A package arrived in the mail this morning and it is from Ron, came speedy, be my favorite if PV products, supplier in terms of cameras and so forth, um. What do we got here? I see I'll just get rid of the little bits and look at the big one. First cuz. This is a bit of an unusual look. It is a it's hex handbag, it's it's a lipo bag. Then we got a lipo guard, so I don't know if run camera, just re, just basically using this as a promo bit of swag or whether they're selling them. I guess you could go to the runt campsite and find out but I'm too lazy. Yes, so it is typically no lipo bag. There you go fire fire resistant material. Nothing'S fireproof got some little things in here. Will it take my color, coordinated, lipos, I'm sure? Well, I don't know what the maximum sizes, but certainly many quad mini quad batteries, fall out. The bottom that's a bit of a shine the strip should should have to stress but yeah I mean most people, you don't put any you just try them and miss what everyone does it's far pretty. For goodness sake, they bang together and catch on fire, you're safe. So you know, I don't know that there's a lot of volume in there for lipos, but that'll be enough. You could fit in a whole day's worth of or whole sessions with a mini, quad packs in there without any problems, looks pretty good.

Has a carrying handle? Look at that for people who want to be carrying it by the handle um. Yes, I do with this folks. I just didn't just roll. I closed in my backpack and hope it doesn't catch on fire. I don't haven't used lipo packs, but I'm thinking, maybe it's time, because you know there's so many elements to lipo protection like this portable eye protection, just half fire resistant is this material it's made of is the stitching fire resistant ice. I did actually get some lipo bags a few years ago now and they looked great and I tried the mountain soon as the lipo caught on fire, all the stitching burnt out and they just fell apart I'm sure these won't. But maybe we should try that, for example, this is not going to be fireproof, the handle will melt I'm pretty sure. So you tell me what you want me to do with this. Shall I give it a good test or an old 6 cell pack in there and just pump a full of electrons until she bursts make a spectacular video, I suppose but um yeah it's it's most people get these bags and just assume hey, it's, a lipo bag. Put my Lopes in there I'm safe, well it's, not really true, because when a lipo goes, it events a lot of guests, usually hydrogen guess at guessing ignites and the flames have to go somewhere. This won't stop the flames, it'll just direct them.

So the way the Beggar's constructor is quite important because the hot gases have to come out somewhere. So where will they come out and when they come out? How far will they go? I know a lot of people use things like mo boxes and if you use an mo box, that's right draw a couple of holes, but have you seen what happens when a lipo goes off in an ammo box with a couple of holes? The flames shoot out? Many many feet or if you're in Europe, many meters, they really do it. The holes just direct the flames. So if you put your ammo box next to a flammable object and one of the light bows goes up boom and the other thing about lipo bags is, if you put all your lipos in one bag, and just one of them goes off, then they're all gon Na go off, so is it really a good idea? Should lipo bags have actual snot, just an open box like that, but have compartments which are all sort of insulated from each other so that, hopefully, if one goes off its gon na delay, the others going off until you've maybe got time to throw it at the Window, something I don't know, I think lipo bag design is something that's been overlooked. Considering how dangerous these things can be. I think, it's time perhaps someone paid a lot of attention. I don't know with the runcam are selling these or whether this is a bit of swag for the new year or something I don't know they didn't tell me in the little bit here we go tell me what you want me to do with this destructive testing.

Is that a thing for you guys if it is happy to oblige right what else was in that box speedy? This is one of the runcam brands and it's, usually their flight controllers, the video transmitters, it sort of things. What is it it is, if save an all in one flight, controller, brand, speedy B Model T X 600, when I saw that I thought. Oh, maybe it's got a video transmitter at T X, 600 milliwatts, who knows, and it is the it has for 3 to 6, so lipo power and it's got obviously gotten even on it. Let'S have a look inside. I have only just had a quick glance. I haven't actually instructions follow the QR code, it's, not conformal coated and I actually like of most people like conformal coded stuff, but this one you wouldn't, want to conformal coated for obvious reasons: let's pull in a bit, so you can see what I'm talking about right. If we look at this, you can see there are lots of little pads around the edges here, where you can solder wires to they're, not holes through the board to solve it and if you're going to have something that needs to be soldered to conformal coating is Actually, a pain in the backside, because if there's conformal Cult coating over the pads you can't sold it to them, you got to scratch away with a knife and it really starts looking kind of awful kind of quick and given that there are so many pads around Here, for all the different options, if you can form or coated it, you have to have a little coating mask made up and things that yeah just it's, probably not going to be much use, build it code.

It yourself, conformal, cut itself. If you want to know more about conformal coating and what products you can use for it, I might do a video on it, because I, over the many years and electronics, I found one product that does a really good job of conformal coating and it's super cheap And it's super easy, and the big bonus is that if you use this product you can't actually solder through it so that's a secret. I might give you that in the new year, if you want to know, put a comment in the comments and I'll do my best to tell you so what do we got here? Just a quick look: it's got lots of smoothing caps that's pretty good. Do I see a barometer? Let me have a look. I just take it a shot cuz I don't have my glasses on and we have to get my granny glasses don't. You hide it. Gettin old I've, nothing to use these things all the damn time now. Here we go again out of shot. I may do a jump cut. If I can't yep barometer, I see a barometer. Let me move this back into shot this little thing here with the hole that's a barometer, so it's got a barometer it's. You could use this in fixed wing. If you wanted to you, wanted to use iron EV or something like that, but obviously mini quads. Are the going to be the most obvious use for it? We'Ve got Parham we've got a nice beefy shunt we've got esc conditioners along the side.

