I want to give you my initial impressions after using this for a few days and hopefully help you decide whether or not this is a worthwhile upgrade if youre shooting on the a7 iii or, if youre, looking to get your first sony camera. Is this the one you should get? Applause? Hey my names jake and i create content here to help solo creators on the go. So i want to give you my initial impressions after using this camera for a few days and running it through a whole lot of different situations. I will have a full review coming as well as a setup and tutorial and a comparison between this and the a7 3 and the a7s iii, so that you can decide what the best camera might be for you. So if you want to see those videos make sure you subscribe so that you can be notified and hit the bell, so you can be notified when i post those videos, but for now this is my initial first impressions of this incredible hybrid camera, because this has A new 33 megapixel sensor from sony. I really wanted to test out the photo quality and see how good they are, how editable they are, how much memory they take and just what the dynamic range is, and just in general, how good is the quality of the photos coming out of this camera? I worked at the a7 3 for years and they were great, but they definitely had some limitations.

I used the a7s iii ive used the a9. The a1 ive used a lot of different sony cameras, and i really want to see if this is truly kind of a do. It all camera, a hybrid where you can shoot photos and video equally and run around. I got ta, say so far. Ive been blown away by the quality now, obviously its 33 megapixels, so your data for each photo at least in raw, which is what i shoot, is about 35 megabytes, which is not bad, but it definitely ends up in this time lapse. Here i ended up: shooting about 1400 photos a little over 1400 photos, so that was a lot of data but uh, as you can see, theyre, exceptional and beautiful images, and it really does well in the interval mode in shooting now, also because its 33 megapixels it Gives you a fair amount of room to crop in and post? If you want to so here i was not standing. I mean this was shot with a 24 to 105. I wasnt standing nearly as close to this as it looks, but youre able to crop in and get a little bit closer. If i had a much more telephoto lens, probably could have gotten a shot of just the eye of this mountain goat but uh yeah. The 33 megapixel photos are really very nice and they edit really well in lightroom, if youre shooting in raw the jpegs look nice too, but they just dont, give you as much room or as much space in post to be able to edit Music and thats, where We come to the video quality now.

Shooting 30 frames a second this having 10 bit 422 10 bit and 422 is so fantastic. The xabcs and the x8 abc i codecs are great. I use xabcs because it compresses a little bit. My computer doesnt have any problems, handling decompressing that footage and it doesnt take up so much space on the card, but being able to shoot 4k in 10. Bit is just fantastic and it looks really good. I would say the video on this looks a little better than my 7s3, because its down sampling that much larger, like around 6k 7k sensor down to 4k, so the 4k on this looks just absolutely fantastic, and the cool thing is that theyve now, given us 4k At up to 60 frames, a second, the downside of that is that you it does crop in. It does go in 1.4, 1.5 times to aps c mode to be able to read the data off the sensor fast enough to be able to do 4k. 60. But you can still do it in 10 bit and its still 422, and it does look good and i dont mind: shooting 4k 60 in uh. You know aps c mode because i dont shoot it that often its really just when i want to do some b roll or maybe try and get a little bit longer shot thats extra smooth when im shooting things handheld. And so, if you know that youre going to crop in 1.

5 times when youre shooting it, you just compensate and reframe, so that its what you need or what you want, but yeah, the 4k 60 and the 4k 30 out of this are fantastic. Now snq mode works too. You get hd 120. The hd 120 out of this is much better than the hd 120 was out of the a7 3. As far as i can tell, but yeah the quality is is really good. The video quality has taken a substantial jump over the a7 3 and it just its really nice. I think this might become my new kind of general take everywhere with me camera because it really performs well when it comes to low light, ive been pretty spoiled. The a7s iii is a phenomenal low light camera. I mean ive gone out and shot myself in nothing, but moonlight and the a7s3 can do it, which is kind of mind blowing. This can do it sort of, but the difference is that this starts to fall apart earlier now, up until you get up into like the 20 000, a little bit higher than 20 000 iso range, this actually looks really good and does as well or maybe in Some cases even better than the a7s iii, but once you get above twenty thousand forty thousand range, it definitely starts to get a lot worse than the a7s iii. So this does really well in low light. But if youre going for like extremely low light situations, aka filming yourself under the stars in the moonlight, then the a7s3 is still the way to go but uh.

