, Not at all.. I am going to tell you about Goals yes. But which goal. Ill. Tell you that, but first lets call Aayu Pihu and their Mom. Aayu Pihu Ruchi Come quickly. Come on in.. What is this You made the hall into a classroom.. Well learn how to play football today. Then lets go to Garden. Why are we here. Dad is going to train us for football. Sit first., Tell us dad. Ill. Tell you sit first., We are seated. Catch it.! You made me scared. Dad. What are we doing? Tell us.. Are you going to take our test again? No, please! No test.! I am not taking any tests.. I will ask you all just one question. OK., Only one question., Yes. Friends, that question is for you too. Todays video is very special and different from our other videos. See whats going to happen. Ahead.. That question is for you too.. What are your and all of your Goals? Not this goal, but a Life goal. Think carefully. Before answering. I have a query. Say: it., You call a job, an occupation as well. Yes.. What goal should I have? You can say anything., Like I wont, annoy my husband.. Then life wont be fun.. I know my Lifes goal. What I want to live. My life happily. Wow, Correct. Alright.. My goal is to spend all my Husbands, money. Dont, joke about it answer sincerely.. I want to earn a lot of money. Wow, So Moms goal is to earn a lot of money.

. Pihus goal is that she wants to be happy. Aayu. Now you say something tell us about your goal.. I want to become powerful., You want to become physically powerful.. No no. Then Like how we can have powers. Superpowers like flying., Alright, fine. Everyone has their own goals. Friends. You must have some goals as well.. For that wait, a bit.. We are going to talk about this goal.. No, We are going to talk about Next. S.M.A.R.T. Goal Tell us about the S.M.A.R.T. goals. Friends. You also want to know what are S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to achieve them.. I think S.M.A.R.T. is an abbreviation.. Yes, thats, why it is in block letters with dots.. If you want to know what is S.M.A.R.T. And if you want to become Smart by achieving your goals., Then watch the video till the end.. If you dont, understand, then show the video to your parents and ask them. Like how they told their goal. Pihu wants to be happy. Aayu wants superpowers and Mom wants money.. These are not S.M.A.R.T. goals. You guys are failed. Dad. You failed us in one question. Pihus goal is correct.. Yes, my goal is a little bit correct.. If you have a goal like that, it is wrong as well. Then tell us the right kind of goal. Yes.. The correct goal is the S.M.A.R.T. Ill? Tell you the meaning of S.M.A.R.T. S, for. S for Specific.. What is specific Ill? Tell you a quote., I dont understand.

. You play football cricket, badminton video games., You play all kinds of sports. And you want to become a cricketer like Virat Kholi.. Will you be able to become a cricketer? No? Why? Because you are doing everything., You should do one thing. Alright., You have to be specific.. What do you want Got it. Yes.. The first thing is to be Specific about your goal.. Mom says she wants money. Take it from me Ill give you 10 rupees., 10 rupees Be specific. Friends its your life goal. You should be specific about it.. I understood. Tell me what is your specific goal.? I know my goal. Tell me.. I want to earn a lot of money. Ill, define a limit. Thatll become specific., Yes, correct. Decide 5 Lacs as the limit. No. No 2 crores. Ill set the limit as 10 crores. Alright.. I am getting unconscious.. If I earn 10 crores, then the goal will be achieved.. Alright, whats Aayus goal.. What kind of superpower does Aayu want? I want to have a superpower of Singing., He opens his mouth and a beautiful song comes out., Not like that. As you said in the Superpower, video The thing which we are good at it becomes our superpower. Alright. Aayu will practice so much that he will have the superpower of singing.. Alright. What about you? Pihu Pihu will laugh all day. Tell us.. Are you changing your goal? I am not changing my goal. I want to be happy.

Ill, become happy. Ill, be happy by doing what I want.. It is still not specific Ill. Give you time to think. Till then well, move ahead.. The first thing is to make our goal. Specific., Yes, be specific about what you want., Alright Yes., Next point: Friends: what will come after S M M for Measurable.? If you cant count it, you cant achieve it. Mom count till ten crores.. Yes, because Moms goal is measurable.. Moms goal is measurable that she wants 10 crores. Aayus goal is measurable and specific. Aayu wants to become a singer. Whats measurable. Here He has to sing a song so well that it is at the Top. And that it gets 1 Billion views.. So my goal is to stand on my feet, so I become happy.. You can do that now as well.. Yes Pihu. You can do that right now, as well.. It means that Pihu wants to become self sufficient by doing a job or business.. Pihu wants to do a job or a business, but it still not specific. Specific would be a particular job that you want to pursue. Or a particular profession., Where you set a level for you to achieve and excel. That will become measurable. Yes.. My 11th Classs goal is that I am taking Commerce as my subject. Dear. We are talking about life goals, not short term goals.. I should keep the football take it please thank you. Now well come to A.