We'Ve got these other things, obviously got no SD and USB lots and lots of connectors down there. So it is gon na be quite versatile. I think to be quite a versatile fly control and I haven't looked anywhere else. Haven'T looked at the instructions, I'm, just guessing a lot of the stuff. Let me open the little box that comes underneath. All this packaging is super interesting here we go so here's what you get with it. Let me just pull out a bit, so you can see otherwise you won't know here we go. Let me move this other stuff away, so I'm, not unboxing. This I'm just opening the box given hd60. There you go and we get some little auntie Barbara. She met some little insulating. You know physical installation melts and a little cable there that plugs into the little connector via so yeah everything you need I'm, so there's. No video transmitter, obviously so don't know why they call it at TX 600. I guess they got to call it something and that's what they decided so put this back. Otherwise I will lose everything I'm terrible. If I take it out of the box, I will lose it so it's, not an unboxing, cuz it's still in the box has that anyway, so that was that's interesting. I you'll see what I'm gon na do with this in a moment, because this spurred me on to do something I should have done a long time ago, but let's move on to the next box.

They sent us, which is this one. This is one of their typical camera boxes. What does it say on the end? It is the ricer model that the run cam race say. Have I looked at a racer before I don't know. If I have or not let's open it up here we go in we're, just gon na look in the box, not gon na unbox it, and it is, you know, I think I have didn't. I have one of these: a while ago, a little rice it's, not the Nano it's, the rice out, it's, a man coming out of here. We go so does it's, not a nano size, it's, a some mini size and hey, looks okay, we'll. Try it out. I'Ve had just the project for this, as I said, I've got an idea where I'm going to put this and I'll show you in a moment put the lid back on yeah. All the pieces will remain and the final thing we got here is the Nano racer to now head the Nano racers exposures, terrible on my camera. I should change. It hang on, hopefully that's a little bit and not too blown out on the box. They'Re, probably still, as I think you yeah run Kim race and nano let's have a look plastic box. What does it sound? The back? It says racer 5 volts and 36 volts wide dynamic range, camera 1.8, Mullens, 160 degree field of view. So I I did have a look at the original.

They send me some prototypes stuff actually on the little idea. This is yeah sweet. That is a very small. Now for your sub 250 builds and what else are you going to use, but one of these fantastic and speaking of sub 250, more news on that coming up fairly soon, but so there we go. We got three interesting products from the people that run came, aka speedy, be yeah. We got four, I forgot about the diaper bag anyway. So, as I say, I got something in mine for this. What if I got in mind like that, this is the quad frame. They sent me up some time ago and I haven't had a chance to put it together. I know aaseesh Jim got one he built her seems to fly really well, but hey. I was actually just waiting for flight control on things. Well, hey I've got a flight controller now and it's pretty it's a 30. These are a 30. Whatever 31 milk stack would be nice. If there are 20, more state everyone's gone 20 miles 20 most I could be really nice because then I would actually use the run chem hybrid, but because the run cam hybrid boards, a 20 mile, stick it doesn't fit on a 30 mil stack it's like Oh Get your act together, boys anyway, so over the next few days, I'll endeavor to build this up and see how it goes, but I think while I'm here I should mention a speaking, especially with these two cameras here, especially the Nano 250 grams.

Now, if you've, if you haven't, seen it go to my HD channel or link it in the description, a video I've done on the new rule, changes coming up in the USA, our proposed rule changes are not cast in stone. Yet, however, I think they are a fait accompli, which is French for bacon sandwich, but I think this is what's gon na happen now. Basically, they're gon na move everybody into a tiny little field in the middle of nowhere where you can fly circles and for people who build quad stuff. Well, that's, not such a good thing, no more Bandos, no more freestyling amongst the trees. Sorry guys you're gon na fly over a grassy pair to get your. I am a field it's not going to be good, so go now. Look at that video I'm coming up with strategies at the moment that, hopefully, we can use to try and stop the draconian and highly punitive regulation coming into effect in the USA. Otherwise it does spell the end of the Hobby for everything except sub. 250 250 is getting really good. Now you can do a lot of stuff with sub 250, but they're real risk is that once they've pushed everyone down to sub 250, then they'll turn around bet just been there as well, because I say oh it's, to cable. Now these sub 250 craft they've got wonderful cameras and I can fly long distances and they can fly really fast, so we're going to ban them just like we did with the bigger ones.

No so anyway, go to X jet subscriber to each jet subscribe because that's, where I put my sort of news about regulations and rules and anything that sort of affects the hobby that isn't a review category so yeah. You need to be a subscriber to that channel. As well right so there we go. That was interesting, stuff wasn't it that arrived today and I will be putting it to good use in the next cutter day, also a lot more focus on sub 250. For the obvious reasons and you'll notice. These batteries are color coordinated once China Hobby line bloody, marvelous I'm really liking these batteries I've done a video. I did a video up a couple months ago. Actually, cuz I've had these batteries. For maybe three months now and I didn't want to rush out say: oh, is it great batteries, because you know what it's like you get something, especially with batteries? They work great for about ten charges and in the bum falls out of them. Well, these are holding up so damn good. I am super impressed so anyway, I'll give you more info in a video coming up on these China hub alarm batteries. My observations, my experiences and the good and the bad. So you can stay tuned for that one there. We go. Thank you Ron Kim. Thank you speedy, be I shall be getting those in the air fairly sure. Then again, if you watch this generally RC model reviews channel be aware that a lot of the products that I review here I go on to fly on.

My extra channel, so you can keep an eye on how things are going. You know if I have a product and I like it, then I'll keep flying it and you'll see whether it eventually fails or whatever so yeah that's. It that's it for another video in depth, reviews of these feeling shortly when I've got the whole damn thing together.