Making an official special edition send off hey. All i got to say is they should have sent them off a long time ago. I work on those things: theyre pretty junky cars, so 2022 is going to be the last model year for the volkswagen, passat and theyre, saying theres going to be 423 units that are going to be the special racing. Green metallic paint thats not normally available on the passat. Well, what do they say? You know you can paint a pig, a different color but hes still a pig. The limited edition really isnt that much you know, sales gimmick. Obviously, all theyre doing is putting in 15 spoke 18 inch, aluminum wheels black, mirror caps and special seat tags inside plus a map in chattanooga tennessee, where they build them inside the cup holders, or they went all out on this. One production of the passat started in 2011 in chattanooga tennessee when they started making them here in the united states and uh. It only makes sense because the chattanooga plant is where theyre going to be making their electric cars. They want to make a big push and electric car, so theyre shoving the passat out. They werent very good cars anyway, as time went on theyre fun to drive when theyre new, but as they age their endless money pits so good thing that theyre getting rid of them and lets hope they make their electric cars better than they made the gasoline ones.

That they sold here in the united states, its weird volkswagen, is popular, can be in europe. People are nuts about the car, but here in the united states were not going to buy them. Junior 2020 says i need a work truck. Should i get an 09 silverado? 2500 hd or 2007 f250. The o9 silverado has a 6 liter with 67 000 original miles. The guy wants 29 900. I think thats wild theres also an 07 f250 power stroke, one owner with 84 000 miles. He wants 16. well in that choice. Id definitely go for the ford. I mean the guys. Nuts are 29.99 for 09 2500 thats when they started making them poorer the ford and 07. They were still making pretty good engines back then, and transmissions 84 000 is nothing but 16 000 for it its a lot better than 29.99 for a vehicle thats. You know what 18 000 miles less. I wouldnt even worry about it with a big thing like that, and the diesels can last a really long time. The one thing, of course, is its a one owner the fork. So hey you dont deal with 15 different people that didnt take care of it. One guy owned – and that is probably the best one – you still want a guy like me – to check it out because theyre complex everythings electronic, my scan tools can find all that stuff. Just get it checked out. If a guy says its good definitely buy the ford.

I would not buy the gm at that outrageous price that guys got coronavirus in the head, thinking that he can charge that much money for a 13 year old, silverado thats, just insanity, but thats. What people are doing these days. The guy with the ford has more sense, buy the ford eventually things break, but the diesel engines go three four hundred thousand miles and the go at least hundred and fifty to two hundred thousand miles and its only got eighty four thousand miles on it now dan Says i have transmission issue that leaves me absolutely clueless. I got 2011 volvo c30 equipped with a dual clutch: mp: s6 geetrag 6dc transmission with 82 000 miles it jerks when im in gear and slightly accelerating and often triggered after. I make a turn. I have done. All kinds of things: ive recalibrated the unit tested the transmission couldnt, get it to act up during the testing. The only code that i have is input, speed, sensor plausible signal. Could it be a transmission control, module or solenoid issue or a brake switch or a computer? Triggering random clutch disengagements help me those volvo transmissions are insanely complex, as you found out, it could be any of those things. Those things are so insanely complex its one of the reasons. One of my friends who was the president of the automatic transmission rebuilding association sold. His business and retired, he said scotty, and this was like 15 years ago, they said scotty.

These transmissions are getting so complicated us rebuilding them its getting to be an almost impossible task without being a fortune. Because of the time we might have to put 10 20 hours on this, the customers dont want to pay all that labor that he got out of the business because of it hes going to have to be put on a volvo scan tool with a volvo mechanic Who knows his stuff record it all when it acts up analyze, it try to get down to the nitty gritty of whats going down on it. This is why i tell people you dont want to buy cars that are that complex when they age they cost so much money. You know, and you only got 82 000 miles on it, but on the other hand, its all computer, stuff, computer stuff can break at any period in time 11 year. Old, car, too, and electronic stuff will break down when they get to be 11 years old. Thats. The problem with putting all these electronics on maybe its a very simple thing, a solenoid or somethings gone wrong, or the software, like you thought, is not reading right and giving wrong information to the clutches. So they start shuddering, because you know its got electronic clutches in it right, but youre gon na have to have a volvo guy. Do that you better find a really good one, because thats gon na be like finding a needle in a haystack, which is one reason i tell people not to buy those particular cars when theyre that high technology when they break whew, you seem to know a lot About transmissions and its kicking your butt, not the car, you really want to work on unless thats all you do and your customers have an endless pocket that they dont worry about what it costs they just want their car fixed and not that many people are like That theyre watching pennies these days.

