This 330 million dollar privately funded stadium boasts a capacity of 30 000 seats, making this the largest soccer specific stadium in the united states and canada, and for a club that didnt suffer a single defeat at home in 2021. The opening of geodes park could only strengthen their already fortress like record at home, making this a place that supporters, love and opponents despise the movement to bring the beautiful game to nashville began, not with an ownership group or even an existing team, but rather a group Of local soccer fans looking to fill a void left by the demise of the nashville metros who folded from the united soccer league in 2013., inspired by the member ownership model of organizations like the green bay packers and the fan owned, fc united of manchester local nashvillian. Chris jones began a supporter run team nashville football club that began play in the fourth tier of american soccer npsl and aimed to start something authentic in the music city. Did you have these aspirations when you started? Did you think that this was possible? No, no. I mean were being honest, like it was hey, the city deserves a team. Um lets come together, lets build something, and then you just never know in just over four years. What began as an amateur team playing in front of 1800 fans at vanderbilt university evolved into a full fledged organization. Nashville football club became nashville soccer club and adopted a traditional ownership model led by local businessman and philanthropist john ingram, and on december 20th 2017 history was made and im here today to announce that nashville will be major league soccers 24th team, and i want to invite John, more announcements were soon to follow, including the hiring of former liverpool boss and premier league ceo of the year ian ayer, as the clubs chief executive officer were not here.

Just to compete were here to challenge and to win, and you know if we put all of the right ingredients together, then well make something truly great, that nashville can be proud of those right ingredients included mls cup winner gary smith, as the teams. First, ever head coach, as well as a stout defensive corps of mls veterans combined with international attacking talent and in 2020, that team took the field for their first ever mls match in front of a record crowd of 59 000 fans at nissan stadium; Applause that opening Match and all that has happened since our important keystones for the club and have been incorporated throughout their new home. I keep hearing the word fortress being used, which feels appropriate because you guys have been so good at home um. You know whats sort of the the mentality of playing a game at home in this new stadium. You know, is it kind of this like we must defend our home mentality or how does that play into it? We need to make this a place. Thats tough to play and the fans need to make it a place that teams fear to come, and if you can get that combination right, you dont normally go too far wrong. The fortress mentality extends to the very design of the structure itself, which is wrapped in an exposed, brick foundation and blended, with an imposing cantilevered steel canopy, inspired by the industrial history of the surrounding wedgewood, houston neighborhood, and with a capacity of 30, 000 blue and gold Supporters geodes park will take the honors as the largest soccer specific venue in mls overtaking the likes of toronto, los angeles and cincinnati.

Even the growth of the league is huge, and this is just a testament to that. You know to see um just the sheer size of the stadium. You know 30 000 big biggest soccer specific in the country um, especially leading into all the things coming from this country, the world cup 2026, its putting nashville on the map for soccer and the southeast. In general has been such a hotbed for youth players, and so now it gives them another opportunity to say i want to play for nashville when im when you know when they see the stadium, they come visit and they get excited, and so i think its its A great opportunity to show youth players what what a great city nashville is, what a home this could be for them if they choose to be a professional soccer player one day and its going to inspire a lot of people, you think about some of the you Know we call the cathedrals of the game right, andfield being one of them? How does this compare, you know? Are you kind of building your own cathedral in nashville, the home stadium? The home venue is the spiritual home of the team. For me as a kid who grew up in liverpool and you know, went to games my whole life ive been a supporter, probably 50, something years. You know that was the highlight of my week and and and the other important thing is over those many years.

All of the memories i have, i think, thats what for me thats what we want to create here. We want to create memories. We want to have amazing games that people remember we want to. We want to win things here. You want kids like that in nashville to come here and i was at. I was at jodis park when hanny mukhtar did this or nashville soccer club won this and and thats what weve created weve created the venue for those memories. Music is clearly an important theme here and its also reflected in the locker room, where the team anthem never give up on. You is one of the first things the players will see when they walk in. In fact, music is woven throughout judas park and will take center stage in the northeast corner of the stadium, which is where the honorary guitar riff will take place before each match and has featured the likes of guitarists from paul and oates megadeth. And even the old testament to commemorate the play on the field, the team has also installed a vinyl lathe that will cut live game commentary and goal calls onto a record which is presented to the man of the match during the match. The soundtrack is carried by the backline, a 3 000 capacity, safe standing supporters, section at the north end of the stadium and home to groups like the roadies, the assembly, la brigada de oro and more the backlot.

Are my people theyve been through thick and thin with us every step of the way every iteration of of our journey? They are a collective of six supporter groups right now and each one has their own unique personality. They bring their own. Flavor weve really been like this traveling circus. For four years right we played a couple years in a minor league baseball stadium. We played a couple years at nfl stadium and to have some place that we can call home thats as beautiful as this is something that i hope we dont take for granted for nashville by nashville with nashville. That message was the driving force behind the creation of this new home for the club, and they have stayed true to that. This stadium is a reflection of not only the city, but the supporters and the team as well.