This is the flywoo center race 20, with cadex dji on here vista, its running 700 milliwatt and two inch props. It is an ultra smooth cinewoop. You got to go back and check out the review on this guy. It is really really nice, so comment subscribe and send us an email on on the contacts page, but today its all about the eachine, lr3 and im super excited about this drone, its kind of like uh, a love, tragic love story like romeo and juliet because Well, i love this quad and, tragically mine crashed and for possibly a couple reasons now. Let me explain here before we get too far into this review and, first of all, when i was flying, it was rainy, of course, pacific northwest right now, its raining everywhere and i flew first part of my 2s equation and i was flying around and i got Raindrops on the lens, so i came back and landed right around the 10 minute mark and im going to show you that coming up in the flight test, the next thing was waiting 45 minutes for the rain to stop. I did that went out, got a second part of the flight test up and guess what almost almost at the 20 minute mark. I know this will get 20 minutes. She just completely blacked out and fell to the ground and when it fell, i found the hardest object. Besides concrete to crash this little guy on so durability, test um check for for my review, um it hit like the stairs on the way down to the soccer field.

There was a big beam across about every six feet in succession down this hill and i dropped right on it. It sounded like a tree branch breaking from the van and at first i thought it was in a tree. Then i had to go, find it in the wet grass because well the battery flew out when this quad hits the ground. The batteries will fly out, um at least one of them and thats kind of an issue. So if youre thinking about getting one of these type of quads thats, the type of thing that youre going to have to deal with a high impact crash will send that battery flying and then youre. Looking for your quad in the field. So but lets talk about the positive things now. The positive things is that both of these arms are replaceable theyre, all one piece all the way through, so both of these arms can come out of this frame. We should be able to get parts for this one because it is eachine and im happy about this one because well it it can achieve 20 minutes on this 18650 lion set, but it also flies pretty decent and um. I have to say, like the flight characteristic, the tune was great. I did feel the extra weight of the extra battery on there so thats, something to think about. It does have these cool little tpu mounts on the bottom, that it kind of stands up on off the ground, and one of the reasons that i was super excited about this one guys is that it had 1303 motors on here, but not only that it has 4500 kv, which is lower than some of the other 1s quads out there, with 18650 batteries on there um, namely the the crux 3.

, that one has 11 500 kb motors on there. So lower kv should give me a longer flight time for really sending this quad way out there and with gps on here i mean if i fail safe its going to turn around and come back to the home point. So i have betaflight return to home on here. That would have been great now there might have been a fatal mistake in my review, and the problem was that all of my batteries in house all of my 18650s have been flown to death and theyre near death. When i put two of them on this quad, it flew for a minute and then fell to the ground and sagged out and died, and i thought hmm something theres trouble in paradise here got to be a problem, so i went to a local vape shop and The cool thing about these quads is that, yes, you can go to a local bake shop and you can buy any type of little 18650 lion and fly it on this quad great. But there is a catch you have to watch out for which battery you buy, and i say any battery thats, not true, because this battery right here look at the very top of this battery. I want you to see were going to get to macro right here. If it will get into focus there, we go see how thats ultra flat on that top. You need a button.

Top version of an 18650 see how this one has a button top. These are my new ones. They just came in a few days after my crash, of course, but in the meantime i was you know, this is a good battery, but the problem was is that i think this one became disconnected during my flight test, so that immediately dropped me on the ground And i had a warning before i flew and it may have been the rain that dropped on this battery or this quad or it may have been a disconnection. So i had a problem when i sat it on the ground and i plugged it in with this battery. This was my warning. It turned off and i thought well ill, just you know, put it back in and everything would be good and it turned on, and i flew another 10 minutes and static on the green dropped to the ground and break so im gon na go ahead and do This flight test, for you guys, i think its – i still think its a fantastic quad. You just have to fly the right button. Top batteries on there um get the ones that are. These are nice ill? Try to find some that are 5000 milliamp for you. These are actually bigger than these these that i bought 28 bucks for two its ridiculous, but i was in a crunch – and i wanted to get this flight test done, for you guys so 30 15 milliamp on that battery seemed to hold out quite a long time, But i feel like, if you had the 5000 milliamp batteries, you guys could probably squeak out, like maybe 24 minutes on this quad, so yeah thats.

What weve been waiting for 2s on a sub 250 g quad lets go ahead and do the flight test, and my tragic love story comes to an end at the end of the flight test. Here we go all right guys here we go were going to get this quad up in the air and im running 25 milliwatt today. So i didnt want to bring the milliwatt up during this flight test because were running 18650s and i just wanted to get the maximum flight time. If youre running a higher power youre going to have some battery draw from that higher power on the vtx. So um 25 and were on race band one, and you can kind of see how the 25 milliwatt performs out here in the parking lot. I think it does pretty good. There is some break up around the tree canopy, but thats thats kind of be expected with 25 and honestly, you can squeak out a mile and 25 milliwatt people have done it on wings and drones, but what i first noticed was the weight of the extra battery On there i do feel the weight. Now i got ta say that i dont know if i havent watched the other reviewers reviews on this particular drone, but i did notice it right away because im used to flying the other one like the the recon 3 and the crux 3.. Those feel light in the air and it almost feels like you could probably freestyle those a little better, even though we have a 2s battery on board here with a little more juice in the motors, but these are lower kv motors than both those other models.