A is for Achievable.. I got it.. That means every goal in the world is achievable. Till you keep trying. And working for it. Aayu said he wants to become a famous singer. Work for it and you can achieve it.. Mom said she wants to earn 10 crores. It is a little difficult, but you can earn it.. Mom wants 10 crores. She could aim for 1000 crore as well.. I was about to faint at 10 crores and now hes, saying 1000, crores. Yes. Well be Worlds Richest, Family., Not family, but Mom Worlds. Richest Mom.. I will share it with you., But Dad. Like this. I can go to the Moon. Ill touch the sun. One minute please.. I want to go to Saturn. Times. Up. Satellite Wait., Yes tell us. Achievable means that if youll try, you can achieve it., But it should be achievable.. Like Aayu said he wants to go to Moon or the Sun.. The goals should be achievable and realistic.. Otherwise you can set anything as your goal.. Someone could say that I want to become the King of the world.. You cannot become that., But you can become a Prime Minister.. This is achievable, difficult, very difficult, but achievable.. If you try, you can achieve it.. Alright. 10000. Crores. 10000. I just said 1000. Ill. Keep working, I will achieve it, one day.. She will keep on increasing the zeros till the video ends. First, it was 10., Then 1000 now 10000.

, I said 1000 and she made it to 10000.. This is not your current goal. This is your life goal.. I dont want you to decide your goal and tell me now.. I want you to give time and think about it. You talk to your friends and your parents and discuss. And set your goal. Discuss more and more about goals. So that we can achieve it in our future. Youll get motivated. And the more people you talk to Youll get knowledge. Alright., Yes. Mom understood because she wants to earn 10000 crores.. I planning it right: now. Alright. Not 10. Now it must be 100 thousands.. It will keep on increasing., Yes. 1 Lac, Crore., Alright, be quiet.. Still R is remaining.. Now, what will come on R Ruchi R for RELEVANT.? What does that mean? I did not get it. Suppose someone makes their goal. That I want to open a petrol pump after 20 years., It sure could be someones. Goal. petrol pump is a good business. With which one can earn good money by selling petrol and diesel. But tell me one: thing., Petrol and Diesel might perish after 20 to 25 years., Why All the vehicles will be electronic vehicles., Petrol and diesel are made of crude oil. its going to be there. Why will it finish? How will it be there? It is dug out of oil wells. Yes., what happens when it gets over. Which is going to happen. Its non renewable, so many vehicles will be of no use then.

. So what kind of goal is that? Is it relevant Today? It is., But the time you are setting your goal for is that goal relevant. The singer will be there.. Yes, I will be becoming rich. correct. That means I should not buy cars that run on petrol or diesel.. You can buy it for now but. In the future. You might not get fuel at all or in very less quantities., Then whats. The use of that business., Whatever goal we are thinking about, should be future relevant., Dont, just think about the present, but the future as well. Exactly Mom, very good Round of applause for her.. Just make me understand once then my head runs like a horse. Alright. Now the last point is T What is meant by my T: Tiger. Yeah right Tournament. T is meant for TIME BOUND.. What does that mean? Suppose you have an exam day after tomorrow, Alright And you have to complete 10 chapters, will you be able to do it? Yes, Ill have to do it because its exams., You did not do it when you had the whole year to finish it.. How will you complete 10 chapters in 2 days? Tell me It is possible if we work hard day and night., But you just said. Exams are coming.. Yes, what is this called Time? Bound.? Yes, there is a deadline. When you get your summer vacations homework. Vacations you get are for 20 days and very less homework.

To do., But what do we do? We enjoy 19 days of 20 and try to finish our work on the last day, quickly.? Why? Because we are not doing it on time. Deadline, You have got the deadline.. Did you understand the meaning of deadline? Whatever goal we decide, it should be time bound. Exactly Time, Bound. Like mom said., That she wants 10 crores, 1000 crore or whatever she wants.. Alright, I told mom take 10000 crores. Thats totally fine, but she will get it when she is 200 years old.. Really. I wont even be there for 200 years., Its not Time Bound.. I am keeping my goal time. Bound. Tell me for how many years, Why should I tell you what Dont tell me but think about it in your mind.? Yes, I will be keeping it in my mind.. If I am unable to achieve it, you will keep on telling me.. That is why I will keep it to myself until I achieve it.. No, if you share it with your friends and family., You will be accountable to achieve that goal.. Why am I not working on it? Mom will fix her time to achieve her goal to earn the amount of money she wants.. Alright Aayu wants to become a singer and release his song.. What 6 Its 15 years. One Five., Alright one five! I thought you will be able to achieve your goal in 6 months.. It will happen in the next 15 years or when you turn 15, then In the next 15 years.

Within the next 15 years., When Aayu becomes an adult and will be going to college. Until then, Aayu will try to become the worlds best singer.. No! No! Yes. I will try a little bit to sing nicely.. That means you are not focused on your specific goal.. You said you will try, but you have to.. No, I have to become the worlds best. Singer. Think and take your time over it.. It doesnt have to be a singer, Its just an example. Right now, just think about your goal.. We all are just giving you an example., But in reality we have to think about our goals, which we can achieve. By keeping all these topics in mind. Pihu will also think about her goal.. Yes, You can also discuss this with your parents as well.. They can guide and help you with your future goals.. You might come across new options by having a discussion with your parents., What all we can achieve.. So friends. I hope you understood the topic of todays video. If not. Then take the help of your friends and family to understand this topic. Do comment and tell us about your smart goal.. You do not have to decide your smart goal in a day right. They also did not understand it properly, but mom understood it.. I understood, but it was just an example. Yeah. Now we all will think about our goal and work towards it.. You too.