I am Music Music, so Music, Music, look how small this is. This is tiny. This is ridiculous. I really want you to see a visual of how small this is you just i feel like this will help send it home a little bit thats a shoe Music, if you cant, even its so small its in this part of the shoe look at this Music. A drone is, in my shoe, i mean, i guess it kind of depends what shoe size you are, but i mean come on. Come on Music. You know what they say about people with big feet. Oh big shoes, thats, probably the best thing about the mini. The whole mini line, is the fact that theyre 249 grams – you can fly it anywhere. It doesnt matter. If you have a drone license or not. This thing is legal everywhere, because it comes in under the weight Music, the confidence, the confidence dude wow, its just theres, nothing dont do this. You dont even never start from the hand, yeah thats, not a dji, recommended um approach for launching. We did not tell you to do that. That is not on us. That looks real good its that moment when youre flying a drone and its there, and then you send it and then you dont hear it and then my heart starts racing and then im just super stressed until its back. I actually dont even really enjoy flying drones until looking at the footage after, but everything else involved around it im, not a big fan of, but it looks so good dont.

Let me down man uh. I wont im trying everyone is judging this footage. Okay, im! Sorry! I have the world no pressure, the whole world, one of the features that i really like when you shoot in auto with this controller, just tap it and then adjust the exposure. Just like you do on the iphone hard with an nd filter on, but i can kind of see Music here we go dont. Do this Music! Okay lets just cut right to it. What is new about the new mini 3 pro over the mini 2? Well, its exactly pretty much the same size, its the same weight, but now youve got something that dji is pretty stoked on im. Sure a lot of people will be too because this feature hasnt been around since the earlier mavic drones, but you got true vertical shooting. So the gimbal itself moves vertically to give you vertical shots, vertical video, etc. So if youre doing reels, if youre doing stories, tick tocks – and you want that aerial footage without having to crop everything out now, youve got that true vertical, so thats great youll also notice obstacle sensing, the mini 2 did not have any obstacle sensing flying through things. Flying around lets be honest, theres, always a point where youre flying something and you think to yourself im, not sure of my surroundings, so just that extra peace of mind, knowing that this can sense obstacles is great. You got two on the bottom two in the front.

You got better battery life standard batteries on this 34 minutes. Actual flight time might be more close for like 30 minutes, but this tiny little thing i mean this weighs nothing without it. All the weight is here, but 34 minutes is pretty great youre, also going to have the ability to get the plus batteries which are going to extend the flight time even more around 45, which is the same as the mavic 3.. This thing for 45, i would get bored, i think, all right. I literally circled this mountain six times. Im good lets go that will, however, plus batteries youre getting more time. Theyre, heavier whats that going to do its going to take this out of the 249 gram weight class, so that could then pose a problem depending on the drone laws where you live. Okay, this right here is the best i dont like having to have a phone attached to my drone, because if someone calls me if i get a facetime call, if i get a text message, its just super stressful already flying a drone. So the fact that the app is not something i have to worry about updating like its all built into this, so i dont need anything else. I dont need cables. I dont need a phone. I dont need to update stuff. I mean update the remotes firmware its just less steps, and i like that, so this pro remote is one of the options in the fly more bundle.

But i will say my one like kind of complaint with the mini series is like the drone is so small and so light, but this is massive, its bigger than the drone, its heavier than the drone, and it takes up way more space than the drone. In my bag, if this could be half the size like, i would be fine with a smaller screen real estate. That would not bother me if the remote had a flip out screen. I dont care if its thicker and still smaller, like just anything, maybe a screen protector, so i still feel like as much as i love this remote theres room to make it even better and at the rate dji make stuff. Theyve probably already got that in the world they just havent shown us yet by the way. Since i started filming this ive had two of these, i cannot stop. I just feel like when youre in italy. You should be drinking espresso and driving red ferraris. Tell me im wrong: no youre totally right what i noticed about this camera too. Reviewing some of that footage that looks so good. So good is its very, very clear, its very sharp it doesnt look muddy. It looks fantastic. The image quality is also great. Look at this im gon na zoom in here that looks good. I dont think most people will be like pixel peeping to that degree, but its its nice to know the quality.

Is there and thats, obviously, due to the camera being a 48 megapixel camera like this drone? Has a higher megapixel photo camera than this camera im filming this video with thats insane these dont rotate down? I think. Last year i said if these just were able to like go flat and then lock that would be incredible and then someone tweeted me like a dji patent that showed that rotation happening so maybe thats coming, i dont know, but these shouldnt unscrew theyre too easy to Lose they should just go flat and then lock. I would like that hello. You know, i just said: if they should fall down, they just wanted to just fold down and lock. That would be so much better yeah. My forwarding access box yeah like then you wouldnt, have this slot in the back dude and then the comedy access box thats. What im saying dude it would be way better than taking them off nah like spock. Can i have spock like star trek, so is it worth the upgrade? I think if you have the mini 2 and you love it its doing everything you want to do you dont need to upgrade it. I think, if something like obstacle, sensing is what you want. Then huh im talking about obstacle sensing we get still stuck on the new photograph. I i already told you i like that the stick folding memphis school are you spilling in q and r im, not im, not understanding anything that youre saying to me right now.