I live just outside the city of nottingham in england and i’ve recently started using drones. I’Ve got very interested in it, as you may have noticed in my channel i’ve already uploaded two videos uh regarding the my home, repeater 2 wi fi booster, so i’ll put those up to help those people so hopefully they’re. Okay, now, today, uh we’re going to have a look at the dronabo, which is the holy stone. Hs120D. I purchased it from amazon for 120 Music uk pounds all in um and i’ve been pleasantly surprised. Uh there’s been one or two things: um worrying about it, but i’ll tell you those later, first of all, we’ll get to the box and we’ll. See what’s in there or what’s arrived to me in the uk, seems to be different to what american users get unless they’ve recently changed the content of what’s in the box. So anyway, we’ll have a look at that. Oh yeah right here we go. This is the hs series, hs120 d. As it comes in the box um. As you can see, it’s quite a sturdy box. It’S got a carry handle on it. It’S got the usual warnings and disclaimers um on the back. It’S got a picture of the drone controller with the phone clipped in and below a battery and the camera. So there we have it as it comes now. We open the box uh. He gets an instruction book several languages and it’s very good, it’s um.

It explains everything that you need to do to get the drone in the air and how to control it. So if we now remove the plastic cover protector, you can see that inside we’ve got the drone itself with the camera and the camera uh here in the uh, the uk, it doesn’t come with an sd card, whereas i’ve seen many an unboxing of these, and it Comes with a called an sd card i’m, not sure why in the uk we don’t get one, but we don’t. We also only get one battery uh. Other people have had two. There is an opportunity to get a free battery um. You have to email, holy stone and they’ll. Reply back to you, they’ll ask you to put a review on to amazon. Then, once it’s published, you have to take a screenshot of the review, give them your address. Your phone number and the order number you have to quote the order number so that they can research it and see that you have actually purchased it and then they’ll send you a second battery. I mean i did, and here it is i’ve got the second battery. So i mean they are worth about 32 uk pounds, the drone itself, the whole drone. I purchased off amazon here in england uh and it cost 122 uk pounds, and this is exactly how it came apart from i’ve used one of the uh spare landing gear. As i broke, it had a crash landing i’m new to this game, so uh so it broke.

We also have here the remote control let’s take it over here, so we can see it better. Take the uh joystick protectors off the antennae fold up at the back. There, if they just fold up sorry, i missed that bit uh the fold holder clips up, it is sprung, so it holds quite large foams, quite big ones. Now there are handles folded underneath um and you do need them because it’s a little bit awkward to hold without the angles they fold fold out like that. So it helps you to hold it one on each side and it’s. Very good i’ve had no problems at all with the controller apart from now and again, not holding it properly and managing to take unnecessary photos without putting on the corner but uh that’s. My probably my clumminess clumsiness, rather than anything else so on the back there you’ve got the angle. Oh sorry, that one’s the speed controller for the drone that’s the camera button and on the other corner you’ve got the video button and that one is the camera angle. Controller, so you can dip it down 75 degrees, so uh that’s the controller. It also comes with four spare propellers two a’s: two b’s, some uh gears washers a screwdriver, as you can see there and a small metal device for springing the landing gear off the drone which i’ve already used. It works very well um there’s, the usb cable to charge the remote controller.

The it’s got rechargeable batteries in it, so there’s no need to ever buy batteries with this drone everything’s. Just recharged – and here is the the main battery charger it’s, a usb just plug it. In it’s got space for two batteries, so there is the unboxing of the hs120d from holystone. I think it’s, quite a bargain, for what it is, because it’s gps controlled once you’ve set it up properly. Sometimes i’ve had to set it up twice according to the handbook. To get the gps devices locked in and to get the gyro right um, once it’s done properly, it’s it’s as steady as a rock in the sky, where you just let it over and it just stays there forever, even with some quite gusty weather. So i’ve been quite impressed with it: okay, so that’s the unboxing hello at this point, i’m, going to review the performance of the hs120d it’s, a really good drone for the money. I would say all the functions on the controller work. Well, the only one that i had any issues with was the return to home the return to home functions. The drone does come back at some speed. In fact it comes back so quickly. It goes past the point where it took off by three or four meters. Then works its way back and lands. Now this is fine as long as you haven’t got anything surrounding you any objects or trees or whatever three to four meters around you it’s, because it would fly into it depending on the height.

So what i started to do was i used to i’ve used the return to home function when you actually see the drone getting close to where you want. It just hit the return to home key again, which turns it off and then manually fly it into the location uh, where you want it to land and land it with the auto auto lan button. This works, fine, um, the rest of it seemed okay. The only other thing i had an issue with was when the drone battery um was low. I brought the the drone back and it seemed to be a little bit hard to control uh once you’ve got it. Uh close by and uh in an area, then you could auto land it and it was fine, but it did seem to be a bit troublesome at times on a low battery. I will be looking further into this and i’ll give you an update on whether it is an issue or whether it was just something i wasn’t doing right. Apart from that, all the other functions on the remote control and on the smartphone work. Absolutely great i’m really pleased with it. I’Ve tried out the camera. The video, the speed controller, the camera angle, um, checked all the lights on the controller uh right when uh. When you switch on or switch off certain aspects, the uh the lights work. Fine, the phone holder is good. It uh it holds my smartphone, which is a samsung without any problem whatsoever, so i would totally recommend this holy stone.

Hs120D. It is a really good drone for the price. Uh i’ve told you previously what i paid for it. The only thing is that uh, some uh parts of the the drone aren’t included in in the box, which other people have had but it’s, not a big issue because for the low price, it’s uh it’s, a really good drone. So don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I will be updating this video uh i’ll be putting uh more information in when i get the chance to use it, because i mean it’s snowing here at the moment and foggy it’s horrible weather. So i can’t take it out and um and test it properly or put up any further footage of me uh flying it, because it’s just impossible to fly in this weather. At the moment i have been lucky a few weeks previously. I did get the chance to get it open and fly it and it was great fun, so it’s a big thumbs up from me. So i would ask you to subscribe to my channel for the new videos. I will be uh putting up plus the links to other videos like um there’s, a very good video being put up on the new caa. The civil aviation authority’s proposed regular regulations for drone flying. I will put a link to that in the in the comments.