – and these are the type like when your hands get wet or you’ve, been catching fish off of the day they just they stay grippy.

You know so. Hopefully, these grippy handles will help us to catch something big, my fast today. What all do you want from me guys it’s like starting to get to that point where we’ve been having just like the hot days it hasn’t been like just the heat, but just hot. You know, and now we’re starting to get to the point where it’s like you, can feel the heat’s coming like it’s, eight o’clock in this now it’s, almost at the time we’re like. If you want to be able to fish top water, you have to be out of that day break and you have like two hours and after that it’s too hot and this water it was pretty. I don’t think it was like a super cold night last night, but it wasn’t like a super warm one either, and this water’s still kind of warm, so that should make good for last wanting to eat this chop up. Oh there was one: oh there he is. Oh, he let it go, he let it go. You got all all right had our first bite had our first bite. He followed, i wasn’t even looking. I was looking back behind me. Maybe he’ll eat it again if he followed it like that. I don’t think there’s a very big one, but it was a fish for sure guys. So far we have missed three fish, so we could be at three by now, but hey it is what it is.

We’Re gon na hook up on one eventually. Actually, this next one that we this next one that tries to eat it, we’re hooking up on. If we could not do that, big magnificent bird fly out of this bush right here, it’s kind of creepy, then it’s like back there, trying to walk slow. Like i don’t see this four foot bird back here, walking, look at him, he’s just creeping back there dude. I see you he’s like when you play, hide and seek with a little kid and you ask him where he is and they respond. Where are you i’m over here? Like? Are you in here? Oh there’s, our first one let’s go baby. Honestly, it could be a good one because he’s swimming right toward us and also oh, that could be a really good one, because the weight wasn’t. That big, though he’s not super super big, but it is a fish number one for the day if he doesn’t come off because he’s not hooked good, all right, i need you to stop doing that. Dude just come get in the boat. These fish are super aggressive. Here all right, don’t get stuck in these trees right here we need to back up. Oh, he came off, he came off. I knew i had a feeling he was about to come off. We were trying to get out of the trees because he almost had us wrapped up, but hey. We saw our first fish of the day in the very very back of this little creek.

I guess you’d call it. Oh that’s a good one, that’s a good one. Oh man that’s a good one. Oh he kind of scared me can’t. Let him get off, cannot let him get off and we’re not going to let him jump either. I don’t know where he is, though, these fish in here fight. If we land them. This will be our first one, it’s fish number five to land them. First, i think we got them. Look pretty good! Oh yeah, that’s, a good one! Come here, buddy! No don’t! Do that! Stop it! Why are these fish so aggressive in here guys? This fish right here makes up for every fish we didn’t catch today. He’S, not super super big, but he’s heavy. If that makes sense um. If i had to guess all day, this fish is, i think this fish could be. Three i think he’s about a three first fish out of here is about a three, can never be mad at a three pound large amount on the max pro. I like this reel a lot. He felt great honestly. I forgot i was using the new reel. I forgot about what the challenge was for today. I don’t know this combo i mean this reel feels just like all the other ones do. This reel is definitely comparable to like some of the more expensive abu reels like the stx. It kind of feels like that in a way, but oh gosh, that’s a nice fish on the roof.

Our first fish on that reel or our first landing fish is a three i was about to say. Maybe that reel is just bad luck, we’re missing all the fish because of the new reel, but this makes up for all of the lost ones. Nice three. To start off the morning, all right guys letting fish number one go back, he kind of slipped out of my hand. He was a little bigger than what i’m used to releasing. Oh first fish. Oh, i just want to take sit here and take a little break for a minute that took us about an hour to catch the first one ready to land the first one that’s fish number. Five, though great feeling great feeling, when you start to land them and they’re big, you know i’d lose all the little fish all day, i’m, fine with losing the little ones, except for the one that we lost, like the second fish that we lost this morning, i’m. Pretty sure that was probably a pretty big one, but it happens. It’S fishing that’s part of the fun of it. You can’t catch them all. You know that’s what you tell yourself after you’ve lost a 10 pounder, you can’t catch them all it’ll be all right. Oh Applause, fish number two is in the kayak, let’s go baby. I just had one hit right here and then i cast to the other side of it. This might be the same.

One might not not really sure but let’s get them unhooked and we’ll check them out all right guys. Fish number two is nowhere near as big as fish number one, but still fun still a lot of fun. I’M, not sure this is the same one, but on this deeper bank we’ve had or on this bank right here alone, we’ve had a couple more bites than we’ve had in the rest of the lake. So still a lot of fun. All right see you later guys. We have about like perfect condition for this tropo this morning, it’s 10 o’clock, the water is probably about 60 ish degrees somewhere between, like 16 70 degrees. If i had to guess and then it’s like cloudy look at the clouds, it’s just perfect chop up conditions this morning and that would be fish number or that’s fish number two landed but that’s our seventh bite. I want to say six or seven i feel like we’re at i don’t know we’re we’re above five for sure guys. I love this reel. This is like slowly becoming like a favorite reel for me. It just feels good in my hand, it just feels natural i’m. Not sure what it is about it, but it just feels, like all my other ones and i’m happy that, like abby, garcia doesn’t have those little handles anymore. I really like the bigger ones, because you can, like i don’t know, you can grab them, not necessarily hold them like that or like that, but i don’t know you just they fit in your thumb, nice.

You know like when they feel like your reeling spots, nice. I don’t know just just like this real man just like this honestly might be my favorite reel out of all the challenge: videos, i’ve done so far – there’s one it’s, a fat one it’s, not super big guys. Something told me if i could cast in that little pocket right. There, i’d catch one. Oh, this is actually not a bad one, hey all right, let’s back out of here, so we don’t mess it up. So guys. Something was telling me if i could cast like into that pocket i’d catch one. I had a feeling. I was sitting back there and should have called it, but hey. We got him in the kayak, all right, we’re. Out of the way, all right guys. Look at that big mouth bass number three. I thought he was a little bit bigger when i saw his mouth but big mouth little body, he needs to go to the chiropractor he’s, not straight man like he has a little there’s a little bend in his back. I wonder if there are, i wonder if there’s such thing as a fish chiropractor somebody, let me know in the comments, because it seems like there’s, a chiropractor for everything i saw a dog on tick tock. I know if dogs have chiropractors, there has to be a fish one somewhere, if there’s not like a fish chiropractor. That has to be like a doctor.

Miami for fish, like you, can take your little pet bass, your little dink to dr miami. Her doctor fishing, miami he’ll turn like you’re dinking to a four or six is in the team. No that’s, not a good idea. Like a doctor, a doctor fish miami, oh there’s, one there’s, one right there, all right guys that is fish landed. Number four today should be number 12, pretty good ones. A nice high one, slow twos, but we’re gon na see if we can’t catch another one. Oh yeah, he wanted to chop up. I’Ve, never noticed how pretty the top scales on bass. Are. This really pretty? Oh, these are beautiful fish. I love fishing. Ah, he bit my thumb. I couldn’t. Let him go i’m trying to let you go dude and you’re biting me. It’S, not very nice! Well guys! Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Thank you all so much for hanging out with me today. Don’T forget to fish them hard and have a good day. We are on the road we’re so close to hundred thousand subscribers.