I love it so much i’m, just gon na set it right here, because oh i’m gon na go see. If i can go charger, i don’t think it has charge i’m gon na go charge. It Music, wow, that’s, a nice drone, i’m gon na make a free youtube video. I bet you won’t mind all right, perfect hello, guys! Welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a review about the sharper image drone that might be blurry to you guys because the camera doesn’t autofocus that’s great so i’m gon na do a review about the sharp um sharp image drone. So let’s get to it and also this i really wish i could have gotten a better drone and a bigger one, but those only last like 16 minutes in the air. So i can’t do that and i also tried making a video of it. But that was a fail and also i was gon na – do an unboxing video that was a fail, so today, we’re gon na be doing a review, so let’s get to it alrighty. So we have the sharper image drawn right here now, i’ve played with this okay. So, like i flew it a couple of times and you can see that it has these scratch marks that’s, because the drone has been doing this. I have been i’m a really terrible yeah, all okay, when all those fails was from doing this. Just doing this.

Okay and that’s how i got those scratches – i even made it worse, but anyway also i took it outside and you can still see that there’s some dirt right here, yep, you can see it right here and there’s some hair here i don’t think you guys can See it yeah, you can see it there’s hair in it, so i’m gon na, take it i’m gon na see. If i can take it out. Oh yeah, but it’s easy, it’s fixable all right there. We go. No wonder the drone wasn’t flying good yesterday. Okay, so let’s get so to start it. This is what it comes with. You want to see the instruction manual boom, the instruction manual, all right, yep let’s, see blah blah blah who needs instructions. I did a pause because somebody came in my youtube room without permission. So anyway, who needs instructions right so let’s get to it. So it takes a couple of take some triple a triple a batteries. I even wrote my name on it, it’s fading off. Who cares so to start it off? I already put the bad reason. Oh camera focus please there’s the on button alrighty, so i think we’re gon na okay turn it on okay yeah. My camera doesn’t know what to focus on which one alrighty all right, so it’s on and now we’re gon na hold this button right here. There’S a button right here so you’re gon na hold it.

Let go okay, it’s gon na flash for a little Applause there, okay, once it’s starting to flash like that it’s in bluetooth mode now, you’re just gon na go we’re gon na go up and down and should be connected up and down all right now, it’s connected. So i’m, not gon na i i’ve been practicing so yeah, so let’s see how good up up and away Music Music hit the camera one time i guess it hates the camera. Do you hate the camera or yep? That said? Yes, oh freak yep, that’s that’s it from all the scratches that it’s gone, hey! Look at this Music haven’t! You seen one in your life, Music, Music! Look at how i control it! Music. Oh hit my hit my tv, oh crap, Music kind of hard to keep up with the camera and the drone Music. Do you guys want to see something cool Music Music get in the angle view yep yep, it’s gon na hit my tv? Oh also, the lighting is super bad hold up. I can land this hold up. Let’S land, this baby, Music, okay, that wasn’t a perfect landing but yeah it has some lights, so it can glow in the dark. Yeah let’s test them out. Let’S see how good they are all right. Let’S turn off the lights. Three two one go alrighty. We turned off the lights and my camera has really bad uh lighting, so yeah, but let’s raise this up.

Music, oh it’s, on right there, Music, oh crap, it hit the camera, so Music, okay, Music, Music, Music, all right, perfect, so anyways yeah! We have the the drone called sharper image. Of course it is a great throne, so yeah see that super great also. I did not have another hold up alrighty guys. I took care of that. Don’T worry about that. It was just somebody calling don’t worry about that. Anyways so yeah the this is pretty much. This is pretty much about the sharper image. Drone has some night the only thing there’s, some things that suck about it um only one okay, so let’s start off with just number one uh, the lights here, here’s the button for the lights. If i can zoom in on that all right, it’s a sharper image and then, if you click that button look, oh it even makes it even crappier makes it even crappier guys. Do you see this crap makes it even crappier might as well just press this button? Ah that’s, better uh anyways, so yeah screw that yup all right. Let me teach you the controls too. So now here are the controls. So, as you can see, there are a lot of controls that do a bunch of cool stuff, starting off with the on off button yeah when you turn it off the crappy drone. It starts to blink, and so now i’m just going to disconnect this from that drone, because that drone could fly right here and hit the camera like that.

So anyways i want to pay for another one. So here are the controls, uh starting off, so let’s turn the drone on all right. So if you start this, just pull it up, it starts the wings yep. It starts the you know the things that spin around you can see them spinning around yeah. It just starts them for you, but you have to like manually flip it up just to get it in the air. You want to know the reason why the drone keeps like doing that here. Um, let me show you here is a special button called emergency. Stop button emergency stop. That is a special button that i like to use in case. The drone tries to go away from me and also another button. That’S cool for me is the stunned button. So if you press this, it starts beeping now now it’s not going to self kill mode. If you do this, the drone does a flip. So look it does a flip like that and then to the side. It goes like that to the other side goes like that. Do it to backwards goes like that this is the gas, never use the gas like this okay. So if you’re driving the drone never use the gas while using it, because that’s just going to give the drone power so it’s going to go up and then go to the to the up and more up until it crashes. Okay, that’s one mistake that you’re doing and also once you’re flying it just fly up and then just manually control.