Well, if you think the price of used cars has gone sky high in this corona virus pandemic, as the saying goes, you aint seen nothing yet in england, a 1987 toyota corolla. Yes, a toyota corolla sold for 64 000.. Now granted it was a ae86 corolla gt, but it was still a 1987 toyota corolla built at the toyota factory. I look at the picture. Its a toyota corolla gt hatchback, nothing particularly fancy other than the engine and stuff that was in it and heres a hilarious thing. It has 93 000 miles on the odometer and its sold for sixty four thousand dollars im. Looking at pictures the engines dirty it isnt like it was even a pristine car. The floor mats are worn out. Maybe the english have lost their minds in this pandemic. Well, so you think youre getting ripped off some english men just paid 64 000 for a toyota. Corolla they had 93 000 miles on it and it wasnt even the original paint job, because somebody scratched it with key and the whole thing had to be repainted. So i dont know i think people are starting to lose their minds. Laughter. Jt 89 says i have an undiagnosed brake problem. I got a no too chevy avalanche, the pedal song to the floor. I took it to my service technician. They replaced the master cylinder, but a month later did the same thing in sinks. They put a master cylinder on heres, a really good test that you can do.

It could be your brake booster, starting to go out test. The booster dont turn the car on get in the car step on the brake a few times lets say it stays hard and it doesnt sink to the floor start the car up. When you start the car up that activates the brake booster, the vacuum starts sucking on it, then try it a bunch of times with the car running. If it sinks to the floor, you got a bad booster. Now i mean you can have problems with the abs system, that does that theres a lot of things if you have a leak anywhere itll, do it but thats obvious youre going to see the stuff leaking out. The only thing you wont see leaking is if the brake master cylinder is leaking inside itself, but you just had that replaced. So unless you got a bad brakemaster cylinder odds are its the brake booster and thats. How you test it test it with the engine not on, and if you turn it on, and then it sinks, brake booster assembly, the whole booster or something is going to need to replace it its a 20 year old, chevy airline. You wouldnt surprise me that the thing is going bad, but it also has anti lock brakes and that could do it too. If you tested it and theres no difference between a car running and not running odds are its not the booster, that it could be something an abs system.

You have to bring a mechanic like me to check that, because thats very complex, it requires a bi directional scan tool to test valves, a very complex stuff, but normally its the booster. Your brother yeoman said okay that refers to the yorkie omen. I went to university in toronto, but they changed it to the york lions. I dont know they didnt, like the name yeoman. What what the hecks wrong with that you know, but they changed it to the lions and other lions instead of yeoman place, says i found a 2016 loaded, f, 150 lariat with five liter engine, its a beautiful truck, but they want thirty thousand dollars and it has 280 000 kilometers on it truck market is crazy. Should i go for it well, youre like stuck between a rock and a hard place. Now it is 30 000 canadians, so thats less in american, but still for a car thats got what like 150 000 miles on as far as im concerned, thats insane, maybe ill come down. You can cross the border now right. Maybe you come down here to tennessee. You can find lots of them a lot cheaper than that and bring it back. You can. That might not be a bad idea. You know, or if you want to leave all the taxes up there in canada, maybe move down to tennessee yeah yeah. The prices are ive gone insane, like you say, with trucks even doubly so so i mean it could be a good truck, but its an awful lot of mods theres, no way id pay.

30. 000, canadian dollars for a truck with that kind of mileage, thats just crazy. You know its just absolutely crazy, but you know you kind of look at the prices and whats out thats. What im telling people dont buy a used car now, if you dont, have to? If you got something you can string it along longer, go ahead because people are asking outrageous prices, they just lost their minds totally and theres no way id pay.