The other model, i believe, has 11 500 kv and 11 600 kv, and these have 4 500 kb. So i had to land and start over my flight test because it rained for about 45 minutes, big drop rain. So now im doing the second part of my flight test on the same set of batteries. You can see im still at 3.5 volt, my average cell voltage at the bottom left of the screen and the cruising throttle in this quad. It was around 60 percent. You can see there on the top left, but im just speeding up part of this flight test, because it would take forever about 20 minutes worth of dvr here. The next thing that i noticed is that it was a nice cruiser id say if youre, if youre brand new to fpv youre just getting into fpv. This would be a great starter quad. You can fly this around in stability in a little soccer field or baseball field, its its the kind of quad you can take out somewhere and fly like close proximity or the nice thing is that you have gps. So you can really send it out there. If your intermediate flyer – and you put crossfire on this, you could you can get miles out on 20 minutes, fly 10 minutes out or about eight to nine minutes out turn around and come back. You want to have a little bit of juice left in your battery on your return, especially if you had come back with a little bit of a headwind, thats going to take a little more power out of your battery, but i thought the tune looked great.

Its super smooth, its its kind of like um, you know flying fairy boat, so to speak, its very predictable and look how slow it can go. It actually feels like a little tiny whoop at times and even in the acro mode. The rates are super soft. So if you do any type of flips or rolls theyre not going to be fast, like a freestyle quad and this quads not going to be able to catch itself in a power loop, i dont i wouldnt try to power loop. This you might power loop, it and break it, but i was literally at the 19 minute mark right here, and this is my final pass across the field i was gon na just come back around and land and tragically the battery died right there. So it came disconnected or the battery just totally died, but lets go ahead and give some thoughts after the flight test. Here we go all right guys. My nano lr3 just dropped out of the air. You got to use those button style batteries and it has the pop top on the very top. Mine were the flat style and i had to use some ones that i got from a local vape shop because seems like my old batteries just sucked, and i was only getting like a minute flight time. I know that nick did a flight test with this same type of quad and he ended up with 20 minutes flight time.

I was on my 19th minute and we fell out of the sky from way up there all the way down here now it was raining on the first part of my flight test, so that might be a factor also, but i have a feeling that the battery Just kind of wiggle loose and sure enough its my luck that see these steps coming down right here coming down to the soccer field, i hit one of these steps right here um and it took me a while to find the quad because guess what the battery Popped out when it hit this piece of wood right here, so there it is. That is pretty hard to hit. So i got two broken arms on this quad that sucks so thats the durability test right there, three millimeter carbon fiber just cleanly broke both arms off, but did not sever the wires. So the cool thing is is that i could put two new arms on here and i would be flying again, but i spent 28 bucks on both of these batteries just to get this review going for you guys um and they seem to be doing really well. I feel like i could have got maybe like 21 minutes flight time out of this quad, and you know what this has really surprised me. This is kind of what weve been waiting for that, like 2s configuration here, its just two of those 18650 battery trays and as you can see the red mark on mine, i marked it so i could tell where positive was, but this might be the culprit right Here see the top of this battery, it doesnt punch out much its kind of level with the very top, so i plugged one of these in earlier and it it kind of turned on and then turned off right before.

My second flight test tried to get that extra 10 minutes out of these batteries after it stopped raining. I got rained out on the first part, so i yeah im pretty sure thats what happened you have to get the 18650 batteries that have the button top. These are kind of like the the vape style batteries and a lot of times ill, actually just put something underneath that and poke it up a little bit so its making more contact with the terminal but im pretty sure thats what happens um either that or it Just got a little bit wet during that first part of my flight, so i think its a cool quad, its a cruiser, its ultra smooth, the tune on here was really fantastic, and i was just enjoying just cruising around here: checking out all the fall leaves and Really just having fun with this quad and unfortunately, sometimes things have an expiration date and thats. You know thats how it goes in our hobby, fpv, airplanes, helicopters. You know if uh it hits the ground a lot of times. It will end up looking like that, but another honest review for you guys if you want to comment down below to get yourself entered to win that awesome center race, that im giving away. Please subscribe on my channel and come back for more interesting reviews, crashes and bashes. You can check out the link for this one down below. I would still recommend this one.

I dont think its a bad quad. I think it was just a poor battery choice, um and kind of the only thing that i had available. I even have some extra batteries coming from amazon. Today i have like four extra button style batteries – um, not these recessed ones, so bummer for me. Maybe eachine will send me a new body kit or something for this thing and uh. I can get it going again. It was a lot of fun.