The drone like this with just if you, if the drone’s going down or is it it’s, going to up if it’s going to up just press this a little bit down to you, want it to the level that you want it to be just flying like this. If it goes, two up press press, this button down and i’ll go down a little, then if you, if it’s going too low like that press this button to go up and like that now, let me show you some buttons. I don’t know what this button does. I think yeah i don’t know what that does, but get them to you. Neither of these buttons. I don’t know what they do. I just press them to make the angle better. I don’t know here’s the take the land band button band button, it’s called button, not band, so the land button is what you press. If you don’t know how to land it. Now you never and i mean never, use the emergency. Stop only use it when it’s an emergency hold it and the control will beep and yeah, and also auto orientation, that’s a mistake that you’re doing never do that cause. Look if you’re driving the drone let’s say that you’re driving it. I don’t know why it’s beeping. So uh never do that, because if you let’s say that you uh, you drive the drone and it’s at the nice level that you want it to be.

If you press this button every time you press it it’s gon na go to the level that you want. It to be but here’s the down, here’s, the down part so let’s, say it’s going to like that, but okay, that is actually forcing one of your wings that is actually forcing one of them: okay, you’re, forcing a wing to bro to blow out okay. Because look this button is only used when you really need it. So if you’re terrible at driving drones like that and you need it, but you need to be professional at it, because once the drone is just going to stay at the level that you want it and for a few seconds it’s going to go up super up. That you need to push this down a little longer just so it goes to back to the normal orientation or or let’s say this – that the drone is flipped up well, this button is also used if the drone is flipped upside down. The drone automatically flips itself back up don’t use this button because you’re forcing your wings to work more okay, so yeah, just don’t, use it very often or else you’ll kill the drone okay. Now the next review is about the about the charger. So let’s see all right. Are we guys ready to see? The cable here? Is the cable looks crappy as piss looks crappy ass, okay, it’s, crappy, okay, it’s super crappy that you can’t even taste the crappiness okay? So let me go get the drone.

Okay got the drone. Now this piece of paper is really crap. Okay, look let’s turn the drone off now. Look who uses this anymore, who uses cables like this again, so look see that’s easy. Okay. What if, if i’m charging the drone like this, and i can look if you put it on your table – look it’s gon na it’s gon na, like it’s, look it’s gon na it’s gon na force. This like go like that and then now your drone’s not gon na charge. If you don’t go like that that’s one thing i hate about the charger and two, the charger just looks weird it’s really hard to get into a us into a head for for charging. Let me show you an example: it takes a lot of force to get it in there and it takes some force to get it out there now i’m. Not putting it wrong, say, look i can’t i’m. Putting it the wrong way, see it doesn’t go in. This is the right way and then okay, there and yeah, so that’s that’s a thing that i hate about. The sharp image now you’re, probably wondering the head is just all bad, but no this thing sucks. Okay, you never want to have one of these. I mean look at that you serious where’s that drone wow and also it’s easy to take it off. Let me just hang it like this. Oh, my really are you serious and let’s talk about the top five reasons why i hate this drone it’s a review but let’s make it a video of the top five reasons why i hate it? One look: how scratched up it is really and two.

This is for the age 12 and up this is a drone for five year olds. I only bought this to see a review about this. If a really cheap drone could actually be a daily user, but no and these okay, the number three it has sensors up here and plus look. It looks like somebody’s staring at you, and also it has sensors right here. So let’s say that i’m trying to uh let’s say that i’m trying to drive it around the ceiling fan it hits it and then the drone okay, once the drone hits something it goes like. Ooh goes down, it goes like pull up, beep beep pull up, and then it goes down crashes like it dies. The number four is uh. Why do they have these protections? Okay? Why do they have them? Okay, i know it’s for protection, but why have these when you can have a better drone, what the heck drums? Okay and there’s another before i can’t – take the wings off so easily. I have to use special tools and the number four i say best for last can i put a camera here, so i can record 1080p quality videos. I wish it would be like this. I was here just i was adjust, take start the wings and then take off and then record a 1080p video record, a 1080p video. I wish you to just do that see, but it can’t because it’s a dumb drone, but no it doesn’t, have that and those are the five top 10 things why i hate this drone and also i love it too anyways because it’s just a drone, but in The future i’ll buy another one plus i kind of need this protection because it cut me let’s, see i’m, just kidding i’m, not gon na.

Do that and those are, that is the review and the top five things why i don’t like this drone? Okay, if you guys enjoyed this video, give that a video a like comment and subscribe now. Thank you guys for watching this video and have an amazing day. Oh also, i got ta return this back to elvis, so he doesn’t beat me uh, hi, elvis here’s. Your drone back – oh my god, okay, i’m. Sorry bro! Why would you do that without my permission? Oh okay. Okay. I’M. Sorry. I’M. So, sorry give me my drone back like comment and subscribe guys. Okay, i don’t know what he showed you but he’s insane.