But frankly i was really surprised. I mean if youre, not filming yourself in the middle of the night. This camera does really well in low light and even in photos here you can see. I was shooting. Is this a 32 3200 iso and its really clean? I mean there is some noise, but its really super clean still. So the low light on this camera is really great. The auto focus on the last few sony models has been just incredible: it grabs your eye grabs your face. It does really really well, and this is no exception. It does an incredible job of tracking your eye tracking your face in a lot of different scenarios and situations. I noticed it does grab your eye faster than even the a7s iii. Does it just it does a fantastic job and a couple of things about the autofocus is one? Not only is it super sticky like. I would have no problem shooting an interview with this and just let it be on autofocus and follow somebody through the interview on the focus system, sony added something called focus, breathing compensation. The camera will automatically compensate for the focus breathing, which is incredible because the g master primes have a lot of focus, breathing being able to compensate for that and shoot at 1.4 on the on the 24 millimeter and not have any focus. Breathing in the video is absolutely phenomenal and i really hope sony brings that to the rest of their like a7s, 3 or the a1, because thats just its awesome.

While this has the same body as the a7s iii, which i really like, because it feels comfortable on the hand its easy to hold – and i love the individual doors that flap open, you know for your mic port and your recharging. This is power. Delivery on usb c2, so itll recharge the battery fast and a full size, hdmi port, which is awesome, um the all these little controls. I love the fact that they copy the a7s iii body and then youve got the flip out screen, which is so nice if youre, a solo creator and youre filming yourself or youre, even filming other people, but youve got to kind of make sure you get things Set before other people come in having a flip out screen is great. This one feels a little more solid than the a7s3 did, so i dont know if they made some changes there or not, but one of my favorite things is not only do you have a lot of customizable buttons, just like the a7s iii, you can now customize The auto exposure, you know compensation dial to be pretty much whatever you want. I havent really messed with it yet because i dont know what im going to end up using it for thatll, be in the setup and settings video but uh. The fact that you can customize that now is awesome and then one of my favorite things is you have this little jog wheel here, that switches between photo video and s and q modes, and because you have three different memory, recall settings or memory settings.

You actually have like nine, because if you switch to photo mode, you can go to memory one you can set that to be whatever mines not actually set up its jpegs memory. 2 is my raw photo shooting mode memory 3. Is my interval shooting mode and then, if i switch to video now this becomes memory. 3 is 4k 60 in s. Log 3. memory 2 is 4k, 30 ns log 3. The main thing i shoot in and then memory one is 4k in standard color profile, which i do shoot in sometimes like in situations like this and then, if you switch to s and q mode again, you have all three memory settings that are individual thats amazing, Because, basically, i cant imagine when you actually have to go into the menu now and adjust anything you have basically everything you need right there being able to switch and the switching between those modes is insanely fast, like its almost instant another thing. That is really awesome about. This is the fact that the shutter curtain can be set to close for when you switch lenses. That is awesome. I dont know if theres a way to get that in the a1 and the a7s3, but i hope so because being able to protect your sensor when youre changing out lenses is incredible. The battery life on this seems to be as good may. I think a little a little better, even than my a7s iii, even in the cold, its done a little bit better.

I just feel, like you know, not a lot. 10. 15 – maybe 15 better, but it definitely is a little better. One thing you will want to do: if you just get yours is go down to page 40 uh. So you go to page 40 and then you go over and you go to 48, oh 49, and if you go down to auto power off temperature, you want to set that to high, because otherwise the camera will power off thinking its overheating a lot earlier than It actually needs to. I havent had any issues with overheating. This thing has been running granted, im operating in the middle of winter in alaska, so its hard to get anything to overheat outdoors. But i have used this to film some stuff in here and to live stream with for an hour a little over an hour at a time, and it hasnt had any issues so and then one last thing that i like and sort of dont like is one You can use this is a is this a uh s2 now this isnt even a uh s2, but its just a sandisk extreme pro 128 gigabyte – and i can film 4k, 30, 10 bit and 4k 60 10 bit on that card, no problem and then having the Top slot be cf express type, a or uh sd, and both of them are uh up to us. Uh s2 compatible means that you can do a lot of data and then also transfer the data off those cards really fast, which is nice.

I wish theyd done kind of the same thing with the a1 and the a7 s3, where both of them were cf express type, a or sd, but the fact that the sd card slot 2 is a uh. S2 really makes a huge difference, and you know you can shoot 4k 30, 10 bit and 4k 60 10 bit and not have to worry too much about buying really expensive cf express type, a cards. I think this is going to become my new daily shooter. The the camera that i take out with me pretty much everywhere unless im going to extremely low light situations, then the a7s iii is still better for that. But this thing is uh incredible, a worthy upgrade to the a7 3 for sure, and i think, probably going to be one of the best kind of hybrid photo and video cameras on the market for 2 500 bucks. If youre interested in purchasing one there are links in the description, if you have questions, ask me in the comments below ill do my best to answer them. If you want to see what lenses work really well with sony cameras, i put together a small playlist right here: ill see one of those videos. As always, you can ask me questions in the comments or you can join my live stream, which happens wednesday nights at 4 pm, alaska time or 8 pm eastern time until uh.