There was probably some footage of me walking in or something uh trying to up my b roll game a little bit october in devon. It feels like flipping summer its definitely t shirt off climbing weather. You have to excuse me, im gon na put my sunglasses on, because the sun is shining off the sea behind the camera. Just so flipping bright coaster is down there. Jumping off rocks so its quite early in the morning. Ill probably put some footage up of people climbing and falling off if youve not been to ansteys cove. If youre climbing, like theres a few sixes and theres some chad stuff, but the the kind of the main event is the uh, the sort of harder sport in the sevens and eights theres a wall behind me. Um thats got things like cider soaked, up and sort of hard stuff in the eggs empire. Wall ill be flashing up. Some footage at this point as well, really cool stuff and its just a really friendly place, and people are just always like trying really hard. So its like really good for the psych here im trying a route around the corner called leather with mick, which is an 8a. Its got some climbing in common with other routes, ive done here, avenged and just revenge, but a harder start and a harder finish and middles the same, really good im going to have some proper burns on it today yesterday was my first day on it.

The point in this video, though, was to review this massive pack. That is about the size of me. As you can see, im sat next to it. The blue ice moonlight 55 im supported by beyond hope who are the distributors for blue ice, amongst other things, so they have sent me this kindly free of charge. This bag is like super similar to the other thing that regular viewers will know. I use on my sort of sport, climbing and cragging kind of days out the black diamond creek really similar, but with a few differences. The first one being is 55 liters, so its five liters, bigger and actually thats really worthwhile. I ill empty this out in a minute to show how much stuff you can get in it in the bottom of this, ive got an 80 meter. Rope ive got loads of other stuff as well and in the black diamond one it just about fits in when ive got all my camera stuff as well, like the gopro, the camera im filming on and all that as well. So the 50 is a good size and its big enough for 90 percent of people, but that extra five liters it does make a difference. So i am a fan of that. The sort of similarities are massively tough material. This weighs uh 1700 grams, so 1.7 kilograms thats really heavy isnt it, but you know its not trying to be a lightweight pack. I imagine this will last for a long time, ive been using it for a couple of weeks.

It shows no sign of wear as youd expect for a couple of weeks, but this thing is going to last yonkis. I should imagine its got a flat bottomed base, so it does stand up quite nicely. That might seem like a silly thing, but actually its quite useful when youre taking stuff in and out of it just sits well its just convenient to use the back system, i think, is actually it feels to me a bit better than the black diamond one. Its kind of a bit more comfortable with proper big padding, uh fixed waist belts again. Regular viewers will know that i like to dis uh, ditch the waist belts early doors on rucksacks, but im carrying such heavy loads with these packs that actually, i quite like to keep this on anyway, which is good because it is a fixed one. But i think youre going to be using it anyway, when youre carrying such big loads um its a real, simple design. It does one massive compartment and the thing that i really like about it is its just. It opens up down the front that ill show you in a second, so you can just get in and out of it like really easily theres. The other design that i really like the blue ice octopus, which is more like a suitcase isnt, quite that um, but its its still really flipping useful other features, are a little top pocket. I havent got anything in there at the moment: uh two side pockets.

These are really good size, actually just trying to find which of which uh, because you got one on either side, but just to give you an idea of how big they are. I bring my fingerboard in one its uh. You know it just fits. You have to squeeze it in, but it fits in pretty easy. You can see im taking it out quite easily, so thats an awesome woodies, one that just slides in so that gives you an idea of how much space you get those side pockets dead, useful. The top its just got your standard kind of rope strap on. So if youre doing a big trad day adventurous trad day or something wanted to carry a big, abseil, roping or something uh, you could strap that to the top really easily different points it can attach into big grab loop at the back. Its got these bits at the front as well, so you can actually carry it like a duffel bag. So if youre chucking it – you know in the back of cars, trains or whatever super easy for that as well and then the top is just its pretty standard stuff. This buckle, havent got done up, just protects the zip stops it from opening and theres. Just a drawstring kind of thing, so im gon na im in a slightly precarious spot, so im gon na try not to drop anything out of it as itll disappear into the brambles and that as i open it up, you can just see you just unzip.

