What were about to do? He had a bat in his house in the couch and it crawled on lexis leg hold the flip. What what? What are you talking about? What oh my gosh, oh my god, that crawled from under the cushion? Where did you find it under the sofa cushion dont? Kick the couch Applause? Oh my gosh holy crap, oh my gosh black said what there could be rarity that came from under the cushion that was cruel. It was crawling on your legs Music. This big i was trying to get get the phone like. Oh, my gosh, you literally push it down, get it outside guys, quick Music. I have never jumped over a bat before im gon na try it hes laughing. He thinks its so funny. What do you call a bat with a carrot in each ear? Anything you want because he cant hear you Laughter whyd. You guys leave me out here with it. He thinks thats funny. Still sean hes in anonymous galactic shot Laughter Music. The coast is clear: its the batcave yo, that is a skinny bat bye, hey guys. What do you get when you cross an ice cube with a bat ice bath, not funny that cube, frost, bite Applause, mom she freaked out when the Music down there wheres my mom legs? Well right now, with his haircut, we call him. Stick the two lovely, ladies of my life, what were all just flying around really what? Where are they look? What bats all about? I dont see it.

Oh those are bats, which one is the one that was laughing. Oh that one right there that one just show a little. This is fireman. No, no! No! I didnt! It was totally my mom, apparently its illegal to make bats laugh. So i got got pulled over. I shouldnt have taken you with me because youre so gorgeous the cobb has a crush on you and thats. Why i pull this over oh honey? I love you darling. You guys are sleeping theyre missing all the action. Wow just roll down your window and listen. Listen! You just fire them up 80 to the 65 mile per hour zone, sir, this ticket, you do have a court date if you wish to go to court about it. Okay, sir thanks man, every question, sir, do you smell my moms part um? What not nothing? Never! Never mind drop safely. Thanks mom, you get a court date because he wants you to meet him there and now an adventure with stick. My dog is so good at catching the mouse Music. Where is it Music, its? Not a chicken oreo guys? This is ollie hes. My guard dog, hes, very protective of lex sorry shes, lying to you, shes tricking. You dont believe her excuse us were doing a social experiment. Dont put your birds nest all over the couch like that were gon na get sea lice, oh youre, so special you little trees, trees, theyre, all my best friend trees, trees.

I dont care if youre dead, trees, trees too much exercise dont miss a spot.