A big chunky zip, so i imagine thats going to last a long time because its just its really thick and useful uh for longevity and then theres pretty much everything in it. Its still, despite me, saying how warm it is when the shade comes around in the afternoon on some bits, its still pretty chilly, so ive got the big mountain equipment citadel and then ive got. You know everything youd expect really harness that im using which is a black diamond zone. Some rock shoes, two pairs i like to have two pairs – depends on what im going to climb your chalk bag. Everything obvious like that: a bit of extra filming stuff gopro, and what have you you can see its pretty cavernous flip flops. I love flip flops at a sport, crag really useful. Just to oh, it gives your feet a break when theyre not jammed into things. My quick drawers uh are all in roots at the moment um cams, using some as well. So this was to symbolize quick draws, but it easily takes like the 20 or so drawers that i bought along water heal. You know the usual stuff that i bring every time crisps for my lunch, theres, the water and this, the pile down. There is growing im trying not to let it disappear down the crag and then heel bars, because you know i love my heel as well. Like i said, the big 80 meter rope just because thats happened uh to be what i brought with me.

Actually, i think this is a 70 now ive taken it out. I just keep that in the bag. Its got a tarp in there as well, but just to make it easier for taking in and out the grigri of course, and then inside youve got another pocket which has things like my masks in it for getting in, and out of, shops, wallet, warming up stuff. You know the the ring the thera band, that kind of stuff its a good size. So it takes everything like that, your keys and what have you and then just inside as well youve, got a couple of little loops. If you want to rack stuff, uh yeah, just to keep things more organized, or at least thats really useful, its a its a beast of a bag. So you know, if youre, going on a mountaineering day carrying a rucksack with you, its not for you, its not intended to be, but for going to and from the crag and just being you just you, dont have to worry about it at all. I used to use like lightweight bags, had a nice sort of patagonia, ascensionist stuff, like that. These days, you use a blue ice warthog, which is you know its tough, but it is things its trying to be light as well. So i im worried about poking, not keys through the material and ripping stuff. This thing chuck everything in theres, so much space you dont have to pack it carefully its just dead, convenient price, wise, um, im not really up to date on whats, expensive and what isnt expensive, but it seems reasonable for a bag thats going to last.

For so long it retails at 170. As you know, im supported by outside as well. This channel is, and you can get it for 150 – there theyve got it on offer so 150 for something thats going to last you years and years its not much a year. Really is it so, i think, like this is going to be my go to bag. After a couple of weeks, ive already resigned the black diamond one into the into the cupboard in favor of this one. Dont get me wrong that black diamond one is brilliant. I just think this is a little bit bigger things like these straps, the zips in a slightly nicer place, the front flap that you get on the black diamond creek. That kind of seems useful actually its hard to get into. So i prefer these bigger side pockets and i prefer the carrying system as well, so undoubtedly theres a lot of similarities. Its just got a few little tweaks, theres, always something i dont like about it, but you know its pretty minor again: im, comparing it to the black diamond one and thats got a little rain cover that pops over the top. It doesnt cover the whole thing. Just the top bit so when im working and stuff ill often put that over, because i work in north wales and it rains a lot so thats quite handy, but you know theres ways around that and thats such a minor thing.

So theres not really a lot id change about it. If anything, maybe the color, the color is a bit boring isnt it id rather a bright, yellow or something like that, but you know its neither here nor there really. Please do fire away your questions on that. There are bits of other stuff im sure ive missed stuff, because just like a quick review, really its a daisy chain for clipping stuff, too im sure uh, you know if youre putting a helm on the outside or something im, not really sure but theyre there. If you want to use them for something id say, im sure ive missed something, but just a quick fire review. Ive got roots to be doing. I thought id do this, while its nice and quiet at the crag and the sun thats just gorgeous isnt it. I think cams gon na go for a swim later as well just lush down there, but i dont like getting cold and wet, particularly as always far away with any questions on the bag or anything else put some suggestions for other videos down there as well. More than happy to line some things up, ive got a little book. I put all these notes in so far away and well get around to them eventually. As always, though, massive thanks for the support massive thanks for clicking the like button.